A Comprehensive Coinpayments Review

coinpayments review logoToday, there are plenty of wallets to choose from when you’re searching for a place to store your cryptos. But with such a huge variety to pick from, it may become difficult to select the right one. Different people have different wants and needs, and not every single wallet will fit everyone. That’s why more and more people turn to online reviews to look for the best possible wallet for them. So in this Coinpayments review, I want to tell you all about the Coinpayments wallet and its features.

I’ll tell you about the company behind the wallet, it’s history and goals. After that, we’ll move on to the actual wallet review - talk about the pros and cons, available features and so on.

Even though the site is well-known for being a trading platform, in this Coinpayments review we’ll focus mostly on the wallet.

The Company

Coinpayments, Inc. is a company that specializes in cryptocurrency payments and transactions. The company created the site coinpayments.net, which is both a crypto trading platform and a digital currency storing wallet.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. It’s business model mainly targets potential investors and cryptocurrency traders. The company aims to attract these people by offering a flat fee of 0,5% - this means that whenever you buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies, 0,5% of the sum is taken as a tax by the company.

I will talk about this more extensively in the chapters ahead, but it’s worth mentioning now that Coinpayments’ fees are a big part of the discussion surrounding the company and the platform. It is also a strategic business plan by the establishment itself.

Coinpayments strives to become the leading trading and crypto exchange platform in the world, along with achieving the status of the most popular cryptocurrency storing wallet out there. The platform offers a lot of features to back these aims up - let’s cover them next in this Coinpayments review.

Coinpayments Features

One of the things that the company is very proud of is its assortment of features. A lot of online Coinpayments wallet reviews emphasize this fact as one of the leading reasons for the platform’s success. Let’s take a closer look at the individual features that the Coinpayments offer.

App Version of the Wallet

Coinpayments is generally an online wallet and trading platform, but it is also available as a mobile app.

The app is considered to be well-optimized and easy to use. It allows you to access your wallet, perform transactions (buy, sell and trade) and accept payments in person.

Because the Coinpayments wallet is primarily an online one, you would think that the mobile version of it won’t be that functional or, well… that good. But according to user Coinpayments, reviews found online, the mobile version of the wallet is actually pretty good and works perfectly.

The mobile version of the Coinpayments wallet is available on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Altcoins Everywhere

Probably one of the most acclaimed features that Coinpayments offers (and that no Coinpayments review forgets to mention) are the number of altcoins that the company accepts and offers to its users.

Before I reveal the magic number, it would probably be a good idea to tell you what an altcoin is.

Altcoins are all the different cryptocurrency coins in the market that are not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered to be *the* original coin - a staple of cryptocurrencies. All of the other cryptos that entered existence (and the market) after it is given the name “altcoins”. “Alt” simply means alternative.

To give you an idea of the number of altcoins that are currently circulating the market, I want you to, first of all, guess a number in your head. What do you think - how many altcoins are there right now? Continue reading this Coinpayments review only when you think of a specific number!

Got your number? Good.

As of writing this tutorial, there are currently 1658 crypto coins in the world.

Now, why is Coinpayments noteworthy in this scenario?

Because, at present time, the site supports a wapping 1015 cryptocurrencies. And this number is constantly increasing.

coinpayments review

This is, without a doubt, one of the strongest and most notable features that Coinpayments has. As I’ve said, all of the Coinpayments reviews online emphasize this fact - and for good reason! This is an astonishing number - a lot of people try to avoid Bitcoin and are more interested in other, lesser-known cryptocurrencies. Coinpayments allows it’s users to not only have a huge variety of crypto coins in their wallet but to also easily swap and exchange them - there’s no need for long waiting periods or tedious confirmation processes.

BitGo Instant

BitGo Instant is a software that’s integrated into the Coinpayments system. It’s a special type of a program that makes the processes that happen within Coinpayments a lot easier and faster.

It is no secret that Bitcoin transaction rates are pretty slow - on a bad day, it can take up to a few solid hours until your payment or exchange is confirmed. This is due to a couple of reasons, but the main one is security (one could make a whole separate Coinpayments review on this alone).

coinpayments review features

You see, to keep the Bitcoin-based transactions safe and anonymous, each sale, purchase or exchange that you make with the coin generally has to be verified by the blockchain. This is great in theory, but it tends to be a very slow process. This is where BitGo Instant comes in.

The software allows you to perform transactions in almost a blink of an eye. As soon as the system receives a receipt, the transaction is verified and completed. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t sacrifice any security or anonymity - BitGo simply smoothens out the process and makes it more fluid.

The Vault

If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter, you probably remember the Gringotts Wizarding bank from the first movie. Think about all of the different obstacles, chains, and locks that Harry had to bypass to access the vault. Now, imagine that he didn’t find the Philosophers Stone in the vault, but rather a huge stash of crypto coins.

That would be the exact scenario if Harry attempted to access the Coinpayments vaults, except that they aren’t accessible - physically, at least.

The Coinpayments vaults are a feature that allows users to store their cryptocurrencies into a super-secure online database. What’s special about this database is that once the coins are stored within it, you can set a time for which they won’t be accessible by any means. This becomes like a treasure hidden within a vault - there is no possible way to break into the database.

Since people kept on asking “is Coinpayments safe?”, this option was introduced as a preventive mechanism. In case of a hacking attempt or a security breach, the culprits couldn’t steal whatever amount of cryptocurrencies that users would have stored in the vault because it would require for a specific period to pass.

It should be noted, though, that this is proven in a real-time scenario. I’ll talk about this more extensively later on, but Coinpayments has had a security breach - needles to say, it didn’t do the company's reputation justice. But more on this topic in later chapters.


One of the most unique features that Coinpayments offers is called “Pay-by-Name”.

A lot of Coinpayments reviews explain this feature in many different ways, but probably the clearest one out of the possible explanations is a fingerprint comparison.

Just like every single person in this world has a unique fingerprint, Coinpayments offers it’s users the ability to create a unique and one-of-a-kind name tags. Once you have your name tag, you can use it to make quick and worry-free transactions.

Your tag would look something like this:


So, if, for example, your name is Tim, your tag would be $Tim. Simple, right?


Other than the available features, a lot of people often want to know about Coinpayments fees. I’ve already mentioned it while talking about the company itself, but a proper Coinpayments wallet review requires a designated section for this topic.

The fees that they charge are one of the main promotional tools that Coinpayments uses. They relentlessly advertise their flat 0,5% tax - when compared with other company fluctuating fees, this seems like a great deal, especially when you’re talking about bigger sums of crypto coins.

The Coinpayments fees start to differ only when we start talking about service fees, conversions, and withdrawals. These taxations depend on transaction rates and prices of the coins in question.

Is Coinpayments a Safe Platform?

We’ve covered some of the main features that the platform offers. What’s the next step in this Coinpayments review? Well, this is a Coinpayments wallet review after all, and when you’re picking your cryptocurrency wallet, one of the main criteria you’re going to want to be looking for is security.

So is Coinpaymments safe? I’ll present a certain specific event that occurred back in 2017, and let you be the judge.

During June 2017, hackers managed to break into the Coinpayments’ Ripple storing security databases. Huge amounts of Ripple were stolen from the users that held this coin. Naturally, the people that kept their XRP coins in vaults managed to avoid this hacking - however, others weren’t as fortunate.

Coinpayments issued a few statements as time went on, and in December of that same year (6 months after the breach occurred) managed to give back every single Ripple coin that was stolen to the people that were affected.

The team ensured their community that a situation like this wouldn’t happen again, but the reactions varied.

The biggest amount of people, however, seemed to be quite understanding. A lot of these Coinpayments users emphasize the fact of how well the company dealt with the situation and how transparent they were through ought the process of recovery. Sure, Coinpayments lost a lot of users and reputation because of this, but to say that this breach was detrimental to their future success would be a huge overstatement.

Other than this one event, Coinpayments truly do have a spotless track record. This is quite rare for companies as ambitious with their projects as this one. So, did you make a decision is Coinpayments safe?

Coinpayments Review Summary

Any good Coinpayments review requires bullet point-based summaries to be successful, right? Well, that’s just what I’m going to provide.

Coinpayments Pros:

  • Secure (despite that one event that we don’t talk about);
  • Supports more cryptocurrencies that you might ever need;
  • The fees are great;
  • Has vaults.

Coinpayments Cons:

  • The only real con that Coinpayments has is the break-in that happened back in 2017.

So is there a clear verdict when it comes to Coinpayments?

Honestly, if you manage to overlook (or simply forgive and forget) the infamous Ripple break-in, Coinpayments becomes a very interesting and awesome wallet. It offers a lot of interesting features, has stronger security measures than ever before and the team behind the company is highly motivated to keep on advancing the platform to new heights.

The features that I’ve presented in this Coinpayments review are just a few key ones out of many, many more. The team behind the company is adamant on building a multi-functional platform that would be the leading example of both cryptocurrency wallets and their trading platforms.


In this Coinpayments review, we have talked about the Coinpayments fees, features, security and the company behind it. I think it’s safe to think that you should have formed at least some sort of an opinion about the company and its services.

Is Coinpayments safe? It does seem so - now, at least. Does it offer a lot of awesome features? It sure does. Should you try it out? Most likely.

It’s not every day that you’ll find a crypto storing wallet that can house more than half of the different cryptocurrencies out there. Coinpayments’ Pay-by-Name feature makes it easy for you to perform transactions, while the vault does a great job of protecting your most valued assets (and that’s a proven fact!).

If you’re in search of a good and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, be sure to give Coinpayments a try! I hope this Coinpayments review was helpful and informative for you, and that it helped you to learn a bit more about Coinpayments, both as a company and a crypto coin storing wallet!

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