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MotoGP Expert to Implement Blockchain Technologies into Racing Analytics

MotoGP Expert to Implement Blockchain Technologies into Racing Analytics

The motorcycle racing performance analytics platform Apex146 will be using blockchain innovations to use data trackers on dApps.

With several types of sports entering the blockchain sector, racing has been at the forefront of receiving crypto-based sponsors. On the other hand, this particular racing platform will be using blockchain technologies to expand its business with data analytics. 

According to the Apex146 founder Scott Robinson, who is an expert data analyst in road racing and a passionate motorcycle racing enthusiast, his team is able to determine the performance of athletes in racing via "performance indexing platforms."

What is Crypto Arbitrage? (Risks & Tips Explained With Animation)

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What is Crypto Arbitrage? (Risks & Tips Explained With Animation)

What is Crypto Arbitrage? (Risks & Tips Explained With Animation) What is Crypto Arbitrage? (Risks & Tips Explained With Animation)

Likewise, Robinson explained that his team was able to partner up with a decentralized blockchain network Chainlink which allows his data analytics platform to be used on dApps, specifically for applications that require sports predictions. He added:

"There were two blockchain-based sports betting platforms that we thought had a real chance of penetrating the market and more would follow over the next several years."

For this reason, the founder of Apex146 saw an opportunity to not only implement his data analytics for motorcycle racing onto the blockchain, but also to drive fan engagement via potential NFT collections.

With a quite diverse background in technology, data analytics, and risk management, Scott Robinson sees the integration of blockchain technologies on his platform to be highly beneficial for dApps that offer sports predictions via performance stats.

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