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Just recently, a partnership agreement between Learnoverse and Lympo was signed. And this happened during an AMA session live on Twitter. Danielius Stasiulis, CEO of Learnoverse, and Vilius Jastremskas, CPO of Lympo first surprised us with the breaking partnership news, then they answered community questions.

If you missed the broadcast, here is a summary of what happened in the event.


Q1: What are the differences between different NFTs? How different can NFTs be?

Vilius: Most people know NFTs for their value. This value is the collectible value which is the core feature that presents itself on NFTs. There are different types of NFTs depending on various use cases. We specialize in in-game NFTs, however, some NFTs focus on individual property rights, music, real estate, or more. Our focus is on the Game-Fi scene, so we are producing NFTs that involve in-game collectibles.

Danielius: As the Learnoverse team, we are educating people about NFTs. And it’s important to see Lympo’s take on in-game NFTs since we consider learning to be a game. The same logic applies to how gaming space applies to learning space. In a way, it’s a practical takeaway for us.

Q2: How our instructors can use Lympo’s NFT Minting Platform?

Vilius: Our NFT minting platform is straightforward for crypto users. Once they connect their MetaMask wallets, they can start staking tokens. Staking will help them receive credits which then can be used to mint NFTs. They can also convert these NFTs to in-game assets as well.

Q3: Is there any potential for Lympo to work with educators and instructors?

Vilius: We believe that education is important for everyone who wants to learn more about Web3 and its technologies. After all, there is not a lot of educational content on the internet. And the ones that exist are not the most beginner friendly. That’s why we like what Learnoverse is aiming for. Enabling instructors to create and publish their courses. I think it’s a cool thing!

Q4: Would you say that there is a shortage in the job market in Web3?

Vilius: I think the job market has improved a lot recently, but there is still a shortage. Here, education comes into play again. People need to educate themselves about Web3 and related skills.

Q5: Now, why metaverse? Wouldn’t the current educational platform be enough for the public to learn about Web3 technologies and improve their skills?

Danielius: One of the major problems about most of the Ed Tech platforms is that they are missing a social space. Metaverse help create this social space that is lacking. The gaming industry has already shown us that creating such a layer where social interaction happens within the ecosystem of the game, works wonders.

Similar to an in-game mechanic, Learnoverse will have a level system where you will be able to see who is an instructor, who is the brand, or the student. The stage of knowledge that you have will be for everyone to see. It will grant you a reputation, which will reflect your crypto cv. With that, you will be able to unlock new opportunities. Learnoverse is the first to attempt making a metaverse happen, where your reputation matters.

Q6: When is the launch of Learnoverse? When do you think it’s going to happen?

Danielius: We are transitioning right now and there is no easy way to make this happen in a blink of an eye, as there are no metaverse builders out there. However, we are working on how to hack this building process and launch the learnoverse faster. This is the main approach we have right now. Because if we decide to build it on our own it’ll take years to complete.

With this approach, we are planning to launch certain use cases along with the 2D metaverse by the end of the year. The 3D part will be partial at that time too.

Q7: How Learnoverse will integrate NFTs?

Danielius: Even now, we have NFT integrated features that are ready to use. For example, instructors can attach NFTs to courses. They can give out NFT certificates to their students upon course completion. These NFT certificates provide new utilizing opportunities for students as well. They can, for instance, can unlock new courses by using NFT certificates.

For us, Web3 tools are important and we are trying to use them. We are discovering use cases that haven't been thought of before as they were simply impossible to implement.

Vilius: I believe the whole Web3 comprises constant improvements. So it’s all about learning and introducing new things as we go. That’s exactly how we started our NFT minting platform and all of our other projects.

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