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Why a BitDegree Scholarship?

With BitDegree Scholarship you promote education, self-improvement and get the skilled employees your company needs.

With BitDegree Scholarships you hire talent that

Knows the job

BitDegree courses give a taste of what it’s like to perform the actual job

Has the skills

New employees already know how to do everyday tasks and overcome challenges

Is motivated

Learning online means motivation, which leads to growth which leads to success

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6 Easy Steps

Define the job

Identify talent gaps in the organization, define the job position and the key skills you are looking for.

Select the course

Pick a BitDegree course or learning path that teaches these skills - or develop a new course with us!

Specify the campaign scope

Set the scholarships pool, marketing budget, knowledge assessment requirements and target locations.

Let BitDegree take over

We prepare all marketing collateral, run the digital marketing campaign, spread the word and attract talent.

Grow the talent pool

We supervise the learning process, generate qualified recruitment leads and streamline to your recruitment pipeline.

Hire your new rockstar

All thanks to you, a new star was born and it works for you!

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