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The Only JavaScript Tutorial You Will Ever Need

Reading time 4 min
Published Jan 1, 2016
Updated Oct 1, 2019

JavaScript is one of the most useful languages for a web developer to learn. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript creates an interactive and dynamic user interface of the site, which attracts the user's attention and keeps them engaged.

It's not that hard to learn JavaScript online for beginners who decide they wish to go all the way to becoming professional developers. In this quick JavaScript tutorial, you'll find a short introduction to JavaScript syntax, learn the main JavaScript tips, and get to see a few examples of JavaScript code.

JavaScript Tutorial: Main Tips

  • JavaScript is not difficult to learn, but its syntax is more complicated than HTML or CSS.
  • With JavaScript, you can change website's behavior and make it more dynamic.
  • JavaScript is case sensitive.
  • JavaScript can be used to create advanced web designs.
  • You can learn how to use JavaScript through included examples, which help to speed up the learning process.

The Main Functionality

JavaScript is extremely versatile, which means that it can be used for various things, not only for web design. Of course, while you're just taking your first steps, we will start by teaching you how to add more interactiveness to your websites. However, more advanced material in any following JavaScript tutorial can guide you through creating 2D or 3D games and apps! How cool is that?

One of the main elements in JavaScript is a variable. Variables store the values you assign to them. A variable is written as var and followed by the name you give it (for example, var hello). After declaring the variable and giving it a name, you can assign it a value, like this: var hello = "world";.

Note: JavaScript accepts both double and single quotes, meaning that you can write "world" or 'world'.

To understand the essential syntax better, you can visit this comprehensive JavaScript syntax tutorial. Knowing the primary code structure, you can begin writing your code. Stepping further down the learning line, you will understand how to add carousels, image galleries, responsive buttons (not links!), or even create fluctuating web layouts.

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What is JavaScript About?

Now that you know what JavaScript is and what you can do with it, you should understand why it was invented in the first place. Understanding what is JavaScript about can lead you to better ideas of what you can do with it.

Basically, the creators of JavaScript wanted to create a glue language to stick the front-end side (which is HTML and CSS) to the back-end (PHP). Previously, front-end and back-end were entirely separate, which meant making a website responsive, neat, and functional took a lot of work.

Back in the day, web developers had to use different applets and plugins to make websites look and work professionally. However, that wasn't a very comfortable and convenient practice. That is why JavaScript was created.

Even with JavaScript for beginners only, you can do much more with less effort than developers could in those times. Therefore, do not skip a chance to learn about functions, variables, and other principles from our JavaScript tutorial.

Getting Started

To start developing with JavaScript, you should learn a couple of things first. You've been introduced to variables and their syntax, but there is much to know before you can successfully code all by yourself. Our first JavaScript tutorials discuss topics that could be labeled as JavaScript for beginners.

Here are a few links that can be helpful to people that have started learning JavaScript. These include syntax and the main functions of JavaScript. You will learn what you can do with JavaScript through these tutorials, too. Check them out:

JavaScript introduction
JavaScript in HTML
JavaScript syntax

JavaScript Tutorial: Summary

  • JavaScript helps you make your website more responsive and interactive.
  • Writing good JavaScript code requires knowledge of its syntax.
  • Learning to declare variables is the first step in learning JavaScript.