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The rapidly growing crypto industry is complicated enough in itself, so this unbiased project was created to provide the reader with simplified, understandable information. We wanted to make the published content accessible for crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, so everything you see on the site is completely free to read, use and learn from.

Anything crypto related might seem like a sensitive and complex topic, but we are here to uncover real benefits behind this phenomena. No false claims and biased opinions. Only expert opinion based in-depth crypto exchange reviews!

While crafting crypto reviews, guides, tutorials and comparisons, we always take various opinions into account. Different people have different needs, diverse cryptocurrency purchasing & investing goals. Our content always tries to cater to your individual needs & provide you with the best personal choice.

Whatever your case might be, be sure that here you'll find the perfect crypto exchange fit. By reading experience-based information & comparing cryptocurrency exchanges side by side, you will reach your investing goals in no time!

The way we work

Since we believe that honesty is the best policy, openly disclosing how we operate is a no brainer for us. Financial support is obviously important, as without it, we would not be able to publish as much in-depth content as we do completely for free.

We are happy that our main form of funding comes from the reader support. By donating, our readers help us keep the content unbiased, fresh & free to use for everyone. Our project might also be funded by small affiliate commission, only if the reader buys crypto products or services through some of the links on our website. However, there's no actual cost to the reader.

BitDegree.org is a fully reader-supported project.

Whatever the funding form might be, it's important to note that it does not affect the opinions, scores & evaluations of the cryptocurrency exchanges in any way. It is received only after the content is published live. This comes to show our view on honesty & helpful content. Go on and enjoy the free content on our platform, browse the crypto exchange reviews & choose the best one!