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What Will I Learn?

  • Building 3D VR Games in Unity
  • 3d Modelling and Art Creation in Blender
  • Thinking like a Programmer
  • Understanding Game Design
  • Coding in C#


Virtual reality is a fascinating and fast-growing industry. Some people say that VR is the future of entertainment. If you would like to join the VR community as a developer, this is your chance! After completing this Unity VR tutorial, you'll have a solid understanding of how to make a virtual reality game all by yourself.

VR Programming from Scratch

Even if you have no experience with coding or digital art you will be able to follow this course without any problems. This Unity VR tutorial will teach you how to create multiple simple virtual reality games from the ground up. Two excellent instructors will explain every detail of the process from the very basics to some more intricate features.

Game developer Glauco Pires will guide you trough Unity programming in C#. With his help, you'll learn exactly how to code the mechanics and game environment in Unity from scratch. Unity programming might seem like a daunting task, but with Glauco's help, you'll have no problem mastering the most fundamental basics. And the best part is that you'll instantly see the results!

Learn Every Aspect of VR Games Developments

After the first part, of this Unity VR tutorial, game designer Kevin Liao will show you how to create art assets for your games. You'll learn how to create different 3D models and backgrounds and so on. After that Glauco will take over again. He'll teach you how to integrate your fantastic art from Blender to Unity and explain how to polish the game thoroughly before adding it to your portfolio.

This Unity VR tutorial guides you through all the crucial steps of virtual reality games' development. It's essential to understand all aspects of this process if you want to be successful and increase your chances to get hired. Game development usually requires a team of people. If you have knowledge in different fields, you have more opportunities to become a valuable member and even the leader of this group.

Virtual Reality Has a Bright Future

You could hardly find a person who hasn't heard the term VR by now. The industry keeps on growing and shows no signs of stopping in the near future. Since VR headsets now can be acquired for a fairly reasonable price the interest in virtual reality keeps on increasing! VR technology development had a rocky start and used to be very expensive. However, now VR headset prices vary from 5 to 1500 US dollars.

Since more and more people get involved in VR entertainment, the market for developers is also growing rapidly. Making your own games is the best way to get noticed by possible employers and join this exciting industry. After you finish this Unity VR tutorial, you'll have over 20 new virtual reality games in your portfolio!

A lot of huge game companies are now creating VR projects one after another. Some top-rated video games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim already have their VR versions created. And of course, new original games like Lone Echo and The Invisible Hours continuously get developed and released.

Develop for a Broad Audience

Unity is the most popular engine for the development of VR games. By creating a virtual reality game using Unity, you have a solid chance of reaching a wider audience since it supports many different platforms. Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, Playstation VR, Gear VR, Steam VR/Vive, and Google’s Daydream View are all part of that list. Unity offers high frame rates and built-in support for many platform-specific features even in the free version. Also, Unity has a brilliant asset store that can make your development process faster and less complicated. That's the reason why this tutorial teaches you how to make a VR game using Unity.

If you would like to become a game developer one day, this Unity VR tutorial is an exciting way to get a head start. Moreover, you learn the basics while having fun and gaining hands-on experience. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and let's get started!


  • Unity 3D 5.4.3f1 (Free)
  • Blender 3D (Free)


Section 1: Unity VR tutorial 02:22
Section 5: Cup and Ball 1:51:49
Section 6: Bowling 2:14:30
Section 7: Basketball 2:21:16
Section 8: Christmas gifts 1:48:08
Section 9: Spaceship 45:17
Section 10: Baseball 2:46:12
Section 11: Genius 1:31:21
Section 12: Clay shooting 2:02:18
Section 13: Fruit ninja 1:58:56
Section 14: Flappy bird 1:51:34
Section 15: Ghost 43:29
Section 16: Cannonball 1:23:47
Section 17: Train 2:45:01
Section 18: Simple First Person Shooter 1:17:56
Section 19: Escape the room 15:44
Section 20: Forest Search 3:16:37
Section 21: Kart 1:27:07
Section 22: Hide and Seek 1:13:05
Section 23: Tic-tac-toe 2:03:23
Section 24: Extra material

About the Instructor

John Bura

Web/App/Game Developer
  • 4.5 Average Rating
  • 806 Reviews
  • 6,544 Students
  • 16

John Bura is a well-known education instructor since 2011. He has over 20 years of programming experience and 15 years of teaching experience. John Bura also owns game development company called Mammoth Interactive. They focus on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, ad game development for such companies like Nickelodeon. John is also providing consulting services on game and level design, programming and project management. In total, John and his company has taught over 300,000 students and developed around 50 games which reached top 10 in the app store.


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