How to Apply for BitDegree's Small Scholarships?

Have you ever wanted to get a bit of financial help for your studies? You go online, find some supposedly simple scholarships, and get greeted by complicated fill-out forms, multiple requests for personal and additional information. Moreover, you're not entirely convinced that the process for this application for scholarships online is secure or transparent. That's some of the struggles BitDegree wants to get rid of with our small scholarships.

The deal with current scholarships and donations to the education

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Some of the problems with typical big or small scholarships are that they have a lot of competition, and they require a lot of preparation. You might need to document your grades, acquire recommendation letters, write in your (and maybe your parents) financial information, medical or military records, and more: some of which might not even be available for you. Once you have all your data, even if you go for easy, no essay scholarships, you might spend hours while searching for a scholarship you are eligible for. And even if you apply for a lot of scholarships, there is no guarantee that you will get any of them. That's a bit harsh.

Moreover, you can usually apply for scholarships only if you are going to college: that means you have to select your whole degree and go for the 3-4 years of studying. In today's world, when you have to be flexible and fast, that might be too much for someone who just wants some small scholarships to start studying how to code or cybersecurity. After all, you might not be even able to dedicate all the time and leave all your other commitments aside. You want to begin instantly applying their new skills in the job market instead of putting it off for another few years.

Why BitDegree's small scholarships are different?

Here in BitDegree, we believe that everyone deserves a chance in education; that's why we have started the simple scholarships for online classes that can be sponsored via the blockchain system. Why is the blockchain system used for these micro-scholarships? Mostly for efficiency and transparency: the education process and funding can be automated, which decreases costs, and the blockchain credentials ensure that each transaction is recorded and stored for later use if needed.

Why would you go for this type of simple scholarships? Think of it like a microloan: when people would like to start their small local business and need a bit of finance to get them going. They don't apply for a big loan from the bank, but instead choose a peer-to-peer option and go for a microloan instead: something they can use and pay back quickly. The main differences between microloans and small scholarships: the money goes toward your education, and you don't have to pay back anyone.

The main use for these small scholarships for online classes is to help students achieve microlearning without the financial strain. Let's face it, sometimes even $10 is a lot of money when it comes to choosing whether to improve your skills or support yourself and your family. And you can see that even such a little amount can help from applications such as this:

"I am a university student. My subject is Textile Fashion and Design. Personal branding for a fashion designer is a tremendously important skill. I believe that without branding none can survive in such a profession. That's why I always thought of getting enrolled in a standard personal branding course. Unfortunately I found that standard course from a well reputed institution is still very difficult for me financially. I earn some money by tutoring and writing in newspapers and magazines. With those earnings I need to run my academic studies, food, healthcare, books and other utilities. So it's very difficult for me to get enrolled in a course and be a versatile world citizen though I have a burning desire to learn and lead my community."

This is the story of one of the students who was recently sponsored to get the "Eye-opening Look At Personal Branding: How to Become a Thought Leader" course.

Another benefit of these small scholarships is that you can choose various courses that can improve different sets of skills. You can apply for web development scholarships by choosing courses that teach JavaScript, HTML and other front-end or back-end programming languages. If that's not your preference, you can try getting data science scholarships for courses that teach Python, data management, and analysis. There are many courses on the list, so you can try and get affiliate marketing, graphic design, cybersecurity scholarships, and more.

Applying for BitDegree's Small Scholarships

The best thing is, BitDegree has a simple application for scholarships online. It only has 5 steps:
1. Go to
2. Press "Start Now" and log in with your BitDegree user profile (if you are not registered on BitDegree, now you will be prompted to do so).
3. Choose a course you would like to enroll in: type in a keyword, and you will get suggestions for the course. Choose the one that will help you the most.
4. Fill in your personal details: first and last name, country, phone, personal photo, and a short story as to why you should get this scholarship. Remember, this is an easy no essay scholarship, so you don't need to write 1000 words, but the better your text can show how acquired skills will help you in the future, the bigger chance one of the sponsors will choose you. For example, if you are applying for web development scholarships, you might discuss why you want to learn web development, how it can help you get a job or start working as a freelancer for extra money. Talk about how the selected course will provide benefits for your future.
In this step, it would also be beneficial to provide some of your social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, to make your identification easier.

personal information for small scholarships

In this step, you will also see what your deadline for completing the course is: if you fail to do so, you might not get awarded the micro-scholarship for completion.

5. The last step of these small scholarships is to verify your identity. After all, we can't sponsor fake people. For this step, you will have to upload (or take with your device's camera) a photo of you, holding a sheet of paper with the word "BitDegree" and today's date written on it, your passport, ID or driver's license.

identity verification for small sponsorships

That's it! You are then transported to the completed micro-scholarship application form to check if everything is ok. Such a simple scholarships application process allows more people to try themselves in online learning and helping them gather more skills that are needed in today's job market.

Once your small scholarship's application goes through, make sure to finish your course until the deadline strikes and enjoy your blockchain certificate and scholarship award.

A more transparent future

There is a reason why BitDegree started these small scholarships, and moreover, based them on the blockchain. There is no question that education is important, but the form of how it is achieved is changing: MOOCs already have more than 101 million users worldwide, and their numbers will only continue to grow.

Sadly, for now, not everyone gets to participate in this rapid skill acquiring way: some financial aid is needed. Here big scholarships, intended for colleges, cannot help, and a new solution is needed. People have already proven that they are ready to sponsor education (either through charity organizations like CAE, Giving USA, or crowdfunding projects), but these solutions need to be secure and transparent when it comes to microlearning.

BitDegree is already providing the transparent solution: small scholarships that are easy to apply for, don't require long essays or abundance of preparation. Moreover, it is based on a blockchain system that provides transparency so you can see who and how the funded money help. And if you are on the receiving end, you will get a blockchain certificate that cannot be tampered with and the micro-scholarships which will be transferred right as you complete the course.

So if you ever wanted to start an online course, but didn't get the chance because of some financial struggles, now is the best time to try them. Go here and try BitDegree's easy no essay scholarships.

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How to apply for a BitDegree's small scholarship?

BitDegree has a simple way to apply for small scholarships. Register in the platform, enter your required personal details here, and verify your identity by uploading a photo of you, holding a sheet of paper with the word "BitDegree" and today's date written on it, as well as your passport, ID or driver's license.

Why is the blockchain system used for micro-scholarships?

Bitdegree's blockchain system is used for micro-scholarships mostly for efficiency and transparency. The education process and funding can be automated, which decreases costs, and the blockchain credentials ensure that each transaction is recorded and stored for later use if needed.

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