• Completely decentralized
  • Based on Secret Network (data privacy)
  • Auditable smart contracts
  • A unique way to safeguard your crypto
  • A native utility token (SERSH)
  • A doxed team


  • Still in its early stages of development

What is Serenity Shield?

Serenity Shield is, admittedly, a very unique project with an even more unique value proposition. In order to understand it fully, though, you’ll need some background information on cryptocurrency wallets, and a certain struggle that they come equipped with.

If you’re a cryptocurrency hodler, chances are that you have a dedicated wallet where you keep all of your coins and tokens. Whether it’s a hot wallet (browser extension, desktop app) or a cold one (hardware crypto wallets), it doesn’t really matter - in many cases, storing your cryptos in a dedicated wallet is a better idea than keeping them in your exchange account.

Serenity Shield review: new era of digital protection.

User Serenity Shield reviews might often mention something called a “security phrase”. What this refers to is a secret phrase (usually a string of around 24 random words) that is like your ultimate fail-safe, if you lose access to your wallet.

Essentially, secret phrases should be written down and kept in the safest place you can think of. If someone would be able to access your secret wallet phrase, they could steal all of your cryptocurrencies very quickly, and without much effort. Thus, you can probably imagine just how important this is!

What does this all have to do with this Serenity Shield review? Well, bare with me - it will all make sense shortly.

Serenity Shield review: features of the project.

While security phrases are very important, sure, life is often quite unpredictable. You never know what might happen - in an event of personal tragedy (i.e. death), the contents of your wallet would be lost forever. There wouldn’t be any way for your loved ones to access the cryptos stored within, without your secret phrase - and, if they couldn’t find it, there’s literally nothing they could do.

Death isn’t even the only situation where something like this could happen. Imagine that you’ve accidentally lost your secret phrase, and forgot the password to your wallet (or entered it wrong too many times). Once again - in this situation, your crypto funds stored within the wallet would frankly be lost, forever.

Serenity Shield offers a unique solution for problems like these.

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Serenity Shield Review: PROS

Starting off this Serenity Shield review from the positive aspects of the service in question, we should address the elephant in the room, and discuss the Serenity Shield’s “unique solution” that I’ve mentioned above.

A Unique Approach to Crypto Inheritance

How does one go about solving a problem like the one described above? Well, the answer might be simpler than you think!

What Serenity Shield offers is a special dApp, with three unique NFTs. Each NFT would act as a key that would be used to access your dApp, and you would be able to view the phrase stored within if you had at least two of the three NFTs in your collection.

All of the above functionality would be accessible from the said dApp, called “StrongBox”. The NFTs would also be distributed to three parties - you, a person of your choice, and the smart contract of Serenity Shield.

You would also choose the amount of time for which you want the smart contract to be executed. So, let’s say, a year - after the year passes, the party with two of the three keys would be able to access the recovery phrase.

Serenity Shield review: the functionality model of the project.

Evidently, this process can be canceled by you, as well, before it initializes. You could then extend it, if you’d like, until the need to actually use Serenity Shield’s main feature would come into play.

While there aren’t all that many user Serenity Shield reviews found online, as of yet, it’s certainly safe to say that this is an original approach to the crypto inheritance problem! The fact that it’s applicable to situations where you’d simply lose access to your secret phrase or wallet password is a huge bonus!

Now, general functionality aside, there are certain specific features that make up the bigger picture with the Serenity Shield StrongBox, as well as its other aspects.

100% Decentralized and Transparent

Naturally, as you can probably imagine, when it comes to things such as cryptocurrency wallets and (especially) secret phrases, everyone gets really touchy and suspicious. And they should! I mean, we’re talking about the most sensitive piece of information related to your cryptocurrency holdings - it makes sense!

However, when it comes to this Serenity Shield review, the team behind the project has a clear solution  - one of decentralization.

The entirety of the Serenity Shield project is based on blockchain technology. This means two big things - it’s going to be completely decentralized, and also transparent.

Serenity Shield review: dApp functionality.

Decentralization can be tricky, since there are private blockchains out there, too. However, users will find that the Serenity Shield StrongBox dApp will be located on the Secret Network blockchain. While we’ll talk about this specific fact a bit later in the review, I can assure you - the name isn’t a coincidence.

Transparency is also a pretty self-explanatory factor, if you know anything about blockchain tech. Individuals will be able to see all actions happening on the blockchain, as well as the details of each smart contract, too (in other words, how it works, and what are its settings).

Combine that with the aspect of decentralization, and you’ve got yourself a pretty transparent project! In theory, as you lock your secret phrase into the smart contract of the Serenity Shield StrongBox, the entire process will be completely decentralized and private - there won’t be any third party that would be able to access it.

Smart Contract Functionality

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the Serenity Shield review, the project will work with the help of smart contracts. While this might seem like something that’s pretty self-evident, or even a point that can simply be brushed off when talking about the fact that the project is based on blockchain tech, I can assure you - it’s a big deal!

Seemingly not many user Serenity Shield reviews will tell you this, but smart contracts possess some core aspects that are completely mandatory to be had, when creating a project like Serenity Shield. At the top of these aspects, you have immutability.

Once a smart contract is deployed, there’s no going back - you can’t stop it, change it, or alter it in any way, shape, or form. This is great news, since it means that no malicious third party will be able to interfere with the smart contract, and change its rules. As soon as you set its parameters and launch it, that’s it - it WILL perform its intended function, no matter what.

Serenity Shield review: how does the StrongBox work?

Another point to mention in regards to smart contracts is the fact that anyone can check the code behind them. Serenity Shield states that they monitor the smart contracts (their integrity) closely, and thus, can make sure that all contracts are up-to-par when it comes to their security features.

In essence, smart contracts are completely automated, immutable, simple to monitor, as well as easy to manage. The fact that they will be used with the services of said platform can truly help answer the question - is Serenity Shield safe?

As a matter of fact, that’s the next big thing that we should discuss, too.

Designed With Security in Mind

No matter if you’re reading this Serenity Shield review out of pure curiosity, or because you’re interested in using the platform, one thing’s for certain - security is an aspect that’s always going to be at the forefront of what you need to look at.

This is obvious with the crypto industry, as a whole. Then, it’s even more obvious when you’re talking about safe crypto storage. However, in this case - when the service involves your secret wallet phrase - it becomes the absolute focal point of attention.

So, then - is Serenity Shield safe to use? Well, while it’s not really possible to say for certain (since the dApp isn’t even launched yet), it certainly appears that way!

Serenity Shield review: heritage and seed recovery.

The whole premise of the dApp is for it to be a secure and tamper-proof method of storing your wallet’s secret phrase, with the intention of passing it off, or claiming it when you lose access to the wallet itself. As you can imagine, with a product like that, security is the name of the game.

The Serenity Shield StrongBox dApp will utilize top-tier encryption, and will split your access into three aforementioned NFT keys. With the help of smart contracts and decentralization, in general, the project can provide users with top-tier security and data preservation.

Another factor that does play a big role in preserving sensitive data within the Serenity Shield project is the blockchain that it’s based on.

Based on the Secret Network Blockchain

Probably one of the most unique features that must be mentioned in this Serenity Shield review is the fact that the whole project is based on the so-called Secret Network.

Secret Network is a blockchain project powered by Cosmos. While it’s not the most-popular network you might come across, it certainly has its specific use cases. At the very top of these cases, you have data privacy preservation.

The Secret Network utilizes smart contracts, same as Ethereum and other, similar blockchains. However, what’s special about this particular crypto project is that its smart contracts have both encrypted inputs, as well as outputs. Encryption happens within the execution phase of the contract.

Serenity Shield review: the Secret Network.

In layman’s terms, what this essentially means is that all of the data stored within the smart contract of Secret Network will be encrypted, and no third party will have access to it.

As pointed out earlier in the Serenity Shield review, the project in question is based on this particular network. This is part of its core design to keep its user secret phrases, well… Secret and secure within the smart contracts!

It’s worth pointing out that it’s a rather unique approach, as far as crypto security-concerned dApps are concerned! At the same time, Serenity Shield (or, rather - the StrongBox dApp) will still reportedly be able to offer its users all of the core features that you’d come to expect from applications built on high-profile blockchains - good stuff!

SERSH - The Utility Token of Serenity Shield

Whenever there’s a cryptocurrency project, you can be sure that it’ll have a native token that could be used for multiple different purposes - Serenity Shield is no exception. The native token of the platform - SERSH - is actually the reason why many people are searching for “Serenity Shield Solana”, too.

While the dApp itself is built on the Secret Network, the SERSH token is based on Solana - a very popular, ETH-like blockchain. As I’m writing this, the team has just launched the very first private sale of the token, for whitelisted wallets.

What’s the actual point of this token, though?

Serenity Shield review: the SERSH token.

Well, SERSH acts as a utility token - in other words, it serves an actual purpose on the platform. To be more specific, the SERSH tokens can be used to interact with the StrongBox dApp.

Users will be able to retrieve their sensitive information from the StrongBox with the help of this specific token. The team is actually also quite proud of the Serenity Shield token being Solana-based, too - this guarantees both better gas fees (when compared to networks such as Ethereum), as well as faster transaction speeds.

The token also possesses deflationary tokenomics, which, in theory, should allow it to increase in value, over time. On top of that, holders of the token will be able to participate in farming, staking, and buyback activities.

Serenity Shield review: the utility cases of the token.

The token allocation is quite complicated, since there are a lot of different areas that the tokens will go towards. If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of the SERSH token, and how you can acquire it (whether during the public sale, or a private one), I’ll surely be writing a dedicated, step-by-step tutorial - if it’s live when you’re reading this, you’ll be able to find it here.

All things considered, the SERSH token has a pretty specific use case, when it comes to Serenity Shield, which is definitely a good thing, project longevity-wise!

A Doxed Team

Doxing” is a term that refers to revealing your private information to the public. It’s inherently a negative thing, but it does have certain positive aspects, in some cases. The world of crypto is one such case.

A “doxed team” refers to a team behind a crypto project that has revealed their identities, real names, backgrounds, and so on. How is this a good thing, you might ask?

Simple - it adds to the legitimacy of the project. As far as this Serenity Shield review is concerned, the platform is no exception.

Serenity Shield review: part of the team behind the project.

The team behind the project in question consists of various professionals from France, the US, the UK, and a few other countries. You can check out most of the team members’ LinkedIn profiles, as well as their prior experiences in the space. Everything’s transparent and open!

Once again, this is a really good thing. If the team were anonymous, this could raise a few eyebrows, and the trust that the Serenity Shield project would receive would be much lower.

Serenity Shield review: partnerships of the platform.

A point that’s worth adding to this section is that Serenity Shield is also part of a few different partnerships, as well! As of writing this Serenity Shield review, the project has partnerships with FinTech Belgium, the Secret Network (the network on which the StrongBox dApp is being built and developed), Uniris, Market Across, and Simont Braun.

In the same way how a doxed team can add to the legitimacy of a project, partnerships do also make Serenity Shield appear much more trustworthy. After all, shady crypto projects don’t really go out of their way to acquire high-profile partners!

Solid Roadmap Ahead

I tend to mention it quite often, and this Serenity Shield review isn’t an exception - one of the most important things that you need to check with any project that you might be interested in is the roadmap.

Whether you’re a potential investor, or an actual wannabe-user of a platform, the roadmap can help you get a better idea of what to expect from the project in question. In regards to this platform, the roadmap can give you hints about the Serenity Shield Solana token development, answer questions such as “is Serenity Shield safe?”, and give you a general idea of what to expect from the project, in the future.

Serenity Shield review: roadmap.

Currently, Serenity Shield is in their product development and marketing phases. They are launching private sales (the first of which has launched just a few days ago, as of me writing this Serenity Shield review), implementing staking and farming mechanics to their token, as well as developing the Serenity Shield StrongBox dApp.

The company has a lot of plans for the future, too! Things such as audits, new security features, mobile app creation, new partnerships, penetration testing, and more.

Currently, there are plans to finish everything up until the end of Q1, 2023. So, there’s a pretty solid roadmap ahead for the team behind Serenity Shield!

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Serenity Shield Review: CONS

With all of the most-important benefits of Serenity Shield covered and discussed, extensively, before I let you go, let’s take a look at the less-positive sides of the project.

Still Early in Development (A New Project)

As you can probably tell, this isn’t really a con, per se. However, no matter how you look at it, it’s still something that isn’t looked favorably upon, by the vast majority of the crypto community out there.

As time goes on, there are more and more crypto projects popping up, all around the industry. Some of them offer really interesting solutions to a lot of different problems - in this Serenity Shield review, we’re discussing one such platform. However, quite a few of said projects aren’t all that wonderful, and are only looking to sweep money away from their investors.

This, in turn, makes a lot of people pretty suspicious about any new project on the horizon! It’s a problem that Serenity Shield faces, too.

This is especially true given the fact that, as of writing this Serenity Shield review, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the project, and the first private token sale has launched just a few days ago. Investors might not be too excited to rush into a brand new project, without doing some proper research about it, first!

However, it would be disingenuous to say that Serenity Shield isn’t doing their best to prove their legitimacy! A doxed team, a solid roadmap ahead of the project, an official website, multiple partnerships, and so on - these things do add up!

All in all, at the end of the day, this is a “con” that’s likely going to be mitigated by one, simple variable - time. As time goes on, and Serenity Shield is able to implement new updates (as well as launch their dApp, to its full extent), potential users and investors should be able to see the true value in the platform!

Must be Whitelisted to be Able to Buy SERSH Tokens

At some point in the future - perhaps when you’re reading this Serenity Shield review -, the SERSH token will be available for everyone to purchase and trade. However, as of now, there’s only one way to get it - via private sales.

This is standard practice with most crypto project launches out there. The people that are able to come across the project at its earliest stage will most of the time have exclusive access to the token, via a private sale, while the general public will then have to wait for the public sale to take place, in order to purchase their desired tokens.

Serenity Shield review: private sale details.

This isn’t just a “timing” thing, though- during private sales, the tokens are sold off with an added discount. The SERSH token here is no exception, either.

So, what’s the issue here, then? Well, if you’re reading this Serenity Shield review right after I wrote it, you won’t be able to get yourself SERSH tokens, just yet - in order to do so, your wallet address needs to be whitelisted by the team, so that you could then access the private sale that’s currently taking place.

Again, this isn’t exactly an issue, in of itself - it only poses frustration to anyone who might come across Serenity Shield during the private token sale period, and would want to buy in. If you’re reading the review when the token is public, though, you may disregard this point - it becomes obsolete.

UPDATE: An Early Look Into the StrongBox dApp

Up to this point in the Serenity Shield review, we've discussed some of the biggest features (benefits) that the project offers, as well as some of the negatives associated with it. One of those negatives, as you might have noticed, is the fact that the project is still in the early development stage - for a long time, no one could really imagine what the StrongBox dApp would look like!

Well, I'm very happy to say that this is no longer the case - the StrongBox will soon exit its Beta stage, and will become available to be accessed by everyone!

Serenity Shield review: the StrongBox dashboard.

Taking a first look at the preliminary dashboard of the dApp, there's one word that comes to mind - convenience. Specifically, the StrongBox features a very simplistic, straight-to-the-point design - even if you've never used a crypto service before, navigating the dApp shouldn't cause any confusion, whatsoever.

Once you log in with your crypto wallet of choice (granted that this is the Solana blockchain, for most people, that would probably be Phantom), you will find yourself on your personal dashboard. Immediately, you will notice that the message of privacy, anonymity, and your personal information belonging solemnly to YOU is strong within the dApp - that's good, since it's the entire point of StrongBox, to begin with!

So... How will the StrongBox work, exactly?

Well, as explained throughout the Serenity Shield review, the concept is pretty simple - you create a StrongBox account, set it up, and enter the information that you want to store within it. This information can include the private keys for your CEX or DEX account, hardware or software wallets, and so on.

Serenity Shield review: setting up your personal StrongBox.

As you create a StrongBox account with said information, three NFTs will be minted - one for you, one for the smart contract, and one for a designated heir (or heirs - more on that in a minute). At least two NFTs will be required for anyone to open your StrongBox.

There will also be specific fail-safes set in place, as well. Specifically, you would choose a period of time (say, 3 months) - then, every 3 months, you would receive a notification - if you don't confirm it, you would then get a phone call. If you don't answer, the last thing that you would receive is an email. If you ignore all of these, the smart contract will assume that, well... You have deceased, and will transfer your heir's NFT to them.

Serenity Shield review: StrongBox fees.

A pretty simple concept, but a rather genius one, too! Especially when you involve blockchain tech into the entire ordeal - it guarantees data privacy and complete decentralization of the entire process!

Now, note the image above - in order to create a StrongBox account, you will need to pay a designated fee in SCRT and SOL tokens, as well as a one-time fee of $50 equivalent in SERSH tokens. If you're using a Phantom wallet, you'll be able to store SOL coins there. In order to pay the Secret Network fees (SCRT), you'll need to use another wallet, such as Keplr.

Do keep in mind, however, that Serenity Shield aims for the StrongBox to become blockchain-agnostic. What this means is that the company is working to allow clients to choose from any of the popular Layer-1 blockchain networks (i.e. Ethereum), instead of the default Solana network.

Serenity Shield review: setting up your heirs.

All of that being said, a quick recap - the StrongBox will allow you to create a designated smart contract, where you'll be able to store sensitive information regarding your crypto assets. Then, you'll also be able to add heirs - multiple ones! - to your account. These heirs will become the beneficiaries of the information that you've stored, once certain, pre-defined conditions are met.

A truly interesting concept, and from the initial looks of the StrongBox dApp, there are good reasons to be excited about it!

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Now that we’re reached the end of this Serenity Shield review, what’s the conclusion here - is Serenity Shield safe, and worth using?

Well, from the looks of things, the project is truly a unique option for safeguarding your crypto, in an event of a seed phrase loss or death!

Serenity Shield offers to solve one of the most prominent problems that are present in the crypto wallet space. The team behind the project is also aiming to achieve their goals in a decentralized and privacy-preserving way - hence their collaboration with the Secret Network!

The entirety of the project is based on auditable smart contracts, so, in theory, your private information should remain completely safe, and unreachable by malicious third parties. Serenity Shield offers a unqiue, NFT-based approach to crypto asset security and inheritance!

The only real concern regarding the platform in question is the fact that it’s completely new, and still in its early development stages. However, the doxed team is working hard to keep up with their extensive roadmap, and to allow users to check out the StrongBox dApp as soon as possible!

Speaking of which, if you’d like to learn more about the actual functionality of the dApp in question, as well as how to acquire SERSH tokens for yourself, I will be writing a dedicated tutorial on the topics. You’ll be able to find it here.

All of that said, thanks for reading, and until next time!

The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. does not endorse or suggest you to buy, sell or hold any kind of cryptocurrency. Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor.

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What is Serenity Shield StrongBox?

The Serenity Shield StrongBox is a special dApp that's based on the Secret Network (blockchain). The dApp will allow users to store their wallet secret phrase, and set a specific amount of time. Then, after the time is up, your heir will be able to access your secret phrase, and thus, also gain access to your crypto holdings, in an event of your death or a lost wallet seed and password.

Is Serenity Shield safe to use?

After it's fully launched, the Serenity Shield project should, theoretically, be safe to use, both in regards to its core functionality, as well as the smart contracts that it will use in its operations. In the Serenity Shield review above, we've covered how the project is completely decentralized, and possesses auditable smart contracts. On top of that, it's based on Secret Network, a special type of blockchain that's oriented around data security and privacy.

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What is the difference between a crypto exchange and a brokerage?

In layman’s terms, a cryptocurrency exchange is a place where you meet and exchange cryptocurrencies with another person. The exchange platform (i.e. Binance) acts as a middleman - it connects you (your offer or request) with that other person (the seller or the buyer). With a brokerage, however, there is no “other person” - you come and exchange your crypto coins or fiat money with the platform in question, without the interference of any third party. When considering cryptocurrency exchange rankings, though, both of these types of businesses (exchanges and brokerages) are usually just thrown under the umbrella term - exchange. This is done for the sake of simplicity.

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