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Published Sep 8, 2017
Updated Oct 10, 2019

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JavaScript Submit Form: Main Tips

  • This submit forms JavaScript method is used to submit an HTML form.
  • JavaScript submit form function has no parameters or return value.
  • You can also use the reset() method to reset the form.

submit() Function Explained

Website visitors usually think that form submission occurs the moment they click the Submit button. However, programmers will see it differently: for them, it is the process of form submission in JavaScript. With the JavaScript submit form function, developers can trigger form sending in JavaScript.

Unlike regular JavaScript functions and properties, the JavaScript submit form has no return value, meaning that it does not present any results. Furthermore, the method also does not accept any parameters.

This is how the JavaScript submit form method is used to submit an HTML form:


Correct Syntax

If you wish to submit HTML forms with the JavaScript submit form method, you have to learn the way the function is to be added in your code. The JavaScript form submit function can be used on any element inside the form tags:


The difference between this submit form JavaScript method and click() is that click() has to be applied to the Submit button, and the submit() function can be used on each form element.