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Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Created by Jesse Powell, Kraken was made because he didn’t like how unsafe the previous cryptocurrency exchanges were. Therefore, safety is one of Kraken’s main concerns.

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Not only is it safe but it also comes with some other pros. It accepts multiple fiat currencies, which is quite important for beginner traders. Also, it offers low fees, so you minimize your spendings. All these perks make Kraken sound like a perfect exchange, however, there was a complaint about Kraken's customer support. 

Available Kraken Referral Codes

When it comes to trading crypto, you will need to invest a significant amount of money at the very beginning. That's because you have to spend first and only then expect to gain profit.

However, there are ways to save some money while doing that. What I’m talking about here is Kraken referral codes or Kraken referral links. Take a look at some of the available options:

  • Percentage-based discount
  • Special rewards 
  • Some free currency
  • etc. 

All Kraken Referral Codes

Trading crypto can be extremely fun. However, you’re likely to have fun only if you choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange and also manage to save some money on commission fees while trading. That’s exactly what Kraken referral links are for!

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Fees As Low As 0%

Get 0% Fees By Trading With Kraken

Join Kraken today & start trading with fees as low as 0%! Save money with one of the top-rated crypto exchanges on the market.

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Earn 20% Commission

By Inviting Friends to Kraken

Start earning crypto with Kraken referral program! Invite friends to join & get paid 20% of their fees as long as they keep trading on Kraken. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

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Start For Free

Join Kraken Today

Create your FREE Kraken account & start buying, selling & trading cryptocurrency on the world's most secure exchange.

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Recently Added Kraken Discount Codes & Deals

Browse the most popular collection of Kraken coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
Fees As Low As 0% Get 0% Fees By Trading With Kraken 23/03/2023 29/03/2023
Earn 20% Commission By Inviting Friends to Kraken 25/03/2023 29/03/2023
Start For Free Join Kraken Today 24/03/2023 29/03/2023

Expired Kraken Coupons

Here’s the log of our detected expired Kraken coupon codes.

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By Staking on Kraken - Black Friday Deal

Start staking with Kraken in just a couple of clicks and automatically earn rewards twice a week. Earn up to 23% on your crypto with this Kraken Black Friday offer!

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Limited-time Kraken Holiday Sale

Sign up now to Kraken & get 20% off as a bonus. Don't miss this chance to save on the top-rated exchange with this Kraken Holiday Sale deal.

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20% Sign-Up Bonus

For new Kraken Users

Start using Kraken today & receive a sweet 20% sign-up bonus when opening an account via our special Kraken referral link.

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Kraken Black Friday Offer

Sign up to Kraken now & get a Kraken Black Friday 20% bonus instantly! Choose this top-rated cryptocurrency exchnage and save big.

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Exceptional Kraken Referral Codes

When looking for Kraken referral codes you might notice that you usually have more than one option available. That means you have to choose which option you’re going to use. However, what if they all sound appealing to you? To help you decide, let’s check out the most popular deals that come together with Kraken referral links!

Percentage-Based Discounts

Percentage-Based Discounts

Who doesn’t love percentage-based discounts? I surely do. Using this Kraken referral code, you can get a discount on exchange fees. Simply apply the referral code and you’ll get the discount! The discounts might be as high as 50% or, in some cases, even higher, so make sure to not miss out on a deal like this!

Special Rewards

Special Rewards

When getting a reward you feel like you have worked hard for something and finally achieved it. However, in this case, you don’t really have to work at all, you simply have to enter the Kraken referral code and you can get a special reward. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then try it out if it’s available!

Some Free Cryptocurrency

Some Free Cryptocurrency

If you want to start trading, you first have to buy some cryptocurrency using your own money. However, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to invest anything and could start trading right away? I believe it would. Some Kraken referral codes offer just that. So, if it’s something you want, use this code.

Sign-up Reward

Sign-up Reward

What is a better way to make a user welcome to the platform than giving them a sign-up bonus? I can’t think of any. Fortunately, Kraken agrees with me and sometimes offers sign-up bonuses for new users who apply the Kraken referral code. Use it to get a gift for such a simple act like signing up!


Which Kraken referral code is the best?

Which Kraken referral code is the best depends on what you’re looking for. Some may say that a percentage-based discount for fees is the best thing, while others prefer to get a bonus while buying crypto. Carefully think about your priorities and choose one that suits your needs the best.

Can you get cryptocurrency for free on Kraken?

Although it is not guaranteed that you’ll get it, you might come across Kraken coupon codes that provide you with additional $ in cryptocurrency when buying a specific amount of crypto.

What kind of crypto deals are listed here?

You can find a variety of crypto deals on our site - coupons, discount codes, special offers, and so much more. Every crypto coupon code was hand-picked and is being regularly tested by our dedicated team of experts to make sure that there are no expired offers. That being said, you can be completely sure that you get what’s promised - the best crypto products for less.

Which crypto coupon code should I choose?

It completely depends on your personal needs. If you don’t have a secure cryptocurrency wallet you should check out percentage-based discounts for reliable hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor Model T. What is more, if you’re a new user, you should take advantage of signup bonuses and referral links and always take advantage of special holiday sales.

Can I use crypto coupon code more than once?

The majority of crypto coupon codes can be used only once. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of other attractive offers. Since we regularly update our crypto deals, you can come across new, exceptional deals every day. If you cannot decide which one to choose, simply apply them all!

Why is my coupon code not working?

Even though our team regularly checks all the coupon codes to make sure that they’re working, there’s a possibility that someone managed to snatch the last working coupon code from right under your nose and the deal is no longer available. If that’s the case, you can always find alternative offers that are just as attractive!