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BitDegree x Unstoppable Domains Launches The Biggest Learn&Earn Campaign in 2022 cover image

We recently announced the launch of a once-in-a-lifetime Learn&Earn campaign in collaboration with Unstoppable Domains. On top of that, we had a live session in Meta-Room where our CEO, Danielius Stasiulis, and Sajjad Rehman, Head of Europe at Unstoppable Domains had a great conversation about the partnership details, goals, and Web3 Identity.

Here, we curated the most important moments from the event in case you missed it.

Bitdegree x Unstoppable Domains Partnership Future & Goals

Danielius: BitDegree is partnering with Unstoppable Domains. It all started at the Metaverse Summit in Paris, where we both were exhibiting our projects. After we met, we came to the conclusion that we should partner up. And for the last few months, we've been working on collaborating with Unstoppable Domains. 

Today we are launching the largest Learn&Earn campaign, providing 1 million Unstoppable Domains to the learners who complete Web3 courses on the BitDegree Learnoverse platform. 

Sajjad: I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly we were both able to agree. From the start, it was obvious that our missions are aligned. Unstoppable Domains is here to enable the same thing that Learnoverse is aiming for; helping educate people about Web3. So I think there is a natural match here. We just need to find out the mechanics and create an offering that benefits our collective communities, which we have. We're off to a good start.

Danielius: All of our 1.2 million learners can connect with Unstoppable Domains to the platform, and have their Web3 identity. Previously, your name would be more or less your wallet address. But unstoppable domains provide Web3 identity to everyone. 

Could you tell us a bit more about Web3 identity and what it means? What is it for and how does it work?

What is Web3 Identity and How Do NFT Domains work?

Sajjad: Right now, in Web2, your identity is split and lives across platforms. And that is the data that you cannot use. For example, you can’t really utilize verified credentials of what you've achieved on one platform to another. However, users should be able to hold the power of utilizing their data. Unstoppable Domains enable this by creating NFT domain names, which are mounted on Polygon. 

Danielius: I wanted to come back to the early days of digital identity or Web3 blockchain identity. You started with the NFT domains, and, ended up tackling Web3 identity. And I would say that your approach is winning over others. Why?

Sajjad: I think there are a few things. The first thing is we try to make these domains super accessible. You can go to the website, and right off the bat, you can get a domain for $5. This domain is not a rental-based model, but instead, it's an ownership model. That means once you buy a domain, it's fully owned and controlled by you. On that note, we don't charge gas fees. 

The Learn&Earn Campaign

Danielius: Let's just tell our audience a bit more about the campaign. Right now, if you go to the Learnoverse webpage, you will find the Unstoppable Domains course. This course will explain to you everything you need to know about Web3 identity and how it works. Once you complete the course, you will be eligible to claim an Unstoppable Domain. Claiming the domain part is really simple, all you need is to go to the Unstoppable Domains website and enter the code. And the domain you receive will be your Web3 identity. 

We're gonna run this campaign for a month. We are aiming to achieve amazing results, and encourage people to educate themselves about Web3 identity. 

Sajjad: I think education is a very important dimension of one's identity. It is something that tells a lot about you. For example, it gives an overview of what skills you have and what achievements you can accomplish. In this context, Web3 education has a massive role. First and foremost, it's a way to onboard the public to Web3, and really get people to understand what the differences are between Web2 and Web3, what benefits you get, and how you can earn a potential living right in the metaverse. So education is certainly a very key dimension there. 

Danielius: On our side, we believe that education in principle changes your status in the community and society at large. That's why we are learning in the first place. You get the degree, it opens your doors to work or further studying, and this goes on. You need social status infrastructure, essentially. But all of that has to be connected to your identity. Now, I am wondering, can a person lose their Unstoppable Domain or Unstoppable Identity? How do you tackle this problem?

Sajjad: If you lose access to your wallet, that could jeopardize your custody of the wallet, and hence the custody or domain. That's a problem that we recognize. And it's something that we are looking to solve. 

Danielius: I think in the future, based on your footprint of identity in various ways, we'll be able to help with restoring once it happens. Now, maybe you can tell us what new things can we expect from unstoppable domains in the near future.

Sajjad: I think there are a few new things already. In fact, we've got very rich product announcements that have happened within the last few weeks and there is more to come. We recently announced a reverse resolution. The reverse resolution gives our users more personalized representation inside dApp, rather than just showing wallet addresses. This is to simplify and make the user experience better. We're already seeing very healthy adoption, so it’s important to improve the experience the users will get. 

Another thing is that we introduced the Unstoppable Domains emails.  We've also launched a mobile app, which acts as a vault for domains. It also acts as a way to log into all the tabs we integrated with. So again, these are just a few things that have happened.

Q&A Session

Q1: What if I lose my verified domain, can anyone use it to log in with my identity? 

Sajjad: This is something that we understand is a challenge, and we'll come up with our own solution for this. I think the other solutions are more broadly about how NFTs are stored in wallets. We are looking to offer a solution for how the recovery could be done. So stay tuned, we should be sharing more on this soon. 

Danielius: I think we are very close to solving this problem as the Web3 community in general, and we'll be looking forward to what you will come with. 

Q2: If I use login with my Unstoppable Domain, what personal details I would be sharing?

Sajjad: When you connect via a wallet to an application, you are giving permission to your wallet address. When you log in to Unstoppable Domains, you permission that, but you can also permission other records that are linked to your domain. 

You have the option of sharing some of your data that will be within your control to share. For example, you can choose to share or not share a particular e-mail, location, or even an NFT collection with a dApp. You can permit them to the dApp as you wish. That’s the idea when it comes to login and sharing data. 

Q3: What is Unstoppable Domains’ plan for monetization? 

Sajjad: I think that's something that we think about of how to benefit the community with more features and what new features should be freely available. What could be optional services that the community benefits from? Stay tuned. I think you'll see more from us. 

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