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Is an AWS Certification Enough to Get a Job in 2021? cover image

Education has become more informal and accessible in recent years than ever, thanks to various lifelong learning tools. The technology sector is no exception. Attending courses and getting certifications in IT is getting increasingly popular among many people.

Let’s take AWS certification as an example. It shows a level of Amazon Web Services cloud expertise that a person gains after passing one or multiple exams offered by the public cloud provider. If you want to know more about AWS certification itself and its perks, feel free to read our articles on what an AWS certification is and why it is worth getting an AWS certification.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of benefits that this certification offers. But is an AWS certification enough to get a job in 2021? Spoiler: it is not. However, the answer to this question is a little more complex. Keep reading to find out why.

What are the AWS certification benefits, and why is it essential for your career prospects?

Let us start with the reasons why AWS certification is worth your effort and time.

First of all, it is undeniable that certified AWS practitioners are currently in high demand. Amazon holds a 33 percent share of the cloud computing market, and they’re likely to dominate it even more in years to come, which means that AWS experts are going to be needed in the future as well.

Furthermore, according to recent surveys, AWS certification training can increase your salary by as much as 25.9 percent and put you on the list of the highest-paid professionals. So if you feel like you would like to start your career in cloud computing and boost your income, consider taking AWS Cloud Practitioner training as an option.

Last but not least, AWS certification gives you credibility in the eyes of employers. It takes time, effort, and commitment to complete the rigorous AWS training. Therefore, this accomplishment can surely build your current or potential boss’s trust in you and your competence.

It is clear by now that getting AWS certified is very useful and rewarding in today’s labor market. Then how about the issue of employment? Let’s get back to it.

Will an AWS certification alone land you a job?

The short answer to this question is that an AWS certification by itself will not get you a job. Several other aspects play an important role in kick-starting your AWS career.

In fact, obtaining an AWS badge is more like a necessity than a competitive edge in today’s tech industry. Employers usually expect you to have even a couple of AWS certifications; otherwise, you won’t get noticed.

What makes you stand out from the crowd is some relevant experience in the tech field. Of course, this is challenging when you’re just starting, but there are a few ways around this problem. For instance, you could complete an AWS training course with a lot of hands-on activities. It will help you if some technical questions arise in the actual job interview. Other good options include volunteering for a non-profit organization or startup and offering your services for AWS jobs as a freelancer.

Moreover, make sure that you’re applying for jobs that match your expertise well. In most cases, it won’t be solely AWS skills. The majority of recruiters expect you to have additional competencies, such as operating system administration skills (Linux and/or Windows), database skills, knowledge of programming languages, and others. Tailor your resume and highlight your strengths according to the job description. For example, the requirements for AWS Solutions Architect vs. AWS SysOps Administrator will be very different.

The last but equally important quality in the competitive industry is a set of strong soft skills. Employers desire employees who are positive, proactive, and self-motivated team players. The ability to communicate your ideas and concerns is also crucial, so make sure you do that clearly and professionally.

Now that you know the pivotal elements of getting an AWS job let us guide you through the initial steps of launching your future career.

Not sure where to begin? We say, AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam is designed for individuals and teams who demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. It shows their ability to apply the basic cloud knowledge and skills in practice. So if you are still a beginner in the field, that’s the first step toward success in your AWS certification journey.

BitDegree academy can help you achieve your AWS goals. In addition to the most up-to-date AWS training course content, it also offers a unique opportunity to get a taste of the real exam by taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exam. The latter is prepared following the latest AWS Cloud Practitioner exam standard and includes:

  • Ten exclusive practice sets.
  • 650+ real exam questions.
  • Eight fully covered topics that you need to know to get the certification.

Even though finding suitable educational material is the initial critical step (which we just covered), now you have to make sure you devote your time, study hard and pass the exam itself. Remember what our good old friend Aristotle said? Even if the roots of education are bitter, the fruit is undoubtedly going to be sweet!

What’s the final verdict?

Now that the pros and cons of AWS certification are outlined, let us conclude - should you invest your time and money into it?

As pointed out above, AWS certifications are almost essential prerequisites in the highly competitive technology industry, so they are more like a bonus than a differentiator to your professional portfolio. In addition, most employers expect their candidates to have some hands-on experience, other technical skills, and an easy-going, self-starter personality.

But even though passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam per se will not get you a job, it is worth it. Not only is this a great way to prove your cloud expertise and increase your value in the job market, but you’re also going to earn more credibility as an employee and even raise your pay.

So do not hesitate anymore and start learning with an expert-made AWS Cloud Practitioner training course like this one today! This way, you will fulfill your dream job’s requirements by becoming a certified cloud computing professional in no time!

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