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10 Best Python Courses on BitDegree: Learn Online in 2024

Computers hold tremendous significance in the modern world of today. Whether you like it or not, PC’s have taken over almost every aspect of our lives - its’ importance cannot be denied in the corporate or business world, workplaces or our daily activities. On the other hand, computers would not have such an impact if it wasn’t for programming languages.

Programming languages are very valuable because they define the relationship between the person who is programming and the machine. PC programmers have a full understanding of how and why computer systems work. What is also important, is that they know what to expect from the system and are its limitations. Knowing the limits can be crucial when you try to maximize the use of applications you’re working on.

There are many programming languages out there but some are more beginner-friendly than others. Python was designed to easily understood by the newcomers of computer programming. In this tutorial, we will review some of the best Python courses on the BitDegree online platform, what kind of information you can receive, the levels, length, and prices (if the price is too high for you, you can apply for a scholarship).

Why Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is mostly used in a wide range of application compiling. In fact, it powers some of the most complex applications and websites in the world. It is a universal language between platforms.

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While it is a very high-level programming language, it is relatively easy to learn. Python translates a lot of complex procedures for its user, that is why it is considered to be a beginner-friendly language that allows the user to focus on learning without having to figure out other smaller problems that can be stressful.

Furthermore, Python does not have a specific rule set on how to build features. It is a flexible language that enables creativity in solving problems in different methods and does not require to compiled in advance in order to run, which makes easier to test small compilations. If you ever stumble upon a problem while learning from the best Python courses, just hop into the enormous community of its users, which will help you solve the programming riddles in no-time.

What are the top online Python courses on BitDegree?

BitDegree is an online education platform that helps to sky-rocket your knowledge base on most of the computer science-related subjects. The platform offers many courses on Python programming language, so let’s review some of the most loved ones.

Learn Python from scratch in one Python online course for beginners

Learn Python basics from scratch

  • Duration: 1h 47 minutes
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Among one of the best Python courses, the tutorial by instructor Nitin Tyagi is a step by step tutorial on Python programming that explains the vast possibilities of the language. The whole course is broken down into four sections that cover every aspect of learning Python from scratch.

In this tutorial, you will find a thorough explanation on how to install Python on Windows operating system, how to set up Python editor, and how to install Pytest Framework.

The second part will teach you how to start writing a basic script on the programming language. It will help to write the first code, explain how to take user input, standard data types, and what are variables on Python.

The third section is all about Condition Handling in Python. Conditions are very important since they help to write useful programs and it is always crucial to check the conditions and change the behavior of the program accordingly.

The final segment's goal is to fully explain what are Loops in this programming language. It breaks down an hour of information into 11 lectures that will easily build your knowledge on Python.

All in all, the course offers 25 lectures and a certificate after finishing it. You will learn the advanced level of Python scripting and how to use it in various ways. Be sure to have a basic understanding of how Windows Machine works before starting it.

Learn Python Basics: Up To Date Python Course For Beginners

Learn Python basics

  • Duration: 5h 11min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Another contender on the best python courses is the course on Python basics and it is brought by LearnToProgram organization which is a leading educator on mobile, web, and game development.

Learn Python Basics explains the fundamentals of the programming language and teaches how it works. The group of authors believes that one of the best ways to learn is through practice. The course offers plenty of practical examples to learn from.

Each of Python Basics course section begins by an explanation of what will be taught in it. The course starts at firstly explaining the Output mechanism, the print() function, Separators, and Newlines.
Carrying on, the course offers an in-depth view of variables, operators, code branching, loops, and math functions. The instructors did some great work making an easy, fast, and well-compiled tutorial that every important detail like Python string functions, tuples, and dictionaries, Pythons and time/date functions.

LearnToProgram's teacher's goal is to explain complex technical information to non-technical people. The course is set to beginner level, offers 63 lessons, and has an available certificate after finishing up. Learn Python Basics requires only basic IT literacy.

Full-Circle Python Web Development Course

Full-Circle Python Web Development Course

  • Duration: 6h 9min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Technology is what drives Stone River eLearning instructors, this is why the authors brought us one of the best Python courses out there. Python Web Development course's goal is to teach how to access and parse the website with the Python programming language.

In this course, instructors cover the most important aspects of web programming. It gives a good understanding of the tools that are crucial to building web-based programs. To make sure that no student falls behind, the instructors make everything very clear and start off very slowly so that the student would have a very strong foundation. The course goes through data analysis and explains how to manage databases in detail.

Full-Circle Python Web Development course goes through many details about the structure of the internet, explores the role of web servers, HTML and XML languages. The instructors give many practical examples. A few of them will be to create a website using HTML and later Python’s framework Flask.

The course is separated into 8 sections that consist of a total of 57 lessons through-out all programs. Stone River eLearning instructors have highly experienced since they already over a million students and taught more than 200 different courses. Python web development course only requires a computer that is powered by Windows, Linux, or iOS.

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Python Tutorial for Beginners to Build a Solid Foundation of Programming Concepts

Python course for beginners

  • Duration: 3h 10min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Another profound opponent among the best Python courses is brought by Stone River eLearning instructors is about Python basics that introduce the non-coders to the world of programming. The course provides deeply useful information on the programming language that produces a simple, versatile, and readable code.

Python Tutorial for Beginners takes the user through the installation process, teaches the principles of variables, loops, statements, and many more important things. Later on, when some basic foundations are laid down, the instructors give a profound look on functions, how to understand common errors, and how to work with files and classes.

The course consists of 7 sections that are broken down into 26 lessons. In more than 3 hours, the instructors equip the student with the most important basic knowledge that is used in programming.

The tutorial has close to none requirements since it needs only a computer with an operating system and the internet.

Python for Beginners: Start Coding

Python course for beginners: start coding!

  • Duration: 1h 53min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Another addition to the best Python courses is the “Start Coding” course that is brought by Ardit Sulce, an instructor who has a master's degree in Geospatial Technologies from the Institute of Geoinformatics at the German Munster University.

The Python for Beginners course begins with an introduction on what Python actually is. The general information is crucial to understanding the learning material that will be presented later on. After the projects for beginners, the course brings up more advanced tasks that will explain how to start writing Python programs.

Same as most of the other Python courses, Start Coding tutorial offers information on variables, strings, conditionals and functions, integers, floats. The instructor gives a comprehensive explanation of how to start working with files, how to create a real-world example, creating a KML file, and interacting with the user.

The course up to 2 hours on-demand videos that will not disappoint you.

Python Image Recognition: Hands-On Artificial Intelligence Course

Python course on image recognition

  • Duration: 5h 22min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

John Bura, the author of Python Image Recognition course, is a well-known instructor that already has more than 20 years of programming and 15 years of teaching experience. He brings us Hands-On Artificial Intelligence tutorial, a solid rival on the best Python courses, which is all about the basics of Python programming language and how to use TensorFlow.

TensorFlow is a free open-source software library for dataflow and differentiable programming with various range of tasks. It is used for machine learning, and it is used at production and research at Google. The tutorial will help to have a better understanding of how TensorFlow linear regression works and how to apply the principles of it on Python image recognition.

The whole course, differently than others, is segmented into only 3 sections that consist of 25 lessons. The first section is all about image recognition. It explains everything from the very beginning, starting on how to download the software, how to use Pycharm and other features that will be useful.

The second part is based on TensorFlow and its features. The course introduces the user to constant and operation nodes, placeholder nodes, variable nodes, and gives a thorough view of linear regression models.

The last part comes down to image recognition and how to work with the CIFAR-10 dataset. In conclusion, the course can seem intimidating at first but rest assured, it will lead you through every aspect to give the best learning experience.

Python at Super Human Speed: Introduction to Python by Sagar Bansal

Introduction on Python basics

  • Duration: 1h 52min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

On the list of the best Python courses, we have a tutorial for absolute beginners that was created by Sagar Bansal who the best selling Infosec author. According to MyTutorialRack, Sagar Bansai is called a top IT ninja. He considered a valuable addition to the world of computer science.

Python at Super Human Speed might be course is a beginner’s introduction to Python. The course requires absolutely nothing to know beforehand and has no requirements for the software. The author shares his widely known experience with the students and gives many real-life-based examples on how and where to use Python.

The course goes straight to the point and in a couple of hours tries to explain the most important features and basic usages of Python. Introduction to Python consists of 5 sections that break down into 11 lessons on how to set up the environment, understanding basics, how to create a program with a loop, and more.

Basics of Python: Learn to Code Today!

Basics of Python

  • Duration: 11h 37min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

The course by Mammoth Interactive was initiated to give a comprehensive and a contender to the best Python courses, which is one of the most in-demand programming languages. The authors believe, that this language is modern, relevant and profitable, so it is crucial to start learning it today.

The tutorial is one of the longest in our list because it consists of almost 12 hours of learning material and has 32 lessons overall. After finishing this tutorial the user will learn how to handle inputs, outputs, and errors. More importantly, the instructors will give a good explanation on how to use lists, loops, sets, and dictionaries in Python. At the end of this course, the tutors will explain how to create a functioning Blackjack game that will make the user see game creation from a different perspective.

Python course to become a highly in-demand programmer

Python course to become highly in-demand programmer

  • Duration: 2h 28min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Jason Cannon, the author of this course, created a specific online Python programming tutorial that will help to learn the language a lot quicker compared to university programs. His goal was to create one of the best Python courses for people to become wanted programmers in the labor market.

Jason Cannon is an author, consultant, and professional system administrator. His skills have been acknowledged in companies like Amazon, Xero, UPS, and Hewlett-Packard.

Throughout this course, the author shares his experience on how to learn various types of Python information, how to choose the right Python software, how to install and prepare your computer. Jason shares how to perform mathematical operations, how to study different text editors and development environments, what are modules, and many more. The course offers 62 lessons and like others, only requires a computer with a running operating system and students' motivation to study.

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Rapid Python Training for Beginners: A Quick Online Python Course

Rapid Python training for beginners

  • Duration: 57min
  • Skill Level: Beginner

The last, but definitely not least, is a rapid training course on Python by FLOOSTEC (Flood Of Software Technologies). The organization is known for providing software training and services. Their main objective is to provide high-quality skills and solutions in Software Technologies and how to help students become a professional developer in no-time.

The course provides 18 lessons in which students will learn about the use of Python, which can be web development, data analysis, machine learning, game development, artificial intelligence, and many more.

The reason why this online tutorial could be one of the best Python courses out there is that FLOOSTEC gives a thorough explanation of how Python works, how to write correct and clean codes. Lists, functions, sets, tuples, numeric types, operations, and all other kinds of Python functions are also involved in the course. The course also offers the possibility to learn how to create a Hello App and find out how it works. Differently, than others, Learning Python: Rapid Training requires a little bit of programming experience to make the learning process smoother, but on the other hand, it's fine to start learning it from scratch.

What Alternatives Can You Find?

Before we wrap up, let's take a quick look at some of the alternatives you can find for other best Python courses. After all, Python is one of the widest-used programming languages in the world, and given how easy it is to learn, you can find plenty of resources to keep growing your toolkit.

One great place to look is DataCamp. It's an online learning platform that specializes in gamified studying and offers more than 390 courses in data science and data analysis. Among these, you'll find a selection of career and skill tracks – series of courses that let you specialize in a specific field and work your way toward becoming an expert.

Table: Comparing DataCamp and BitDegree learning platforms

The DataCamp catalog offers a broad variety of Python courses, ranging from completely beginner-friendly to more advanced programming strategies. Introduction to Python, for example, is a free course that will teach you the fundamentals of this programming language. If you're looking for something more challenging, Object-Oriented Programming in Python might be what you need.

If you want to learn more about some of the best Python courses that DataCamp has to follow, you can find our guide here. What's important to remember is that your learning will never be completely done, and there are numerous new strategies and skills to explore.


TL;DR these are the best Python courses on BitDegree:

Python programming language has risen above the other like never before. Its’ elegant syntax and dynamic typing make it an ideal language for a script on many platforms and it is relatively easy to learn. It is a universal language that can be used widely in the computer science world and the demand of professional developers that speak this language is enormous.

Share your ideas about the programming language and tell us what are the best Python courses for you!

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Why should you learn Python?

Every aspiring programmer should know the Python language. Python is a general-purpose programming language that is mostly used in a wide range of application compiling and it powers some of the most complex applications and websites in the world.

Is it easy to learn Python?

Python is a high-level programming language, but it is pretty easy to learn it after choosing your course. This language translates a lot of complex procedures for its users and that is why it acts as a beginner-friendly language. Python allows the user to focus on learning without constantly paying attention to small details.

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