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The Ultimate HTML Cheat Sheet: A List of HTML Tags

Reading time 7 min
Published Mar 21, 2019
Updated Sep 30, 2019

TL;DR – HTML tags are syntax components used to define HTML elements.


<a> Sets a hyperlink to another page
<abbr> Represents an abbreviation or acronym and provides a full-text explanation to it (optional)
<acronym> DEPRECATED. Defined an acronym and associated an explanation to it (optional)
<address> Defines the contact information of the document's author.
<applet> DEPRECATED. Embedded a Java applet into an HTML document
<area> Defines a clickable area in an image map
<article> Defines independent content
<aside> Describes content to be displayed aside other content
<audio> Includes sound in the web page (music, streams, etc.)


<b> Displays enclosed text in bold typeface without conveying any added importance
<base> Defines the base URI or URL for all the relative links in the HTML document
<basefont> DEPRECATED. Defined a default font-family, font-size, text-color for all the text in a document
<bdi> Defines bidirectional text isolation
<bdo> Defines bidirectional text override
<big> DEPRECATED. Defined a bigger font size in HTML
<blink> DEPRECATED. Defined text to blink
<blockquote> Defines a quoted section
<body> Defines the HTML container that contains visible contents of an HTML document
<br> Defines a line break
<button> Creates a button


<canvas> Defines an area of the webpage that becomes a space for rendering graphics
<caption> Defines an HTML table caption
<center> DEPRECATED. Set the alignment of content to the center
<cite> Defines a title for a work
<code> Defines text to be displayed in the computer output style
<col> Specifies grouped attributes for columns
<colgroup> Specifies a common formatting style for a group of columns
<comment> Specifies a comment in the document's source code


<datalist> Specifies an autocomplete feature to be used with a form element
<dd> Describes a term in a description list
<del> Defines deleted text in a document and crosses it out
<details> Specifies additional details that can be shown or hidden manually
<dfn> Represents a term that needs an explanation
<dialog> Creates pop-up dialog models
<dir> DEPRECATED. Defined a directory list
<div> Defines a section or a division in HTML document by grouping elements
<dl> Defines a description list
<dt> Defines a description term


<em> Defines emphasized text
<embed> Defines an embedded resource


<fieldset> Defines a group of <form> elements
<figcaption> Sets a caption for a <figure> element
<figure> Defines a self-contained piece of content
<font> DEPRECATED. Defined text style
<footer> Defines footer context
<form> Defines a group of submittable inputs
<frame> DEPRECATED. Defined one single frame in a web page
<frameset> DEPRECATED. Defined a container for holding multiple frames


<h1> - <h6> Defines headings in a document
<head> Defines a space for declaring title, stylesheets, scripts and other document related information
<header> Specifies a container for one or more headings
<hr> Defines a thematic division between content
<html> Defines a document as an HTML document


<i> Defines an italic styled text
<iframe> Defines a frame of inline nature
<img> Sets an area for an image
<input> Specifies an element used to take values from the user
<ins> Defines inserted text in a document


<kbd> Identifies a user keyboard entry
<keygen> DEPRECATED. Defined a key-pair used while submitting an HTML form


<label> Specifies a label for a given input element
<legend> Sets a caption for the fieldset
<li> Defines a list item within a list
<link> Sets a link between a document and other external resources


<main> Defines the primary content of the document
<map> Defines a client-side image-map (an image with clickable places)
<mark> Defines marked text
<menu> Defines a list/menu of commands
<menuitem> DEPRECATED. Defined a command, which can be invoked from the popup menu by the user
<meta> Defines supplementary information about a website
<meter> Displays a scalar measurement within a known range


<nav> Defines a block of navigational links to the main sections of a website
<noframes> DEPRECATED. Defined fallback content for the browsers which did not support the <frame> tag
<noscript> Defines HTML to be inserted as replacement if the browser does not support scripting


<object> Defines an external source that is embedded into the HTML document
<ol> Defines an ordered list of items in the HTML document
<optgroup> Groups the related options within a select element
<option> Sets an HTML option in select element list
<output> Displays the result of a calculation performed


<p> Defines an HTML paragraph of text
<param> Defines parameters for an object element
<pre> Defines preformatted text. Preserves spaces and line breaks
<progress> Displays an HTML progress bar representing the progress of a task


<q> Indicates that the enclosed text is an inline quotation


<rp> Defines a fallback parenthesis for a ruby annotation
<rt> Defines ruby text for Asian characters
<ruby> Represents ruby annotation for Asian characters


<s> Draws a line across the text making a strikethrough
<samp> Defines sample output from a computer program
<script> Defines a client-side script (JavaScript)
<section> Defines the primary content of the document
<select> Creates an HTML dropdown list with one or more options for a web form
<small> Reduces the HTML text size down by one size
<source> Defines sources for media elements like audio, video and picture
<span> Sets an inline container for formatting an HTML document
<strike> DEPRECATED. Defined a portion of a text to be struck out
<strong> Makes an important part of text appear bold
<style> Defines styling properties for different HTML elements
<sub> Defines subscript text
<summary> Sets the summary content for the <details> element
<sup> Defines superscript text


<table> Includes a table with rows and columns in a web page
<tbody> Associates the body content in a table
<td> Defines table data
<tfoot> Defines table footer content
<th> Defines an HTML header table cell
<thead> Defines the header of a table
<time> Defines human and machine readable date and time
<title> Defines the title of the HTML document
<tr> Defines a row in an HTML table
<track> Defines text tracks for all the media elements
<tt> DEPRECATED. Defined text to be displayed in teletype font


<u> Underlines the text
<ul> Defines an unordered list


<var> Defines a variable
<video> Includes a video in the web page (a video clip, streams, etc.)


<wbr> Defines a possible line-break in a text