What is BitDegree? The Complete Guide on BitDegree

If you are looking for a place to learn new skills, read something, you could have came upon BitDegree platform. What is BitDegree – you might ask. Is it a place to read articles, or to learn something? Is it a crypto or education website? Well, you've come to the right place as everything will be answered right here.

Short Overview

BitDegree, started from the ICO in 2017, is an online educational platform that focuses on teaching digital skills. BitDegree is aiming to connect teachers/students and employers in a mutually beneficial fashion and focuses on teaching such digital skills as programming languages/web development/business/game development/machine learning and others. BitDegree uses blockchain technology to record educational achievements and enable anyone to issue cryptocurrency-based scholarships to the learners.

BitDegree courses page

One of the primary goals of BitDegree is to teach people job-applicable skills like programming, web developing, graphic design, online marketing and reward them for their time while they learn with tokens. Later, directly connect them with an employer who's looking for talented employees. A more detailed vision for the future of BitDegree is outlined in a piece of documentation known as a white-paper: it's a long read, but will do a great job at answering "what is BitDegree?". Alternatively, you can check out the video below.


What is BitDegree: The Problems BDG Solves

Universities are far behind the job-market

Universities are failing to teach job-applicable skills and the gap between what universities teach and what is required by employers is constantly widening. That is why BitDegree is looking to close this gap by connecting learners directly with employers based on what's currently required in the job market.

What is BitDegree doing to solve this? Employers can sponsor learners or collaborate with BitDegree and create courses tailored to the position they require. How? Well, the companies reach out, we make a course and test together and show it on our scholarship page to attract people to want to start their career in tech a little easier. Employers can cut down on hiring costs and narrow their talent search. So, if anyone asks you "what is BitDegree?" you can tell them it's a way to connect students and employers.

Tech talent acquisition is expensive

The tech industry is expanding rapidly and there's a constant need for employees that can work tech-related jobs. Jobvite research states that HR professionals express that finding tech talent is becoming increasingly difficult, and up to 65% of talent recruiters claim that talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring. It's a well-known fact, that the key to any successful tech company is the talent it manages to attract. Even though IT and tech industry workers earn increasingly higher salaries, it has proved that this incentive is no longer enough to find the best employees that are loyal to the company.

What is BitDegree doing to solve this? We provide company approved scholarships that allow companies to specify and create courses that would attract potential employees who don't yet have the required knowledge. After finishing the course, the learners are gathered in a pool and the company can choose motivated candidates that would suit them best. Companies can also become partners to explore more ways of finding the true talent they need.

Poor online course completion rates

People learning online lose motivation - fast. One of the ways to increase student retention rates is to use gamification during their studies. And, it's possible to make learning interesting by incorporating a lot of small incentives. By using gamification, it's possible to capture the students' attention at the start of their studies and retain their attention throughout the whole process. Gamification and incentives can help combat low concentration and increase the effects of learning. According to the Pew Research Center and Elon University, 53% of respondents were confident that gamification will take over all areas of life by 2020. Other studies raise the point that digital learning will replace printed textbooks within the upcoming 10 years.

What is BitDegree doing to solve this? We have partnered up with Vilnius University to research what motivates students to enroll and finish courses. You can read more about the ongoing research in this blog post. But we didn't stop here: we have partnered up with the Octalysis group to research various gamification techniques that we can implement to keep users motivated and ready to learn more. Read here about the ongoing project.

Education is expensive

The price of education is constantly growing. A large portion of the population has to divide their time between studying or working. However, this still leaves people with huge amounts of debt. The high price of education combined with the lack of incentives result in people losing motivation and dropping their studies. More often than not people need an extra push to unlock their full potential.

What is BitDegree doing to solve this? We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to educate themselves, that is why the BitDegree price model focuses on affordable and quality education for the masses.

We also offer a range of free courses, some of which you can find in our Free Certifications page. If you can't find a course you want for free and you don't have the funds to buy a paid one, BitDegree also offers micro-scholarships for online students. This is an opportunity to try your luck in getting paid to learn: you apply, fill in all of the details why a specific BitDegree course is important for your education, and then you might get a company (or a peer) interested enough to fund your micro-education (you can find a tutorial describing the whole process here). Who are these generous sponsors? Currently it's a few big companies that are always on the lookout for tech talent and who believe in affordable education just like us. If you are such company and want to create corporate scholarships for online students, be sure to check out this page for more information.

BitDegree Platform Benefits

BitDegree Development after ICO

With a rapid development cycle, the team has started working on launching the platform, developing the first courses and establishing ourselves as an educational powerhouse as soon as the ICO finished. In 2 years the BitDegree team has managed to produce an incredible amount of content paired with a working platform and a versatile payment system.

Interactive Solidity Course by BitDegree - Space Doggos

Only 2 months after their ICO, on March 2nd, 2018 the BitDegree team released our first gamified interactive course called Space Doggos. What is BitDegree Space Doggos? Well, Space Doggos is a course aimed to introduce people to Solidity in a fun and interactive way. The course was a massive success with thousands of students enrolled within the first days of release.

You can try out the Space Doggos course here!

Space Doggos Course

And now there's the second part of the Space Doggos course oriented to those, who want to learn HTML and CSS. If you want to see more of our adorable Doggo, be sure to try out this course as well.

BitDegree Learn

One of the oldest BitDegree project – BitDegree Learn got updated: there are more topics to explore and more code examples to try out.

BitDegree learn

We've also opened Code Playground in which you can see various public code examples and post yours to show it to the world!

BitDegree Tutorials

BitDegree consistently publishes informative tutorials about blockchain and various IT topics. In only the first 4 months of their launch, 165 tutorials were published and BitDegree has secured their spot as a significant player in the cryptocurrency education space. BitDegree aimed to educate people about different cryptocurrency types, blockchain applications, the differences between various projects. In June 2018 BitDegree Tutorials were recognized as the TOP 4 most significant blockchain educator just behind BTCWires, Reddit, and Google News according to Feedspot.

what is bitdegree tutorials

Currently the tutorials are more aiming towards education: here you can read about various programming languages, the novelties of IT world and tips on how to start a career in the IT sector.

BitDegee Course Platform

So, what is BitDegree without any courses? That's why the BitDegree learning platform went live on March 30th, 2018. Finally, students were able to create their profiles and start learning programming/business/design/social media management and other digital skills.

Following the platform release, BitDegree worked on creating and publishing courses that were created by famous course tutors and also internal teachers/designers/programmers and writers. During this time we have created 13 interactive courses!

  1. Space Doggos - learn the basics of Solidity.
  2. Space Doggos 2 - learn HTML & CSS programming.
  3. Advanced Solidity Course - learn advanced Solidity programming & create a smart-contract.
  4. SQL Course - learn SQL & database interactions.
  5. PHP Course - learn basic PHP programming.
  6. Javascript course - learn basic javascript programming.
  7. Responsive Web Design course - learn to develop for tablet/mobile devices.
  8. Bootstrap course - learn bootstrap 4 and how to utilize bootstrap while developing.
  9. jQuery course - learn how to use jQuery events.
  10. Python course - learn Python's basic syntax by coding yourself.
  11. Java course - learn to write Java code easily.
  12. PHP Facebook Messenger Bot course - a bit more complex, but you will surely get the hang of it quickly.
  13. Bootstrap and PHP blog tutorial - learn how to create your own blog from scratch.

But we haven't been busy only with courses. Together with Octalysis we have teamed up to offer our learners the best possible experience and started applying gamification principles to the platform. Now as you learn courses, complete daily streaks, you can see parts of BitDegree city opening up to you, get XP, badges, puzzle pieces, tokens that you can use later for discounts and more. Just look at the updated profile page!

bitdegree user profile

BitDegree Learning Paths

We understand that sometimes, in the abundance of courses, it can be hard to choose where to start. So for those, who already know what career path they want to pursue, we have created learning paths. We have 6 learning paths at the moment:

  1. Full-stack Developer;
  2. Data Scientist;
  3. Back-end Developer;
  4. Front-end Developer;
  5. Android Developer;
  6. PHP Developer.

bitdegree learning paths

The best thing about these learning paths: you can find all of the needed materials in one place. So in one glance you can see how many and what kind of courses you should take to achieve your dream career. Read our blog post to know more about them.

Scholarships for Online Students

Seeing that education is getting more expensive and that hinders needy students' motivation to learn, BitDegree decided to do something about it. So in August 2020 BitDegree launched a new platform where students can apply for small scholarships. How does this work? BitDegree is promoting this project and finds possible sponsors - either companies, or more financially stable peers, who are willing to sponsor the needy students. You can read all about it here, and in case you're the one who wants to be sponsored, here's the application form.

bitdegree scholarships for online classes

BitDegree Statistics Post-ICO

The BitDegree platform gained a lot of user interest. Here are the statistics for BitDegree as of January, 2020.

  • The platform has 588,262 students.
  • 252 teachers have their courses on BitDegree.
  • More than 700 online courses have been published on the BitDegree platform.
  • BitDegree platform and tutorials are translated into 8 languages: French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.
  • BitDegree already among TOP 7 educational EdTech companies based on web traffic.
  • BitDegree won the EdTechX Startup Super League award. BitDegree got recognized as the company most likely to change the future of work.
  • We became the semi-finalists of Global EdTech Startup Awards for Blockchain in Education Use.
  • BitDegree was recognized as one of the five best Education & Learning solutions by UN World Summit Awards.

What is BitDegree: The Team

The BitDegree project conceived and piloted by just a couple of critical people. To fully answer "what is BitDegree" and understand why this project became so successful, take a look at the BitDegree co-founders and their motivations.

What is BitDegree CEO Andrius Putna
Andrius Putna
With over 11 years in software engineering, Andrius become an early blockchain advocate. He's the person behind the success of 000webhost - the world’s first and largest free cloud hosting platform designed for learning, testing, and experimenting. Furthermore, he worked as a Hostinger product architect so no wonder that he has a keen eye on BitDegree's platform development.


What is BitDegree CBO Danielius Stasiulis
Danielius Stasiulis
Head of Startup Division at Civitta (7 years) - the leading management consulting firm in Eastern Europe. Advised 300+ startups and worked with many startup programs, including Berkeley Skydeck in Silicon Valley. He focuses on ICO and blockchain-based business models and always offers new ideas where BitDegree should focus on.


What is BitDegree CLO Ervinas Rimdeika
Ervinas Rimdeika
Ervinas is a FinTech fan and has extensive practice in related fields of corporate, intellectual property and business transaction law questions as well. We especially value Ervinas for his in-depth legal knowledge, critical and strategic thinking, a detailed analysis of the problems as well as a rational approach.


What is BitDegree COO Rio Asatiani
Rio Asatiani
With more than 14 years of experience in effective customer acquisition, working with new brands and startup launches, Rio is a growth-hacking guru and Google Certified Partner who led 000webhost and Hostinger to international success in more than 40 countries by attracting 29+ millions of new users. Rio has joined the BitDegree project having a strong vision for innovative acquisition channels and substantial experience in growth-hacking. Rio ensures the success of BitDegree on an international level.


But these people are not the only ones working on BitDegree and all of its projects. Just take a look at our Christmas celebration to see how many more faces have joined BitDegree since the ICO!

bitdegree team

Ready for Future Challenges

BitDegree is looking to revolutionize education by making learning exciting and rewarding. Focusing on such digital skills as programming/web development/business/game development and other digital skills BitDegree is a strong contender for the educational market.

With our unique business model that offers people on the platform to earn by studying,  as well as incentives for community collaboration on various problems, BitDegree is seeking to empower those who previously didn't have access to high-quality and affordable education or didn't have the time for it.

At the same time, BitDegree is creating a community where you're encouraged to help out other students or share your skill set and knowledge with the community. People all around the world can share their knowledge, earn BDG tokens and re-use them on learning other skills. So, how about you join us too?

What is BitDegree Revolutionizing education with blockchain

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Is Bitdegree certificate worth it?

BitDegree is definitely worth it. There is a broad variety of courses, especially if you want to go digital, the platform specializes in digital careers. Also, BitDegree is using gamification elements, therefore, you will never get bored of learning. The courses are for a good price, and some of them are even free. If you are not sure whether to use it or not, you can try the platform and get a certificate by completing a free course.

How can I get a scholarship on BitDegree?

If you cannot afford a course that you desire to learn you can apply to the BitDegree scholarship program. Explain how this course is crucial for your career, and maybe you will get a scholarship, that will help you work on your dream!

How do you choose which online course sites to review?

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How much research do you do before writing your e-learning reviews?

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