Our Values

Teamwork First

At BitDegree we believe our teamwork is what leads to greatness. Generating new ideas and perfecting them together is what we really strive for.

Developing the Best

Every person can be a leader. Our leaders place great importance on mentoring. Our goal is to find a perfect combination between personal growth and platform success.

Learning and Curiosity

Learning is in our blood and it's what makes us excel in our work. We're here to try and discover new prospects and ideas for the world - and we have a space doggo to help!

Perks & Benefits

International & Proud

We’re open to all countries, cultures and the secret social habits you may have. We love to be surrounded by diversity!

Flexible Work Conditions

Because of course they are. We want you at your best and we want you to get the job done. When and how are the questions we will work out together.

Hanging Out

If you’re a lone wolf - standing on a cliff all noble-like - no one will drag you to the pub. But you’re always welcome to join us after work for pizza or drinks. And yes, it’s online-inclusive.

Shiny Thingies

You will get a Macbook. Yeah, it's for work, but you can take it to a date and pretend it’s yours. It's the doctor's recommended way of letting your inner hipster out.

Learn (No, Really)

We need pros and we are eager to teach, so you'll inevitably become one. Since we're an online teaching platform, you will also get access to our ocean of content.

(Un)Healthy Snacks

You’ll get unhealthy snacks and your co-workers will complain and then you’ll get a lot of healthy snacks and your co-workers will complain. It’s an infinity loop!

Hiring Process


We get to know each other and decide if we’re a good match.


A little challenge for you to show how you apply your skills and talents.


You get feedback about the task and meet your future managers.


The one that’s hard to say no to.

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