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10 Best Unity Tutorials For Beginners: Learn on BitDegree in 2024

Everything begins with an idea. To bring the idea to life, certain tools are needed. The idea of video games began to rise back in the 1950s when the computer scientists tried to create simple game simulation just for fun. A little more than fifty years later, The Unity game engine was released in 2005. Authors of the game engine believed in “democratizing” game development by making it accessible to more developers, therefore making the process easier. Since then, we can only notice the rise in the need for Unity tutorials.

Throughout the years since 2005, Unity launched 2.0 and 3.0 versions, which had many new features like detailed 3D environments, real-time dynamic shadows, automatic UV mapping, etc. and received a huge amount of developers' positive feedback which allowed them to keep ongoing.

To simplify the concept of the Unity Engine, it is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in Integrated Development Environment. Often considered as a similarity to the Unreal Engine, Unity Engine is widely considered as a more optimal choice for indie game developers since Unity is based off the MonoDevelop platform. Aspiring indie developers (independent video game developers) or any other kind of gamers that love to bring their game ideas to life, should take a look at some of the best Unity tutorials online. But first, what is the importance of the Unity Engine?

Importance of Unity

Back of the game controller

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A popular misconception about the Unity Engine is that it mainly revolves around creating only games on the PC platform. To make things clear, it includes platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and many, many more. No matter the budget or the background experience in coding and game development, the Unity Engine can be utilized by many aspiring game developers. It is no surprise that the majority of indie developers turned to Unity over the last few years.

The Unity Engine has been built by all kinds of developers, that have given exclusive attention to make it friendly for users with all skill levels. The rise in the use of the game engine can be seen clearly in Steam’s Greenlight Program, most of the games there have been made with the help of Unity. With the help of this software engine, individual game developers have more tools than ever to construct entertainment applications. The problem is, that with the rapidly evolving tools like Unity, there is a growing need for Unity tutorials and courses to make the process of game engineering even better for the newcomers.

Imagine this, you are a video game enthusiast who has a cutting-edge idea that will revolutionize the game industry as you know. It can be devastating trying to figure out how to bring your idea to life from scratch. Questions like “how do I start?” and “what am I supposed to do” might seem like a dead-end. Therefore, the best move you can make is to search for online courses, that will lead you along the way of the game making process.

The Best Unity Courses on BitDegree

Without any help, many of the revolutionizing applications would not exist. Not everyone is capable to afford costly studies at universities or technical institutes, and definitely, not everyone is born already knowing how to perfectly execute a video game idea.

BitDegree is an online education platform that focuses on teaching digital skills like programming, web developing, and, of course, game development. One of the primary goals of BitDegree is to teach people job-applicable skills that can be used later to successfully integrate yourself into the job market. That's why we not only have high quality courses, but also scholarships that can help you learn for free. You can find Unity tutorials among the many other courses that have been prepared by up-to-date instructors. The founders of BitDegree realize that universities are falling behind the job market the gap becomes bigger and bigger every year. Most university graduates lack practical skills that could be applied in a certain field of expertise.

Tech industry is expanding rapidly and it waits for no one, therefore let’s review the best Unity courses on the BitDegree platform.

Learn How to Make a 2D Game in Unity: A Color Switch Game For iOS

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 4 hours 16 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

The course is presented by Yohann Taieb, one of the leading teachers in mobile game programming. Mr. Taibet has worked for over ten years as an instructor in college and taught more than 50 thousand students. His share of experience led many students to publish successful applications.

The course on making a Unity 2D game guides the students through every aspect of the game development. It begins by explaining the fundamentals like how to create a Unity 2D project, what are the basics of programming. This is one of the Unity tutorials that explain every single element, so don’t worry if you have never seen or written a single code in your life. The tutor explains everything slowly and as clear as possible.

Following the steps of this course, you will also learn the basics of creating assets in Adobe Photoshop, how to fully operate Unity Engine (how to add special effects, options, features, etc.), and how to improve video effects.

The Make a 2D Unity Game course offers a possibility to learn how to build a professional game using the Unity Engine, how to draw your graphics, how to code logic yourself, and how to publish the game on app stores.

The course adds-up to more than six hours of learning the material, and has close to none requirements since it asks only for Windows, MAC OS, or Linux, and having Unity, Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

Unity 2D Tutorial: Learn to Create a 2D Game

BitDegree Unity tutorials' description

Duration: 4 hours 4 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

The second of our Unity tutorials list is the Learn to Create a 2D Game presented by Chris, who is an instructor who believes in teaching through video tutorials. The author of the course gathered all the needed information for the student to become a skilled and educated game developer. Chris has over 30 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and offers to have a taste of his educational methods right there.

The Unity 2D Tutorial covers all the steps on making the game. The course is split into 10 different sections that briefly explain the basics of Unity, MonoBehaviour scripts, scriptable objects, visuals, kinematic movement, making projectiles, and a lot more. Nonetheless, throughout the course, you will find out how to add, use and manipulate components on game objects, how to create on-demand AudioSources to play sounds and music, and how to create a stateful game that remembers where everything was when the player leaves the scenes and comes back. Of course, none of the Unity tutorials are that simple, so you will find a lot more topics covered by Chris in his footage.

To access the 4-hour learning material and to master building a 2D game with working physics, enemies, events, etc., you will need to have a 2018 version of Unity (or higher) and to have an image editing program to create and compose sprites. The author highly suggests having some basic knowledge of C# programming language, although it is not required.

Learn How to Make VR Games From Scratch: A Simple Unity VR Tutorial

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 44 hours 40 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

John Bura, the instructor of the Simple Unity VR Tutorial, is a well-known education instructor since 2011. Besides specializing in making Unity tutorials, Mr. Bura also owns a game development company called Mammoth Interactive. The company mainly revolves around working with huge companies, for example, Nickelodeon, and develop ad games on iPhones, iPads, Android, and HTML5.

In total, John Bura already taught more than 300 thousand students and developed around 50 games. Rest assured, that the instructor gives top-tier information on how to create digital art without any problems. The course is beginner-friendly, so do not worry if you find yourself having zero knowledge of coding. With the help of his game development colleague Glauco Pires, you will learn exactly how to code the mechanics and game environment in Unity from scratch.

The course offers a possibility to learn the C# programming language, how to create art assets for your games, how to create different 3D models and backgrounds, and, of course, how to create a 3D VR games.

The Unity VR tutorial in the 44-hour footage and 128 lessons guides the student through every crucial step of building games and only requires two completely free software programs - Unity 3D and Blender 3D.

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Ultimate Unity Voxel Tutorial: Build Incredible Voxel Art Environments

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

One of the other Unity tutorials by Yohann Taieb is the Ultimate Unity Voxel course. The entrepreneur exclusively offers to master the Unity Voxel and to learn how to find premade graphic assets like animated characters, clothes, weapons, lighting and camera effects.

For the newcomers to the game development, Unity is a great decision. It offers a robust free version with a user-friendly interface and a huge asset store. Almost just in an hour a half, the instructor briefly explains how to master the use of assets to spare some time while developing games.

The course contains 13 lessons that cover topics like downloading and importing assets, starting and expanding the village floor in Unity 5, designing, customizing and creating environmental features. The tutorial is suitable for people who do not have the artistic knowledge but still want to create beautiful video games.

To access the information provided by the instructor, you will only need to download and install Unity 5.

Make Your Own Game With Pixel Art Using the Unity Game Maker

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 13 hours 12 minutes

Skill Level: Advanced

Among our best Unity tutorials, there is another course presented by talented John Bura and his colleagues. This time, the Mammoth Interactive group invites to take lessons on how to create a game with pixel art using Unity Game Maker application. The course is presented to people that have zero programming experience and guides through every difficult point that requires coding knowledge.

It is hard to figure out how to create a video game on your own but with the right help, the process becomes a lot smoother. Through the course, the instructors will guide you on the fundamentals of C# programming language, how to master the Unity Game Engine, Adobe Photoshop, and MagicaVoxel. With this kind of help, you will learn how to create a game from scratch.

The course contains a step by step guide to master making pixel game stages, backgrounds, shooting mechanics and enemies. Also, one of the key factors to a good game is the mechanics of shooting and aiming, which will also be covered in learning material.

Learn how to be and think like a game designer with John Bura and his friends. To learn all this, you will only need to download and install Unity Game Engine 2017, Adobe Photoshop CC, and MagicaVoxel.

Complete Video Guide on The Unity Asset Store

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 58 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

The third course among Unity tutorials by Yohann Taieb is a Complete Video Guide on The Unity Asset Store. The Unity Asset Store is a great tool to master for any upcoming game developer out there. Art creation can be time-consuming especially when you are not an advanced graphic designer or you have zero knowledge on Adobe Photoshop. Unity Assets allow implementing pre-made graphic design solutions and save you tonnes of time and money.

The course explains how to become an ace in using the Unity Asset store, which offers animations for characters, animals, humanoids, robots, and every other creature that can be found in a 3D game. Besides that, the asset store contains many pre-made audio resources, environments, vehicles and other features. This can be found as free or paid on the platform.

The asset store is huge, therefore it is easy to get lost in it. The instructors offer you a guide on how to learn to take advantage of the platform and how to make your dream projects come true.

If you are passionate about video games and have a computer with an operating system - you are good to go.

Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

It is pretty clear by now that Yohann Taieb knows a lot when it comes to Unity tutorials, and he presents his fourth appearance in our best BitDegree Unity courses list. This course is a little bit broader since it explains the whole process of creating a game with Unity.

This tutorial was created to make an ultimate Unity game development course for absolute beginners who have never worked with a game engine. We already learned that Unity is very much user-friendly and its’ interface is pretty simple. The only thing you need to do is to download it and install it. As simple as it is, Unity still needs some explanations about its’ features and that’s where Mr. Taieb steps in.

The course goes through various techniques on game development and gives separate lessons on how to make the game look more professional. As the course progresses, you will learn how to manipulate game physics, and how to make the characters mimic real-life behavior. Of course, as the most Unity tutorials, you will have to learn some basic programming with C# but that is all covered smoothly by the instructor.

It doesn’t get easier to start learning - just have a computer with an operating system.

Unity Database Interaction: The Ultimate PHP & MySQL Course

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 3 hours 57 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

Making his fifth appearance on our list, Yohann Taieb presents a Unity Database Interaction course. This time, the course moves away from Unity Assets and C# programming language, and mainly revolves around PHP programming language and MySQL database management system.

As the instructor slowly and steadily explains learning material, in this course you will learn how Unity interacts with other systems. It provides all the essential information about MySQL, PHP, and Unity for authentication purposes.

Unlike the other Unity tutorials, this course focuses on the database. The database is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to game development. Learning SQL and PHP might seem confusing at first, but have no worries - the instructor will cover every aspect of it. When you’re done with the basics of MySQL and PHP, you will learn how to build a professional backend layer to store and retrieve data for your video game on Unity. You will also be able to understand how to use PHP and MySQL as a Solid Data Layer to communicate with Unity.

Although it would be useful to have some basic understanding of Unity, it is not necessary. The most important thing is to have a computer with an operating system and the Unity Game Engine installed on it.

Learn Unity: Build 2D and 3D Games Easily

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 44 hours 44 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

As we are approaching the end of our Unity tutorials list, we have yet another representation of John Bura’s company - Mammoth interactive. The course on how to build 2D and 3D games is more of a practical exercise according to the authors. The reason why the authors say so is that the course is mainly project-based. The footage is created for students who want to learn practical skills and apply them to possible job offerings

The course contains over 44-hours of video material that is split into 118 lessons. Each section of the course teaches how to make a different game which can be a 2D or 3D model.
After this course, you will be able to fully operate Unity and create a portfolio for your future. The instructors believe that the Learn Unity course also provides a possibility to learn to code and game development a fun way.

Build 2D and 3D Games Easily tutorial recommends to have some basic understanding of C# programming language and a computer that can run Unity.

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How to Apply Math in Video Games: Complete Video Guide

BitDegree Unity tutorials' brief description

Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

The last, but not least among our Unity tutorials are presented by none other than the Yohann Taieb. A game development guru presents an easy to follow Unity 3D Math tutorial that can be finished in no time. Although this course is pretty short, the information in it is priceless.

Without wasting any time, the instructor gives only the crucial information that can be applied in practical tasks. Furthermore, the course is made by the trial-by-doing model and instead of listening to the information, you try it out in the Unity 3D engine.

The course mainly revolves around applying maths in video game development. The math in video games is more important than you think. By knowing it, you can make your life as a game developer much easier and expand your capabilities on a lot more different projects. Mathematics can highly increase shooter-type-game quality for calculating throwing projectiles, bullet angles, and much more.

How to Apply Math in Video Games course is a bit different among the BitDegree Unity tutorials since it mainly focuses on one thing. The tutorial is split into 13 lessons that consist of topics like 2D coordinate system, distance calculations, computing 3D distance. Besides that, you will learn about jumping vs gravity, motion, speed, frame-per-second and other essential game elements that can be found everywhere.

To start the course it is advised to have some basic math knowledge, a working computer with an operating system, and some Unity experience (not mandatory).


These are the courses concerning Unity Game Engine for beginners:

  1. Learn How to Make a 2D Game in Unity: A Color Switch Game For iOS
  2. Unity 2D Tutorial: Learn to Create a 2D Game
  3. Learn How to Make VR Games From Scratch: A Simple Unity VR Tutorial
  4. Ultimate Unity Voxel Tutorial: Build Incredible Voxel Art Environments
  5. Make Your Own Game With Pixel Art Using the Unity Game Maker
  6. Complete Video Guide on The Unity Asset Store
  7. Beginner Guide to How to Make a Game with Unity
  8. Unity Database Interaction: The Ultimate PHP & MySQL Course
  9. Learn Unity: Build 2D and 3D Games Easily
  10. How to Apply Math in Video Games: Complete Video Guide


It is safe to say that there are more than enough Unity tutorials to choose from on BitDegree. Arguably, Unity Game Engine is one of the most popular game development tools out there. Choose the right one for you and begin your game development journey today.

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