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Reliable Online Learning Platforms Reviews

We dedicate great effort so that each aspect of online learning platforms would be evaluated with great care and precision. For this reason, we manually test all online learning sites and perform a comprehensive research. Our aim is that users would have the most reliable information out there, so All MOOC reviews are based on the opinions of qualified experts & genuine user feedback. Don’t waste any of your valuable time choosing by yourself - find out the best MOOC based on your needs now!

100% Trusted & Genuine Best MOOCs Reviews

Helping you find the best MOOCs

Our mission is simple: to help people find the best online learning platforms based on their personal needs and values. There are a lot of eLearning reviews out there, but are they really honest and trustworthy? Honesty should be the biggest virtue while evaluating & reviewing such important subject as education. That’s why we are here - to help you decide which are the best online course platforms in the market by evaluating dozens of various aspects & making detailed analysis, all with the aim to provide you accurate & genuine feedback.

10 BEST MOOC reviews of 2019

Get a fresh look at the most up-to-date MOOC reviews you can find. Based on a day-to-day analysis & our experts’ persistent work, we present you the TOP 10 best online learning platforms paired with the most authoritative MOOC reviews. Take a look at these eLearning reviews & easily decide where you want to start your eLearning journey!

Pros: the platform is easy to use and navigate. 1-on-1 learning model with personal mentorship. A guaranteed job position after you finish the program with 6 months of support.

Cons: allegedly unhelpful customer support with administration issues. High pricing with programs starting from several thousand dollars. Some program mentors are incompetent and unwilling to help.

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Pros: BitDegree has a great price range suitable for everyone as well as easy to navigate & pleasant for the eye platform. The courses are of good quality, especially in IT sphere. They also offer free certification programmes for all of the courses they have.

Cons: BitDegree is still a young online learning platform, so it’s not a well-established name yet. Variety of course categories could be better, but the platform is expanding fast.

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Pros: Khan is 100% free & has good and reputable content. This online learning platform offers a wide variety of courses to choose from & happily, has no ads.

Cons: Could have more courses on certain specific topics, so the variety is not that wide. Also, some visual improvements would be great.

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Pros: CodeCademy is easy to use and navigate & offers a few different plans, including a free one. It is surely one of the best places online to learn how to code.

Cons: The technical side of the platform could use some improvement. Also, free courses are too general & lack depth. Sometimes, it’s tough to find relevant information in the platform.

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Pros: Professional service with higher education study materials. Flexible learning timetables. A variety of features to choose from (e.g. course auditing, specializations). You can get a degree from leading universities.

Cons: Even though cheaper than on-campus studying, certification programs and degrees are still comparably expensive. Some instructors are camera-shy. Courses could be a bit difficult for absolute beginners.

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Pros: Pluralsight has plenty of unique features, such as IQ assessments or online AI mentor. Good quality courses. The pricing seems fair and the courses are taught by industry veterans.

Cons: Some UI seems to be a bit clunky & not convenient. There are no free courses or free subscription - only a 10-day free trial.

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Pros: The platform is easy to use & offers quality content focused on data science. Their pricing is very transparent and matches the quality of courses. Also, courses are beginner-friendly.

Cons: Some of the courses include a lot of walls of text instead of videos or other visual materials. Free account users have relatively few learning options for courses or other content.

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Pros: Edx is well-established in the industry & has a wide range of features to choose from. This platform is easy to navigate & provides university-level courses.

Cons: Some courses have a hefty price tag that is no suitable for everyone & the platform tends to crash at times. Also, some courses are poorly made and have a lack of quality.

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Pros: Udemy has great variety of courses connected to a huge user base, which can be helpful and reassuring. Udemy platform seems to be very easy to navigate & works smoothly with no technical issues.

Cons: Platform’s pricing can be confusing & inconsistent at times, same with the numbers that they display (number of users, instructors). Also, because there’s a lack of eLearning reviews on courses, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of a course before buying.

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Pros: Skillshare has an user-friendly interface and plenty of courses to choose from. Compared to other best MOOCs, Skillshare has unique features.

Cons: You might encounter some pricing problems/inconsistencies, as well as unclear wording with some of the courses. The video player could be better (annoying comments / timestamps).

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How are the best MOOC reviews made?

If you think that analysing best online learning platforms can be tricky - you are not mistaken. There are a lot of things to take into account, from pricing and content quality to certification availability & money-back guarantee, but how do we measure all these components? It’s a serious business: our ever-growing team of dedicated experts are creating best MOOC reviews based on real data, lots of careful analysis and investigations, as well as handpicked genuine user feedback. We care about your learning experience, so creating best eLearning reviews is our priority!

Best Online Learning Platforms Comparison

Choosing among best online learning platforms can be hard & confusing. There are hundreds of different aspects to consider before deciding which of online course platforms are worth the attention. Therefore, we have created a visual comparison grid of best MOOCs grouped by two most important aspects: price and quality.

mooc market

Helping to make a decision

When seeking for continuous education online, a common issue that people repeatedly face is the ratio between pricing & quality of online learning platforms. As reviewers of best online course platforms, we also deeply care about these factors. This map is designed to help you choose the best MOOC provider based price & quality, showing each of online learning sites under different categories.

Some of the best online course platforms have rather high prices for the content that they provide - this can be a huge issue for people with low income. However, quality is also a very important aspect of eLearning, since nobody wants to spend money on invaluable content & yet, a lot of online learning platforms provide rather low quality content. So take a look and see which of the best online learning platforms rank well among other competitors based on price & quality of the courses.

Best MOOCs By The Numbers

The market of online learning platforms has been growing quickly & receiving a lot of attention in the recent years, but there’s no surprise in that! All best online course platforms provides people with an opportunity to seek education online and makes it more approachable to everyone interested. We, as reviewers of the best online learning platforms, also believe in this cause. So take a look at what the ever-growing statistics say!



A huge base of eager students have already enrolled in thousands of online courses. This ever-growing number means that learners from all over the world value the accessibility that online learning platforms create and are able to gain more knowledge through learning online.



Over 900 universities had already launched thousands of best MOOCs around the globe, including around 200 new courses. It shows that universities are increasingly contributing to online learning platforms with the aim to make education more accessible from any part of the world.



Such a huge number of courses launched through online learning platforms show that when there’s demand, there’s supply. Best MOOCs & online learning platforms offer more and more unique, high-quality courses in many different categories, suitable to satisfy everyone’s career goals.

About Best Online Learning Platforms Reviews

Wondering what kind of aspects are the most important while deciding which online course platforms are the best? Wonder no more - here you will find all the main components to take into account if you want your decision to be fact-based & precise. Our education analysis experts have prepared reliable eLearning reviews of the best online course platforms, so take a look!

Content Quality

While searching for best online learning platforms, the quality of content is probably the most important aspect on your list. That’s why we have created a research based criteria list to properly evaluate bad & good content regarding online learning platforms. Quality should be the most important aspect both to the online learning platforms & to experts who write best MOOC reviews. Well, it’s definitely important to us!


Naturally, pricing is an important aspect for almost all users worldwide. You wouldn’t want to pay thousands of dollars on a course that doesn’t provide any money-back guarantees or seems unreliable. That is why, while creating best eLearning reviews, we take pricing of online learning platforms very seriously. Actually, pricing is a real issue in the world of online learning platforms and we’re here to help you see through the price tags.

Ease of Use

It’s very important that online course platforms would be easy to use and look good to the user eye. If the UI is smooth, then you’re probably not going to bounce of online course platforms instantly. Sadly, a lot of online learning platforms have very eye-catching front pages, but when you go deeper into the site, you’re left disappointed. That is why we investigate this aspect very seriously while we create genuine MOOC reviews.

Learning Experience

Even though the learning experience of online course platforms is tough to measure, we have a dedicated team of professionals who evaluate this component daily. Usually it’s course providers who make the learning experience as pleasant as possible for their users. So give thought to this aspect while reading the best MOOC reviews & deciding what kind of experience are you expecting from the best online learning platforms.


Usually, courses are not enough when it comes to keeping your attention focused on the online learning platform. That's why additional features are an important aspect when choosing best online course platforms - it makes you want to be invested in the online learning platforms, both financially and emotionally. Our eLearning reviews always contain information about different features that online course platforms provide.


While best online course platforms offer their students certificates that are free & respected among employees, others require big payments. These differences are important, as certificates can help you land your dream job, get promoted or simply share your knowledge with the world. Those are the reasons why our dedicated team of experts always review best online learning platforms based on their certification programmes.


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