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What You Will Learn?

  • Learn to Write Real-World non-complex programs on Your Own
  • Learn to Write a complete Python Program that Takes User input, Processes and Outputs the Results
  • Learn to Create a Final Executable that Runs as a Standalone Program Both on Windows and Mac
  • Learn to Perform a Variety of Batch Operations
  • Learn to Quickly Set Up a Python Environment with its Associated Libraries



  • Working Computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
  • No previous Python Knowledge is Required


Section 1: Getting Started with Python 21:58
Section 2: Variables, Strings, Integers and Floats 12:08
Section 3: Conditionals and functions 07:15
Section 4: Sequences, collections and iterations 16:26
Section 5: Working with files 07:13
Section 6: Getting into the real world 30:43
Section 7: Making a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your script 14:58
Section 8: Creating an Executable File out of a Python Program 03:04

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Ardit received his master's degree in Geospatial Technologies from the Institute of Geoinformatics at the University of Muenster, Germany. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Geodetic Engineering.

Ardit offers his expertise in Python development on Upwork where he has worked with companies such as the Swiss in-Terra, Center for Conservation Geography, and Rapid Intelligence. He is the founder of PythonHow where the authors have written tutorials about the Python programming language.

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