Crypto Terms: Letter M

What is Minnow?

Minnow - someone who owns a minor amount of crypto assets and makes small investments.
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Let's find out Minnow meaning, definition in crypto, what is Minnow, and all other detailed facts.

A minnow, also known as a fish, is someone who has a modest amount of digital assets, which means that their crypto purchases or sales barely have an impact on the market. It is the opposite of a whale who holds a significant amount of cryptocurrency and has a huge impact on the market.

However, even a minnow can have a tremendous impact in exceptional circumstances. For example, some altcoins have extremely low trading volumes and a severe lack of liquidity, which means that their prices might swing drastically, even after a minor sale.

Though note that ​​there is no precise definition of how much cryptocurrency an individual must own to be considered a minnow. However, the vast majority of investors fall under this category.