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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand Importance of Math in Video Games
  • Learn to Apply Math in Your Video Games
  • Build Better Video Games by Using More Complex Systems
  • Give Yourself Confidence by Understanding What You're Doing when Building a Video Game.


Take this chance to learn the basics of how you can use your knowledge of math in video games development. This is a quick and easy to follow Unity 3D tutorial that you can finish in under 2 hours. The course is short but very informative. It's focused on teaching you all the essential fundamentals without wasting your time. Furthermore, you learn by trying out all of the concepts in Unity 3D engine instead of doing tedious, repetitive tasks or just listening. It's a win-win kind of situation.

Achieve Your Full Potential

Understanding math in video games can make your life as a developer a lot easier and help you create more exciting projects. Afterall, mathematics is an inseparable part of any game that allows players to throw projectiles, fire bullets and have enemies with artificial intelligence and the list goes on. Any way you put it, math is almost always needed while making video games.

This course will teach you different ways of applying math in video games to help you build Unity 3D games. You'll learn to calculate the player's position, keeping track of the object coordinates, estimate distances between objects and players, determine the respawn times and keep track of the player score.

Start at the Beginning and Learn From an Expert

This course is split into short and engaging video lessons. Therefore it's easy to follow and understand the information. Every step of the way is explained slowly and carefully. If math isn't your strong suit, don't worry, you'll still be able to learn from this Unity 2D tutorial without a problem. Many people hate learning mathematics in school or university because it seems complicated and boring when you can't see results of your work. This course makes it fun and exciting by applying all theoretical concepts in Unity.

You'll be learning from an accomplished instructor Yohann Taieb. He's a Unity developer himself with over 100 published mobile apps and games under his belt. Yohann has been teaching students for more than ten years. His Unity 2d tutorials have helped thousands of students to publish their own projects to Google Play and iTunes apps store. You can find many Yohann's tutorials on BitDegree. He knows all ins and out of Unity 3D games and now you can learn them too by finishing this course.

Understand How Video Games Work

This guide explains math in video games in Unity game engine since it's easy to use and learn for a beginner. Unity's interface is user-friendly and you can find many great tutorials helping you to learn Unity on BitDegree! Furthermore, Unity has a powerful free version that you can use to complete all of the course. And since Unity is the most popular game engine in the world, learning how to use it can instantly kickstart your career in video games industry.

Same as math, video games wouldn't work without some rules implemented. To be even more precise, video games wouldn't function without some mathematical rules. For example, without math in video games, Mario would never land down after jumping up and bullets would fly in random directions in shooter games. This course will explain how to use math in your games, so you would never have to deal with problems like that.

Complete this course and learn how to apply math in video games. Take your game to the next level by basing your decisions on mathematics. You will learn how to make more complete games. Start your journey to becoming a master game developer now!


  • Download and Install Unity
  • Have Basic Math Knowledge
  • A Little Experience with Unity Helps but Is Not Mandatory


Section 1: How to Apply Math in Video Games: Complete Video Guide 1:14:04
  • 2D coordinate system
Section 2: Extra material

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Yohann Taieb

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Yohann Taieb is one of the leading teachers in mobile game programming. Yohann has been a College instructor for over ten years. He has a unique style. Yohann has enabled more than 50000 students to publish their apps and reach the top spots
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