Crypto Terms: Letter F

What is Fish?

Fish - someone who owns a small amount of cryptocurrency.
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Let's find out Fish meaning, definition in crypto, what is Fish, and all other detailed facts.

A fish (also known as a minnow) is a person who owns a small quantity of cryptocurrency, and they’re usually at the mercy of whales, who drive the market up and down. Fishes cannot visibility affect market share unless their holdings increase. After this happens, fishes can turn into dolphins and eventually into whales (these two types of players significantly affect cryptocurrency prices).

For instance, with Bitcoin, the group of players that place orders of 1,000 BTC or more on cryptocurrency exchanges is known as Bitcoin dolphins. Bitcoin whales, on the other hand, are various hedge funds and huge institutions that place enormous orders worth far more than what dolphins place. For example, Tesla is one of the few high-profile BTC whales out there.

Orders placed by whales are normally not visible to regular retail traders because they are processed through specific exchange procedures. The cryptocurrency movements of BTC whales lead to increased volatility, large-scale moves, and/or reduced liquidity in the BTC market. Besides, BTC whales set the tone for minnows to speculate on the trajectory of future cryptocurrency prices.