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What You Will Learn?

  • The core JavaScript functions and concepts
  • How to build dynamic content
  • How to develop a website of your own


Section 1: Introduction to JavaScript
Lecture 1: Console.log
Lecture 2: Data Types
Lecture 3: Math Operators
Lecture 4: Properties
Lecture 5: Built-in JavaScript Methods
Lecture 6: Libraries
Lecture 7: Comments
Lecture 8: Summary
Section 2: Variables
Lecture 1: Creating const
Lecture 2: Creating let
Lecture 3: Undefined
Lecture 4: Math operators
Lecture 5: String Interpolation part I
Lecture 6: String Interpolation part II
Lecture 7: Summary
Section 3: Control flow
Lecture 1: Introduction to Control Flow
Lecture 2: IF and ELSE statements
Lecture 3: True and False part I
Lecture 4: True and False part II
Lecture 5: Comparison Operators part I
Lecture 6: Comparison Operators part II
Lecture 7: Else If Statements
Lecture 8: Logical Operations
Lecture 9: Switch Statements
Lecture 10: Ternary Operators
Lecture 11: Summary
Section 4: Functions
Lecture 1: Intro To Functions
Lecture 2: Functions
Lecture 3: Parameters part I
Lecture 4: Parameters part II
Lecture 5: Return part I
Lecture 6: Return part II
Lecture 7: Function Declarations
Lecture 8: Function Expressions
Lecture 9: Arrow Syntax
Lecture 10: Summary
Section 5: Scope
Lecture 1: Introduction to Scope
Lecture 2: Global Scope part I
Lecture 3: Global Scope part II
Lecture 4: Block Scope part I
Lecture 5: Block Scope part II
Lecture 6: Block Scope part III
Lecture 7: Summary
Section 6: Arrays
Lecture 1: Introduction to arrays
Lecture 2: Creating an array
Lecture 3: Property access
Lecture 4: Element update
Lecture 5: Length property
Lecture 6: Push method
Lecture 7: Extra array methods
Lecture 8: Let and const
Lecture 9: Summary
Section 7: Loops
Lecture 1: Introduction to Loops
Lecture 2: Looping Manually
Lecture 3: For Loops
Lecture 4: For Loops in Reverse
Lecture 5: Nested for Loops
Lecture 6: While Loops
Lecture 7: Infinite Loops
Lecture 8: Summary
Section 8: Iterators
Lecture 1: Introduction to Iterators
Lecture 2: .forEach()
Lecture 3: .map()
Lecture 4: .filter()
Lecture 5: Documentation
Lecture 6: Choosing the right Iterator
Lecture 7: Summary
Section 9: Objects
Lecture 1: Objects in JavaScript
Lecture 2: Objects
Lecture 3: Object Properties part I
Lecture 4: Object Properties part II
Chapter 5: Object Properties part III
Lecture 6: Add a Property
Lecture 7: Edit a Property
Lecture 8: Methods
Lecture 9: Newer JS version
Lecture 10: this Keyword part I
Lecture 11: this Keyword part II
Lecture 12: Getter and Setter methods part I
Lecture 13: Getter and Setter methods part II
Lecture 14: Getter and Setter methods part III
Lecture 15: Summary
Section 10: Classes
Lecture 1: OOP in JavaScript
Lecture 2: Constructor
Lecture 3: Instance
Lecture 4: Methods
Lecture 5: Method Call
Lecture 6: Inheritance part I
Lecture 7: Inheritance part II
Lecture 8: Inheritance part III
Lecture 9: Inheritance part IV
Lecture 10: Inheritance part V
Lecture 11: Static method
Lecture 12: Summary



  • No pre-knowledge is required - enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required. Mobile not supported yet;
  • No special software is required in advance of the course.

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