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Tips and Tricks on JavaScript DOM Methods With Real Examples

Reading time 2 min
Published Aug 8, 2017
Updated Oct 2, 2019

One of the most important things you should know about if you want to use JavaScript in web development is Document Object Model, or simply DOM. Understanding what is DOM, how it works, and how you can access it allows you to have more control over your code.

In this lesson, you will learn about JavaScript DOM methods, how to target elements in the HTML with JavaScript, and how to manipulate them.

JavaScript DOM Methods: Main Tips

  • A JavaScript DOM method exists as an action that can be executed on HTML elements.
  • HTML elements have properties that are basically changeable values.
  • In DOM HTML elements are classified as objects.
  • innerHTML property is the simplest way to display something inside an element.
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Using Javascript DOM

In the DOM JavaScript example below, we target the <p> element using the getElementById method and grabbing the <p> element's id id="demoz". The <p> element's content is manipulated using the innerHTML property:

document.getElementById("example").innerHTML = "Hi there!";

Note: you can use the innerHTML property to change all of the HTML elements' content. This works for <html> and <body> tags, too.

JavaScript DOM Methods: Summary

  • One of the simplest ways of targeting an HTML element often used in JavaScript is the getElementById method.
  • Displaying content in an element is most easily and commonly performed by using the innerHTML property. You can learn more about using it here.
  • To get a better understanding on what is DOM, check out our JavaScript HTML DOM navigation tutorial.