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Find motivated and skilled talent at scale through automated employer branding campaigns and engaging prospects via learning skills required for the job.

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The way of hiring for the modern world

Employer branding at no extra costs

Your budget has clear ROI and is spent on growing your company’s visibility, prospects’ pool and rewarding candidates.

CSR done while hiring talent you need

Whether you’ve hired a person or not, you’ve left everyone with a useful skill and positive experience.

Engaging innovative recruitment process

Job search is often a terrifying annoying process everyone hates. Reach candidates in a fun and deeply engaging way.

Motivated new hires

Every job requires learning new things. These candidates have just proved their motivation to learn and grow.

Unified candidate skill assessment

Pass through the polished CVs. Get standardized skill assessment results and hire those who can actually do the job.

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Hire talent with BitDegree TAP in 4 Easy Steps

Create a job-course set

Select the position you want to recruit for and a ready-made course teaching the skill, or develop a course with us.

Specify the campaign

Set the budget, knowledge assessment threshold, target locations and give a brief of ideal candidate profile.

Let BitDegree take over

We prepare all marketing collateral, run the digital campaign, and engage talent to find the best ones for your organization.

Hire your new rockstar

Process the already pre-qualified recruitment leads, and fill in the talent gap in your organization in no time.

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