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  • Learn the Essential Knowledge About Python


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Section 1: Introduction
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Section 4: Let's Push The Limits
Small Program with Loop
List - The Most Important Data Structure
Section 5: Finally...
Tuple – An Immutable List
Dictionary – The Massive Data Type



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Sagar Bansal is the best selling InfoSec author and India’s first accountable security mentor. He is also India's No. 1 security management YouTuber. On his channel, he is teaching people InfoSec and Ethical Hacking.

Sagar has lots of proofs of his experience and expertise, including CISSP, OSCP, LPT, CISA, CISM, and other certificates. He is experienced at working with multiple government projects including highly complex and confidential things.

Moreover, Sagar Bansal was recognized as a top 100 Cyber Geek when he was only 18, and later – as a top 200 Information Security Researcher. People say that he is one of the top experts and his courses on Ethical Hacking are among the best on the Planet.

On BitDegree, you have an opportunity to be guided by this amazing instructor to learn ethical hacking and Python. Sagar Bansal will teach you how to become an ethical hacker, how to set up a server from scratch and all the basics of Python programming language. So, choose the best course for yourself and start expanding your skills today.