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The Best Way To Learn JavaScript: Learn Efficiently

JavaScript is one of the most common programming languages in the world. It has historically been used solely for front-end web development, but the introduction of numerous different frameworks has allowed its use cases to expand dramatically. This has led to a huge demand for high-quality JavaScript developers, which in turn has lead to a large number of people searching for the best way to learn JavaScript.

Now, it's important to realize that the learning methods may differ to every person. Everyone is different, and everyone learns differently. It is therefore important for you to understand the different ways to learn JavaScript online  and you can mix and match them to create the best place to learn JavaScript online for you.

What Is The Best Way To Learn JavaScript?

If you want to have instructions laid out for you step by step, then by all means the best place to learn JavaScript online is an online course. Sure, you could enroll in a computer science course at university or your local higher learning institution, but usually courses like this tend to be too broad and teach you details that are not very needed when you just start coding. Also, instead of allowing you to learn at your own pace, you're required to follow a strict curriculum. This often results in people missing important information or failing to learn difficult concepts thoroughly. However, online courses aren't like this.

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What Features Of Online Courses Make Them The Best?

Luckily for you, online courses are usually designed with flexibility and self-paced learning in mind. Instead of having to follow a strictly structured course and learn things when and how you're told, you will have a lot more freedom to find the best way to learn JavaScript for yourself and to do things the way you want. Some of the main benefits of online courses include:

  • They are flexible. As noted above, online courses are extremely flexible. This allows you to practice your JavaScript when and where you want. Imagine - instead of having to go to uni to learn how to program, you could be learning from a tropical beach in a foreign country!
  • They are repeatable. Another one of the pros of online JavaScript courses is that they can be completed as many times as you want. Imagine, if you're having trouble with a concept you can simply return to and repeat the section as many times as you like with no extra cost!
  • They are generally cheap. Most online courses are very affordable, which makes them attractive for people who don't necessarily have a lot of money to spend on learning JavaScript. This is probably one of the key features that make online courses the best way to learn JavaScript. Of course, in some cases even the cheap ones can be a strain on you. That's why BitDegree also has a solution for you: fill out an application for scholarships online and try to impress a possible sponsor to get the course, and a financial award for you. Learn how to apply.
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Finding The Best Place To Learn JavaScript Online

BitDegree has a few JavaScript courses that are suited to different needs: you can choose an interactive one, where you will have to practice the learnt code, or you could follow a simple video course and practice with your own code editor. Check out these courses:

The Interactive JavaScript Tutorial

The Interactive JavaScript Tutorial is designed to help beginners get their first taste of JavaScript. If you have no programming experience, then start with a course like this. It will teach you a wide range of core JavaScript syntax functions and how they're used. At the same time, it will introduce you to JavaScript web development, and it will even give you the chance to practice your code directly in your browser as you learn. The trial and error method is arguably considered the best way to learn JavaScript and many other things.

The Video JavaScript Tutorial

Alternatively, you might prefer to learn via the Video JavaScript Tutorial. Although not interactive like the tutorial described above, this JavaScript course will introduce you to a range of core concepts in just over an hour of information filled video content. This sort of course is suited to people who learn by listening and watching, rather than by doing.

Other JavaScript Learning Resources

Now, although learning JavaScript through online courses is great, this doesn't mean that you should ignore the wide range of other resources that are out there. The following resources can be extremely useful when used in conjunction with online courses:

Text-Based Tutorials / Reference Guides

If you're a very self-motivated learner, you might benefit from working your way through a less structured text-based tutorial or reference guide. Although this isn't the best way to learn JavaScript for most people, it can be a very good way to reinforce your knowledge and fill in any gaps.

Although there are hundreds of different text-based JavaScript tutorials out there, it can be hard to find one that's comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. Luckily for you, the BitDegree learn JavaScript page contains in-depth information about everything JavaScript.

In this part of BitDegree you can also find code examples - just like the snippet in the above example. This is the best place to learn JavaScript online if you want to see how each part of syntax works. But you don't only get to look: you can tinker the code in the free code editor and see what results it produces.

javascript for beginners

Informational Videos

If you're stuck on a specific concept or idea, then informational videos could be the answer. If you're having trouble finding and additional best way to learn JavaScript for you, or you are stuck with some kind of concept, ou could head on over to YouTube and search for videos related to whatever you're having trouble with. Chances are, you will find an in-depth video guide that will enlighten you and help you keep moving forward.

Chat Boards & Forums

One of your most valuable resources as a programming beginner is your fellow learners. While chat boards and JavaScript forums might not fit with the strict definition of 'learning resources', you would be stupid not to use them.

When you've got a problem with your code, all you need to do is head over to your favorite JavaScript forum. One of the most popular options for when it comes to anything to do with coding or programming is Stack Overflow. To get help, simply post your problem, along with what you're trying to do, and wait for someone to come along and help you. While you're waiting, have a look through some of the other forum posts and see if you can contribute something to the discussion!

What Sort Of Things Can I Do To Complement My Learning?

If you're serious about finding the best way to learn JavaScript and building a career as a programmer or web developer, then there are a few other things that you should learn along the way. Knowledge of frameworks, libraries, and code editors is an absolute must if you want to get the most out of your JavaScript knowledge. Consider learning at least the basics of the following:


jQuery is one of the most popular and comprehensive JavaScript libraries in the world. It is designed to help developers create websites faster, more efficiently, and with less coding. Basically, instead of writing huge blocks of code when you want to include a particular element on your website, you can 'grab' the code you need from the jQuery library. If you want to learn more about jQuery - and you should - have a look at both the Interactive jQuery Tutorial and the BitDegree Learn jQuery page.


Bootstrap is another essential resource that you should learn if you want to become a web developer. It's a front-end framework that is designed to make it easier for you to create high-quality responsive websites. It builds on key concepts from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which means that you need to have at least a basic knowledge of these before you try and learn Bootstrap. That being said, not only you will need to find the best way to learn JavaScript, but also do the same for Bootstrap. Check out the learn Bootstrap page and the Interactive Bootstrap Tutorial for more information.

The Atom Code Editor

Although your online course may allow you to write JavaScript code directly in your browser, it simply doesn't work like this in the real world. When it comes to writing programs with JavaScript, you will almost certainly need some sort of desktop code editor.

There are plenty of different editors out there, but one of the simples to use is the Atom code editor. It's free to download, open-source, and it comes with a wide range of different features and functions that are designed to make writing code easier than ever before. Head to the Atom website to download and install your code editor.

best way to learn javascript - code editor

Top Tips For Learning JavaScript

Now you've got an understanding of the best way to learn JavaScript, some of the other resources that you can draw on, and some other skills you should learn. But, you still don't know anything more than anyone else does when they start their programming journey. Hopefully, these tips will help prevent you from making the same mistakes as most junior developers. They should help you choose the best place to learn JavaScript, and they should dramatically increase your chance of becoming a web development master.

Tip 1: Connect With Your Fellow Programmers

Learning a programming language like JS through an online course can be a little boring. It can be hard to stay motivated day after day, especially when you're struggling to find the time to learn. Connecting with your fellow programmers - both physically and online - can help you stay motivated. Being a part of a community is also considered as the best way to learn Javascript. Having a support network can also be useful when you come across concepts that you have a lot of trouble with, and helping other people when they have trouble can help fast-track your learning.

Tip 2: Know Your Way Around A Reference Guide

I know I've already touched on reference guides, but I can't put enough emphasis on just how important they are. If you're serious about building a successful career as a programmer or a web developer, spend some time getting familiar with your favorite JavaScript reference guide.

Tip 3: Don't Be Scared To Try Different Things

If you're thinking about starting to learn JavaScript, don't be scared to try a few different courses and learning methods before settling on one. Everyone learns differently, which means that the best way to learn JavaScript for one person won't necessarily be the best way for someone else.

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Tip 4: Practice Writing Your Programs

Programming isn't always easy. Sure, you can learn a lot from following an online course religiously, but you can potentially learn a whole lot more by starting to create your programs. Once you've got a strong knowledge of the basics, the best method to learn JavaScript could be practicing writing code. Brainstorm for a while, come up with some ideas - remember, they don't have to be too fancy or complicated, to begin with - and start creating the code that will bring these ideas to life!

Last Note

As you've probably noticed, probably the best way to learn JavaScript is through high-quality online courses and the main recommendation is to start out with an interactive one. Be sure to check out the reference guides, peek in online forums and keep your curiosity alive to learn more. And remember, if you need some financial help with the courses, try BitDegree scholarships.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start learning how to code with JavaScript!

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How can I learn practically JavaScript?

The best way to learn JavaScript is to practice online. Therefore, you will learn how to apply your code and check if you do it right. There are many resources where you can practice, such as exercises online, forums, or through interactive courses.

Can I teach myself JavaScript?

You can learn JavaScript by yourself if you are willing to spend time studying as much as possible. One of the most important things while learning to program is practice coding. You can learn that on BitDegree JavaScript online courses.

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