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How to Use SQL MID

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Published Aug 9, 2017
Updated Oct 11, 2019

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SQL MID Function: Main Tips

  • This function is needed to take out characters from a data record field.
  • There are function equivalents for other database-systems.

Syntax of SQL MID

SELECT MID(col_name,start,length) AS se_name FROM tbl_name;
Parameters Descriptions
col_name Needed. The data record to take out characters.
start Needed. Defines the start position.
length May use. The amount of characters to bring.


The SUBSTRING() function in SQL Server:

SELECT SUBSTRING(column_name,start,length) AS some_name FROM table_name;

The SUBSTR() function in Oracle:

SELECT SUBSTR(column_name,start,length) AS some_name FROM table_name;

Demo Database

The table called" Customers":

ID Name Name City
1 Ben Choplinks Ben Choplink London
2 Donald Rich Donald Richario Talinn
3 Lilly Smilkins Lilly Smilkin Frankfurt
4 Brandinina Tom Hitchins Dublin
5 Carizmos Christiano Kerrys Paris

SQL MID: Example

In the ode example below picks out the primary four data records from the column "City" in the table "Customers":

SELECT MID(City,1,4) AS ShortCity FROM Customers;

SQLite Syntax: Example

SELECT SUBSTR(City,1,4) AS ShortCity from Customers;