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The BitDegree Web3 Exam and Missions have been notably successful - huge numbers of learners have joined this journey already, and more are coming in every single day. We’re very happy about that, and we plan to introduce many more captivating and exciting adventures for you all.

Speaking of exciting adventures, let’s talk about the BitDegree Missions. While you likely have ample knowledge about the Web3 Exam, the Missions might be a bit less familiar territory.

Are the Missions a part of the Web3 Exam? If not, how do they differ, and what is their main purpose?d

An Additional Tool for Learning About Web3

Well, for starters, know that the Missions are not a part of the Exam. Instead, they represent an additional gamified layer of learning introduced by the BitDegree Guild.

Functionally-wise, the Missions look and work the same as the Exam – you complete rounds of engaging tasks and earn Bits.

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Unlike the Exam, though, the Missions don’t provide NFT Certificates of Completion. Plus, they have their own prize pools (some have no prize pools at all).

Besides, the Missions have a hearts system, which works just like those you can find in traditional games. Losing all your hearts doesn't signal the end of the game, but it does result in a temporary halving of the rewards earned for completing rounds while in a "heartless" state. Don’t worry, the hearts automatically replenish the next day.

Topic-Specific Approach

Now, the key distinction between the Web3 Exam and Missions lies in their topic-specific approach. While the Exam covers a broad spectrum of Web3 topics across four difficulty levels, each Mission is dedicated to exploring a specific subject in-depth.

The goal here is simple: to help you fully understand the topic by guiding you through a comprehensive exploration. By the end of each Mission, you'll have a much better grasp of the subject.

For example, we already have Missions covering such topics as getting your first crypto or NFT that equip you with all the necessary information about these processes. Moreover, we have a few project-based Missions, which introduce you to some cool and noteworthy initiatives.

On top of that, in line with our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we've recently introduced a Mission in the Indonesian language, ensuring that our platform caters to an even broader audience.

Missions of Various Shapes and Sizes

You might have already got the idea, but Missions can differ quite a lot from one another, each offering a unique experience.

Some Missions follow a sequential order, requiring completion in a specific sequence, while others provide flexibility, allowing you to do them whenever you want.

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Also, there might be Missions that include many rounds and big prizes, while others might be shorter and only give you Bits. Don’t underestimate Bits, though; they boost your Degree, subsequently enhancing your likelihood of winning prizes from prize pools.

By the way, your Degree serves as a universal metric for your entire account. This means that increasing it not only improves your chances of winning from that specific Mission pool, but also enhances your overall chances across the platform.

Many More Missions to Come

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing your Web3 knowledge by introducing more exciting Missions and other learning experiences tailored to various interests and skill levels.

So, whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a curious newcomer, stay tuned for upcoming updates and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and education.

Start your adventure with BitDegree Missions today and unlock the endless possibilities of the Web3 universe!

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