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The Rookie level: The Shortest and Simplest Web3 Exam Level Yet cover image

We've got something fresh for you – the Rookie level, which is the newest addition to our tiered Web3 Exam.

For whom is the level made? Well, mainly our enthusiastic newcomers seeking a smooth and speedy introduction to Web3. However, the Exam MVPs will benefit from it, too.

Overall, the goal of the Exam & Missions, as well as any other learning tools you’ll find on BitDegree, is to make Web3 education fun, simple, and easily accessible to everyone.

That said, let me tell you what the Rookie level brings to the table.

A Warm-Up for Newcomers

Initially, the Exam was comprised of three levels – Starter, Explorer, and Evangelist. Naturally, the tasks and topics you have to tackle in each level are made with the difficulty ranges in mind.

The Starter level walks you through the basics of Web3, introducing you to crypto history, tracking, wallets, anonymity, scam prevention, and so on. Just like the name suggests, it’s a level made for beginners.

On the flip side, the Explorer level caters to individuals seeking a greater challenge and possessing a foundational understanding of Web3. This level explores concepts like halvings, mainnets and testnets, NFT minting, blockchain interoperability, security, and more.

The Evangelist level, however, presents the ultimate challenge, delving deep under the Web3 hood. Within this tier, you'll explore intricate subjects, such as blockchain architecture, infrastructure and development, token swapping, staking, liquidity provision, and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

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Now, where does the Rookie level stand?

Despite being launched the last, it stands before the Starter level, providing you with a great “taster” of the Web3 space and the Exam itself. Unlike other levels, which are made of 13-15 rounds, the Rookie level has 6 short rounds.

By solving these rounds, you’ll learn a bit about crypto overall, including some basics such as tracking and storing. These topics are also covered in the Starter level, just in more detail.

Therefore, the Rookie level is like a warm-up before the Starter level. It’s perfect for true Web3 rookies as well as those who want to familiarize themselves with how the Web3 Exam works. Just keep in mind that you can do the Exam levels in any order, it doesn’t have to be sequential.

Bits, NFT Certificates, and the Prize Pool

Reward-wise, the Rookie level is just like any other Web3 Exam level. Firstly, you'll get Bits for each round; upon conquering the entire level, a total score of 50 Bits awaits those who ace it perfectly.

Remember, Bits grow your Degree, while a higher Degree increases your chances of winning from the Web3 Exam prize pool.

Speaking of the prize pool, by finishing the Rookie level, you’ll become eligible for the Phase 3 Lucky Draw, which will take place in March.

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Though, completing *only* the Rookie level probably won’t cut it. To truly maximize your chances of winning, explore other Exam levels and take on daring Missions.

On top of all that, by successfully completing the Rookie level, you’ll get an exclusive NFT certificate commemorating your achievements. “Successful completion” means that you have to score at least 10 points from the level (FYI, points are not Bits).

Of course, besides these more or less tangible rewards, you'll also get a fun experience and invaluable knowledge.

A Benefit for All

You probably get the gist – the Rookie level is a piece of cake. Quick, easy, and just perfect for those stepping into the Web3 world for the first time.

However, if you're not exactly a rookie and consider yourself a true Web3 Exam champion, don't skip this level just yet. It gives you a chance to snag extra Bits and an additional NFT certificate for your collection. Plus, your odds will definitely increase for the Phase 3 Lucky Draw.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the BitDegree Web3 Exam now and conquer every level before March 1st to unlock some seriously sweet rewards. Let's make the Web3 education legendary together!

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