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SQL Server Hosting

Reading time 2 min
Published Jun 21, 2019
Updated Oct 3, 2019

The concept of SQL server hosting is simple - for your database to be accessible online, you have to host it on a server.

SQL is now considered to be the standard language for database hosting. Therefore you'll need an SQL-based database system to work with databases online.

SQL Server Hosting: Main Tips

  • You need an SQL-based database system to work with the database online.
  • Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server are the most common choices for database server hosting.


Oracle database system is great for running online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing (DW) and for other advanced data use cases. It offers some exciting alternatives when you need to fix difficult data issues. Moreover, you can tune Oracle with an infinite amount of variables.


MySQL is reliable and easy to use and has been known for its great performance. No wonder it's used by high profile websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Microsoft Access

MS Access is a good choice for a plain low-traffic website database hosting. It allows users to work directly with data from other sources since it can read a wide variety of different data formats and database file structures.

Microsoft SQL Server

Just like Oracle, MS SQL Server is also suitable for database-heavy, high-traffic websites. It's a database management system that supports various business intelligence and analytics applications, as well as transaction processing.

SQL Server Hosting: Summary

  • To work with databases online, an SQL-based database system is required.
  • The four leading database systems for SQL server hosting are Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server.