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  • Basic Javascript Syntax
  • Thinking Like a Programmer
  • What is JavaScript Best Used For?
  • Create Basic Javascript Functions


Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn JavaScript with the help of this super clear and straightforward course. JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language in the world right now! And it's used pretty much everywhere. From programming websites to smart TVs, from building desktop apps to creating music and even making generative art.

After watching this JavaScript tutorial, you'll have a solid foundation of JavaScript functions, syntaxis and basic programming in general. You'll also find out what is JavaScript used for and how you can take your website to another level.

Begin Your Programming Career with JavaScript

JavaScript is pretty easy to learn if you're doing it correctly. The beginning of your programming journey might be intimidating, but there is no need to worry. This JavaScript tutorial will take you through basic programming and some specific features like JavaScript functions slowly and steadily.

Another neat thing about learning JavaScript is that it's easy to find support. JavaScript has one of the most significant programming language communities. That's very convenient if you run into a problem and need some help. Also, large community means more useful tools that can simplify your programming experience immensely. After finishing this JavaScript tutorial, you'll be able to call yourself a member of this community too.

JavaScript is a pretty old programming language. It was created in 1995, and since then JavaScript has been working on web browsers. Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is used for building websites. HTML gives your web pages their structure, CSS - their visual appearance and JavaScript is used to program their behavior. JavaScript makes your sites super interactive and user-friendly.

Earn More as a JavaScript Developer

Now, let's talk real business. Learning JavaScript can help you make a nice living. Since the demand for skilled JavaScript programmers keeps on growing so do their salaries. JavaScript developers are one of the highest paid programming specialists out there. An average salary for a JavaScript developer in the US is around 110 thousand dollars per year!

Wouldn't it be delightful if there was a JavaScript tutorial that could set you on that path? Well, you're looking at it right now! This course only takes one hour of time to complete and in almost record time teaches you all the essential basics of programming and JavaScript. After finishing it, you'll be able to start doing simple programming tasks instantly.

The Many Use Cases of JavaScript

If you're interested in the mobile app, backend server-side or big data development there is no way around it, you have to learn JavaScript. When talking about mobile applications, it's worth mentioning that Apple and Google incorporated JavaScript into their toolkits used for development of apps. This way they're trying to broaden their developers base. At the same time, it means that there are even more job opportunities for JavaScript programmers now!

There's no doubt that some fun and playful visual effects will make any website far more exciting. JavaScript allows you to create those effects. By learning JavaScript, you can brighten your web page and receive even more visitors. And while on the topic of independently developing your sites, you should know that by using a combination of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS you could create your own blog. It would be utterly independent of other blogging platforms. Therefore, you would have full control of it. The blog would be truly yours!

After fully mastering JavaScript you could also become a bug hunter. Big companies pay handsomely for JavaScript programmers who can find bugs and fix them. Naturally, everyone wants their sites and programs to run smoothly, and JavaScript developers are often needed to make it happen. Do you think you could become the next master bug hunter? Well, the best way to find out is starting to learn basic programming.

Start your new exciting journey with this JavaScript tutorial now!


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  • Internet Access


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