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21M+ dApps, DeFis & NFT assets tracked daily

21M+ dApps, DeFis & NFT assets tracked daily

We make less-known dApps famous by bringing light on future superstars

Data-based decisions are smart decisions. Analyze insightful decentralized application (dApp), DeFi & NFT metrics and take educated, successful actions.

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Expert-chosen dApps, most worthy of your attention today
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NFT Collections that have the highest potential right now

Trust real data, not empty words.
Track DeFi growth & development signals now.

Get powerful insights backed by blockchain data algorithms. Use statistical analysis & historical data of blockchain networks to track DeFis. Learn how to use it for your highest rewards.

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Newest dApps
Browse freshly added dApp newcomers

Uncover dApps. Track.
Get Signals. Act.

1M+ crypto pros & enthusiasts rely on our expert-based dApp statistical analysis daily. Become one of them - easily track any dApp, get signals & make successful decisions right on time with no crypto wallet attachment required.

1. Uncover 1000s of dApps

BitDegree is the gateway to successful dApp tracking & managing for many. By utilizing the top crypto protocols & data mining methods, we gather info about all the most popular, freshly created, high-potential or even high-risk decentralized apps. You don’t need any other source to make your strategies work. With the dApp Tracker, BitDegree educates millions towards making the most rewarding decisions.

2. Track & Handle All NFTs

All NFTs are under radar in one place. Easily access the #1 NFT database from the most popular NFT marketplaces. Get detailed NFT analysis and historical metrics, uncover the undiscovered gold-mine NFTs, without losing any time visiting every NFT marketplace one by one. Stack NFTs in your tracking portfolio, set activity and price events, get notified first and make the most successful decisions.

3. Get Fresh & Historical Data

In the world of dApps, it’s all about the right timing and data accuracy. Adopting dApp Tracker brings you the most comprehensive historical & current metrics with the opportunity to know about the biggest-potential dApps before anyone else. Access real-time data, check expert insights on any selected dApp & be ahead of the NFT game at all times.

4. Set Events & Get Notified

Set your dApp tracking experience according to your own personal needs. There’s more to the BitDegree dApp Tracker than just insightful data - you can now take custom actions based on the goals you want to achieve. Set your conditional events, track your favourite dApps, NFTs or DeFis and get notified about the most important activities & the newly launched, highly potential blockchain projects before anyone else.

Uncover dApps. Track. <br>Get Signals. Act.
Our users trust BitDegree dApp Tracker as the primary source of data & give it a rating of
9.5 out of 10
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Join millions of dApp Tracker users & discover the unseen world of dApps

Data-based decisions are smart decisions. Get facts, take actions.

Take advantage of the #1 source of blockchain-related data. Get dApp development & growth signals in seconds. Use our insights & data analysis results to make informed decisions.

Data-based decisions are smart decisions. Get facts, <span class="emph">take actions.</span>

In-depth Data Analytics

Get heaps of useful dApp data in one place - track real-time fluctuations in balance, volume, users, transactions, and more. Quickly filter out data by the time period you want to analyze & get clear graphic chart visualisations of the most vital metrics. Use highly influential, easily-accessible data for your own crypto achievements.

Crypto Portfolio

BitDegree dApp Tracker lets you personalize the whole crypto analysis process - you can choose which dApps & NFT projects you want to stack & track in your Crypto Portfolio. By putting dApps on your watchlist, you are enabled to set conditional events & get real-time signals that will help you decide how and when to make successful actions.

Data-based decisions are smart decisions. Get facts, <span class="emph">take actions.</span>

BitDegree dApp Tracker - The Ultimate dApp Database

BitDegree dApp Tracker is the platform aimed to provide every aspect you need to consider about dApps, NFTs & DeFis, before taking any actions. It has become the main hub of data discovery for millions of dApp users & blockchain enthusiasts.


Over 8000 dApps are currently tracked & analyzed by BDG dApp Tracker. All the decentralized applications can be filtered by the most popular categories: games, DeFi, gambling, exchanges, collectibles, marketplaces, social, high-risk & other dApps. Browse new, most popular & trending dApps - get all the in-depth analysis data for your instant actions.

5x Protocols

5 major blockchain protocols are currently utilized, with even more coming soon, for bringing you the newest dApps. Protocols reflect the blockchain network on which the dApp was created. Most popular protocols tracked are ETH, EOS, TRON, BSC & Polygon. You can easily filter thousands of dApps depending on the protocol your strategy relies on.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are not exchangeable digital art items that are taking the world by a storm. BitDegree dApp Tracker lets you discover, track & monitor millions of NFTs from most marketplaces simply in one place. Easily manage NFTs, set tracking events & receive notifications to have an advantage and to act first.

What’s the Safest Place to Keep Your NFTs?

When you have your own NFTs, naturally, you want it to be as secure as possible, especially since it’s a digital asset. In order to store your NFTs safely, no ordinary crypto wallet will do. You need the highest level of security & reliability, and hardware crypto wallets offer just that. We have analyzed dozens of wallets & came up with the definitive list of the most reliable crypto wallets out there. Check it out & secure your valuable NFTs in seconds!

Check Top NFT Wallets

Access the Most Powerful dApp Tracker Tools

Trust data, not empty words. Utilize all the Crypto Tracker tools & discover the next big dApp hit.


Smart Filtering

Filter out thousands of dApps by protocol they are created on, their type or any of performance metrics. By using BitDegree’s dApp Tracker, you can easily uncover the most important real-time data, like which rising-star dApp have the best performance results or which NFTs are currently trending. The in-depth insights and historical data will help you categorize & list the highest-potential dApps in just seconds.


Expert-level Data Analysis

Real fact-based data reveals what loudly claimed slogans cannot. We use data analysis methods to gather real-time statistics like dApp coin price, volume of funds transferred, number of interacting user wallets, total balance of assets related to dApp smart contracts and amount of transactions made. With the dApp Tracker, you can access NFT collections, track sales & analyze booming marketplaces.


Personal Watchlist

The probability that you're missing out on some amazing future-superstar dApp that is about to blow the crypto world is tremendous. We make sure that these kinds of dApps won’t go unnoticed. All you need to do is collect your favourite dApps & NFTs based on statistical analysis, and add them to your watchlist. There, you’ll be able to track their every move. This will ensure you’re making the right decisions at the right time.


Conditional Events & Signals

By adding your favourite dApps & NFTs to your personal watchlist, you’ll be able to set conditional events and triggers based on real-time conditions, like price drops or gains, balance fluctuations, etc. Events will trigger signals that you will immediately get as notifications in your personal dashboard. Live data signals are very important for anyone wanting to make the right moves at the right time, and always be ahead of others.


In-demand Airdrops

You have an unique opportunity to become an early adopter of the most trending blockchain projects & tokens. A lot of growing crypto brands use Airdrops to build awareness among the blockchain community, so naturally they turn to us - #1 crypto tracker with one of the biggest global crypto audiences. Here, you may actually receive free tokens from high-potential blockchain projects, which may have immense value in the future.


Data-driven Decisions

Since you have all the right data at your fingertips, choosing a dApp that’s most worthy of your contribution is a no-brainer. We give power to the new, highly potential dApps, so that our huge base of crypto decision-makers can discover fresh opportunities. Millions of crypto enthusiasts use our insights & factual data to accurately evaluate each dApp or NFT, starting from their value to their social signals & development.

Discover, Track & Personally Manage dApps, NFTs & DeFis

Data will tell you the truth - make educated decisions & become a success story



What is a dApp?

A dApp is a decentralized application that runs on a P2P network, such as a blockchain, and is fueled by tokens. The main difference between dApps and regular applications is that they eliminate middlemen, meaning no single entity has control over the network. Also, dApps are transparent as data is kept public and smart contracts are open-sourced. This is true no matter if the dApp is a crypto wallet, an exchange platform, or else.

What are the main benefits of dApps?

The main benefit of dApps is that they're completely free from the control of any single authority and operate by the logic of smart contracts. This means that no individual, no matter how powerful, can control the dApp after its smart contract is launched into the blockchain. Moreover, a P2P system ensures that decentralized applications continue to run even if significant parts of the network stop operating. dApps communicate with smart contracts that make the functionality and integration of cryptocurrencies effortless.

How can I use the BitDegree dApp Tracker?

The BitDegree dApp Tracker is the #1 tracking platform where you can easily explore, combine and manage thousands of dApps to stay well-informed & always ahead of the game. By incorporating BDG dApp Tracker into your strategies, you're able to set events and event notifications, to react and reach your goals according to real-time market conditions. We not only provide statistical analysis but also historical data and expert insights for more in-depth knowledge. Same as with the BitDegree Cryptocurrency Tracker, all of these resources are 100% free to use.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token. NFTs are completely unique and can't be replaced. They can represent a piece of unique art, photos, videos, and other digital files of any kind and blockchain is used to verify true ownership of them. In nature, NFTs are collectible digital assets that hold their value as a form of crypto or digital art. They tend to be very valuable, just like unique works of art. After you buy a NFT, it must be securely stored in a digital wallet. For maximum reliability, take a look at the best NFT wallets 2024.

What is DeFi and how does it work?

DeFi stands for decentralized finance and is also known as the blockchain-powered form of finance. It doesn't rely on any centralized banking institutions and uses smart contracts instead. Those smart contracts are usually based on the Ethereum blockchain. The most popular DeFi projects include Uniswap (UNI), PancakeSwap (BSC), ChainLink Token (LINK), Wrapped BTC (WBTC), Dai Stablecoin (DAI), and others. You can take a look at the top DeFis in our comprehensive DeFi directory.

Where can dApps be applied?

dApps can be applied in various online industries, including advertising, gaming, social media, banking, real estate, the Internet of Things, elections & voting, and so much more. The utilization of dApps is almost limitless, and their number continues to grow every day, so it's unclear what more the future will bring. BitDegree's approach makes dApp & other Web3-related information well-accessible and easily understandable for everyone globally.



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