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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Global crypto volume today is $64,351,313,009, measuring across all tracked 1,863 crypto exchanges. It has increased by 0.23% compared to the previous day.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges
# Name Exchange Score Volume (24h) 24h % Markets Cryptocurrencies Fiat supported
1 Binance Centralized Exchange 9.9 $5,625,572,197 83,271.82 BTC 17.90% 1590 401 TRY, EUR, BRL and +8 more
2 Coinbase Centralized Exchange 8.2 $1,240,436,160 18,361.40 BTC 4.29% 589 247 USD, EUR, GBP
3 OKX Centralized Exchange 7.8 $1,602,618,545 23,867.92 BTC 1.53% 739 321 AED, ARS, AUD and +43 more
4 Bybit Centralized Exchange 7.6 $3,291,949,704 49,027.26 BTC 0.87% 963 663 USD, EUR, GBP and +3 more
5 Upbit Centralized Exchange 7.4 $1,483,428,254 22,092.81 BTC 2.73% 335 201 KRW
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# Name Exchange Score Volume (24h) 24h% Markets Cryptocurrencies Fiat supported 7 Days

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With BitDegree being the leading gamified crypto learning & EduTech project, we strive to provide users with the most important and real-world-applicable information about the top crypto exchanges by volume in the industry. Using our Cryptocurrency Exchange Tracker, you will be able to analyze 1,800+ different crypto exchange platforms.

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Over two million crypto newbies and professionals have access to our cutting-edge Top Crypto Exchange Tracker. Join the ranks of professional traders & enthusiasts, enter unique competitions, and start tracking the most important metrics of your favorite exchanges today.

1. Access Hundreds of Exchanges

The number of top cryptocurrency exchanges is vast, and it’s seemingly growing every single day. Learning about crypto involves being able to track crypto exchanges by volume and other metrics, as well as compare & contrast them with one another. BitDegree has become a trusted source of gamified crypto learning for many - with hundreds of tracked exchanges, finding and analyzing even the most-niche platforms has never been easier!

2. Find, Track, and Analyze Top Crypto Exchanges

Part of the key to crypto success lies in being able to analyze important data regarding the top cryptocurrency exchanges, such as their volumes, supported assets, and other performance metrics. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Tracker provides users with relevant and in-depth information on the top crypto exchanges on the market. This includes both the most-popular centralized platforms, as well as the decentralized exchanges, too.

3. Learn, Play, and Earn

Learning about the performance of the top crypto exchanges by volume, you will also have the opportunity to participate in daily tasks & various competitions, thus climbing up the leaderboard and increasing your score. This will allow you to get an edge on exclusive crypto airdrops and various rewards. ‘Learn & Earn’ is a concept we strongly believe in - the BitDegree Cryptocurrency Exchange Tracker is just one of the examples for this!

4. Set Up Notifications and Custom Alerts

With crypto being such an everchanging space, not everyone has the opportunity to spend a lot of time analyzing top crypto exchanges and looking into all of the latest updates. The Exchange Tracker offers a solution - custom notifications for specified events or changes in specific metrics of a set exchange platform. This makes analyzing cryptocurrency exchanges and participating in exclusive competitions a much smoother experience.



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