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jQuery .mousedown(): Learn to Add Event Handlers to mousedown Events

Reading time 1 min
Published Jan 9, 2018
Updated Oct 10, 2019

jQuery mousedown: Main Tips

  • The method .mousedown() adds an event handler to the mousedown event, or triggers the event.
  • The mousedown event fires when the cursor is inside an element, and the mouse button is clicked.

Usage and Syntax of .mousedown()

The method jQuery .mousedown() attaches an event handler to run a function once the mousedown event occurs. It can also trigger the event.

In the example below, clicking on the paragraph makes additional text appear:

$("div").mousedown(function() {
   $(this).after("<p style='color: blue;'>Mouse button pressed.</p>");

This syntax triggers the mousedown event:


Follow this pattern to attach the event handler by adding the function:


Note: the .mousedown() jQuery is a shortcut for jQuery .onmousedown(), the .on() method used with mousedown as the event parameter.