Crypto Terms: Letter M

What is Market?

Market - is a place where trade is conducted.
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Let's find out Market meaning, definition in crypto, what is Market, and all other detailed facts.

A market can be defined as an area designed specifically for trade. It plays an important role in determining an asset’s price.

Moreover, the balance between supply and demand determines the price of an asset. Here, sellers dictate the supply while buyers dictate the demand. Regulations and innovations in the technology field are among the many factors determining supply and demand.

If a market is filled with both buyers and sellers then it’s considered to be liquid. It’s similar to a perfectly competitive market where high liquidity levels and large amounts of transactions are fundamental features. 

The foreign exchange market, also referred to as FX or forex, is considered to be the most liquid market in the world.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, a market is a place where digital assets are purchased and sold. Cryptocurrency markets generally are high in volatility. The first cryptocurrency ever created, Bitcoin, is a great example of that.