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What is Replay Attack?

Replay Attack MEANING:
Replay Attack - Replay attacks are network security attacks carried out by an intruder who targets the contact between a sender and a receiver.
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Replay attacks are network security assaults conducted by an attacker who targets the encounter between a sender and a receiver. Replay attackers can either postpone or broadcast a message as their own.

Though with high-grade encryption, these attacks can be effective since hackers are not needed to understand the communication in order to succeed in their intrusion.

These attacks are also referred to as man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks since they include thieves intercepting private and encrypted data connections.

Establishing extra identifiers in a certain transaction is an efficient strategy to avoid the risk of being exposed to such assaults. In addition to digital signatures connected to a message, communication entities might also connect time codes to assure the legitimacy and validity of transactions.

Besides, individuals might use additional security methods by demanding one-time passwords for every transaction request in a way to construct an extra verification level.

However, hackers can capture messages and appear to be the intended recipient in order to bypass identification and compliance systems or fool other network members. In addition, they are able to ask the intended recipient or transmitter to pay them money or provide access to private documents before allowing the communication to come through by postponing the critical message required until a transaction is concluded.