Crypto dApp News

dApps are “decentralized applications”. These are apps that are built with the help of blockchain technology, and governed by a decentralized entity. In many cases, this entity will be a DAO - a “decentralized autonomous organization”.

dApp News

To over-simplify, DAOs are made up of token (share) holders. These holders then use their tokens in order to vote for improvements, changes, and general updates to said dApp. While it’s not a common type of dApp news, DAOs are always in the background, in some form.

Some of the most popular dApps include Uniswap, 1Inch, CryptoPunks, MakerDAO. A dApp can be a decentralized exchange, an NFT-related platform, a project for investing interest accumulation, or anything in between - the use cases for dApps are seemingly unlimited.

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