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jQuery relatedTarget: Track the Movements In or Out of Elements

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Published Jan 2, 2018
Updated Sep 25, 2019

jQuery relatedTarget: Main Tips

  • The event.relatedTarget property tracks cursor movements to determine when an element is being entered or exited.
  • This property is related to jQuery mouse events.
  • The jQuery relatedTarget property returns the element being entered/exited as the cursor moves.

Usage of event.relatedTarget

By tracking the cursor movements across a page, the event.relatedTarget property specifies which element is entered or exited. The results depend on whether it is a mouseover (exiting element) or a mouseout (entering element) event.

$("div, p").mouseenter((event) => {
   $("#message").html("Related target is: " + event.relatedTarget.nodeName);

The example above reveals the usage of event.relatedTarget. Moving your cursor around and causing jQuery mouse events, you will see that the related target will be indicated.

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