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BitDegree has officially launched the Web3 Exam and Missions, the latest innovative take on Web3 education. The launch features an interactive learning experience, and is complemented by a staggering $500k-worth prize pool, as well as free NFT Certificates of Completion.

While the Exam promotes a gamified take on learning Web3, something that might not be apparent at first glance is the underlying research that went into its development.

BitDegree, at the Forefront of Web3 Education

From the early days of BitDegree, we were adamant about revolutionizing education. The focus was always set on digital skills - not only that of Web3, but Web2-native skills as well, such as programming or web development.

Providing students with high-quality learning materials was just the first step. BitDegree has always made a point to be proactive in researching new ways to both motivate students, and make the learning experience itself more fun and engaging.

One way of how this proactiveness manifested was in scientific research studies done with Vilnius University and the University of Tartu. The studies, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, focused on the development of a new-age learning platform based on elements of gamification and blockchain tech, as well as innovative approaches towards the online course creation process, respectively.

The Web3 Exam and Missions came about inspired by the aforementioned studies, in combination with years of research in the Web3 industry.

The combined research clearly showcased that a traditional approach to Web3 education doesn’t work, for multiple reasons. It also revealed the common motivations that students have when entering the field, in addition to the effectiveness of a gamified approach to learning.

What We Found & Where It Led

Web3 students learn by actively participating in something that interests them, and seeking out theoretical information once they face some sort of a challenge. This is directly opposite of how the traditional model of education works, with it placing a heavy emphasis on theory.

The Web3 Exam was designed and engineered with this in mind, supplementing theory with practice. This manifests in a combination of quiz-based questions, and blockchain / project tracker tasks.

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In regards to gamification and learning motivation, it’s clear as day - a fun, gamified approach to learning, with built-in incentives for anyone who finished a course or reached a milestone, is far more effective than a strict framework-based methodology.

There are multiple ways of how this manifests in the Web3 Exam and Missions. First of all, students have a Bit and Degree system, where they collect points for their performance, and increase the level of their profile. This is directly tied with incentivization - with the Exam hosting a whopping $500k worth prize pool, learners have the opportunity to participate in the Lucky Draw event, during which prizes will be distributed. The higher the Degree (level) that a student has, the more chances to win.

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The methodology of the Exam itself is based on a gamified model of learning. Each level of the Exam is divided into rounds, which then house a variety of tasks and questions that need to be answered. There’s a time limit, as well as different pieces of content (with the first two levels) where the student can search for answers and hints.

Completing the Exam with a score of at least 10 points unlocks the opportunity to mint free BitDegree NFT Certificates of Completion. These certificates act as ‘proof of learn’, showcasing the skill level of the student in regard to any particular level of the Exam.

It’s Only the Beginning

The Web3 Exam and Missions are a monumental achievement that we are extremely proud of. However, it’s also just the beginning.

At BitDegree, we take great pride in staying ahead of the curve, and constantly elevating the Web3 learning space to new heights. With the Exam now live and available to be accessed by everyone, we’re happy to say - it’s just one step in a long and exciting journey.

Join us - check out the Web3 Exam, jump into your favorite Missions, and let us know what you think!

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