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  • This course will introduce you to Python, and teach you everything you need to start writing your own programs and coding like a pro.


Python is an incredibly powerful coding language and is a great asset to have whether you are a beginner developer, or an accomplished IT professional looking to branch out. This course is aimed at beginners, although some knowledge of data science, IT and programming are helpful as well.

We will begin by introducing you to Python basics, teaching you how it works and what exactly it is used for. It is both popular and versatile, which means it is super in-demand and not a skill you will regret adding to your arsenal. It is used in all sorts of programs and applications, anything from making video games to powering Instagram.

Python is a great first coding language to learn because of its versatility, but also because of how much it resembles English. It means that you can learn it fast, and you will not have to dedicate too much time learning specific and complicated commands.

Python has been around since the 80’s, but that does not mean it is out of date. In fact, it has improved with time. Since it has been around for so long, there are huge open-source online libraries where you will find programs and snippets of code, which you can then use as a foundation for your programs. It means that you can get to work on your applications and projects as soon as you start learning the language. If you would like to add a powerful and useful programming language to your toolbox, this is a great place to start and learn Python basics. Enroll and start learning Python today!


  • IT Literacy


Section 1: Learn Python Basics: Up To Date Python Course For Beginners 15:40
Section 2: Output 00:42
Section 3: Variables 01:05
Section 4: Operators 06:10
Section 5: Code Branching 00:57
Section 6: Loops 26:13
Section 7: Math Functions 15:45
Section 8: Python String Functions 14:21
Section 9: Tuples and Dictionaries 40:01
Section 10: Time and Date 12:46
Section 11: Python Functions 41:53
Section 12: Input/Output 24:44
Section 13: More with Python 20:22

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