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Understanding the Now Deprecated jQuery .live() and .die() Functions

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Published Jan 8, 2018
Updated Sep 25, 2019

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jQuery live and die: Main Tips

  • The jQuery .live() function attached one or more event handlers to selected elements.
  • To remove these handlers, .die() method was used.
  • Both of these methods were removed in 1.9 version of jQuery. Use .on() and .off() instead.

Adding Handlers with .live()

The jQuery .live() method was used to add one or more event handlers to the selected elements.

$("button").live("click", () => {

It had the following syntax:

$("selector").live(event, data, function);

jQuery .live() method accepted three arguments:

  • The type of event.
  • Additional data to pass with the function (optional).
  • The function that was executed when the specified event occured.

Note: the jQuery .live() function was deprecated in version 1.7 of jQuery and removed in 1.9. Use .on() instead.

Using .die() to Remove Handlers

The jQuery .die() removed event handlers added with the .live()function.


We introduce the syntax of .die() function:

$("selector").die(event, function);

It took two parameters:

  • event specified a standard JavaScript event or a custom jQuery.event object.
  • function named a specific handler function to remove (if skipped, all attached handlers were removed).

Note: the jQuery .die() method was deprecated in 1.7 version and removed in 1.9 version. Use .off() instead.