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Learn Using SQL Lowercase Function in Databases and Servers

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Published Aug 9, 2017
Updated Oct 11, 2019

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SQL Lowercase Function: Main Tips

  • This function changes the text field value to lowercase.

Lowercase Function

Syntax of SQL LOWER

SELECT LOWER(col_name) FROM tbl_name;

Syntax of SQL Server

SELECT LOWER(col_name) FROM tbl_name;

Demo Database

In the below table there is a piece of  "Customer" table:

ID Name Contact Address City Postal_Code Country
1 Ben Choplinks Ben Choplink Obeesre Str. 51 Rome 11207 Italy
2 Donald Rich Donald Richario Avda. de la Confgfstitución 4122 Tallin 17021 Estonia
3 Lilly Smilkins Lilly Smilkin Matadsderos 2312 Eguero 14023 Mexico
4 Brandinina Tom Hitchins 110 Hanegover Sq. London WB2 2DP UK
5 Carizmos Christiano Kerrys Berguvsesvägen 9 Luleå S-968 43 Sweden

SQL LOWER: Example

In the code example below we pick out columns "CustomersName" and "CityID" in the table "Customer" and change the "CustomersName" to lowercase:

SELECT LOWER(Name) AS Customers, City
FROM Customers;