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PHP array_push

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Published Aug 14, 2017
Updated Oct 10, 2019

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PHP array push: Main Tips

  • PHP array_push() function is used to insert new elements into the end of an array and get the updated number of array elements.
  • You may add as many values as you need.
  • Your added elements will always have numeric keys, even if the array itself has string keys.
  • PHP array push function has been introduced in PHP 4.

array_push() Explained

This function is used to insert elements into the end of an array. Here is a simple example to get you started:

  $z = ['me','you', 'he'];
  array_push($z, 'she', 'it');

Learn Correct Syntax

To have PHP array push function executed correctly, you have to follow this syntax:


In the table below, the parameters used in the PHP array push function are explained one by one:

Parameter Description
array Necessary. Defines an array.
value1 Necessary. Defines the value to add.
value2 Optional. Defines the next values to add.


Look at the code below. You can see an array that contains string keys. Let's see how two new values are added at the end of it using PHP array push function:

  $z = [
    'Drago' => 'blue',
    'Rex' => 'brown'
  array_push($z, 'black', 'purple');