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What is Digital Signature?

Digital Signature MEANING:
Digital Signature - a digital tool used as a proof of identification.
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Digital signatures are used to prove the identity and validity of digital messages or documents and their senders. If the digital signature is read as valid, the sender is authenticated and cannot deny that the communication was sent by another entity. This ensures the integrity of digital communication.

Digital signatures rely on public-key cryptography. It is a security mechanism that uses pairs of public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt data. The public key belonging to the sender decrypts the encrypted hash to verify the message. This creates a second hash of the message. If both hashes match, the message is considered valid.

While the term digital signatures may be used interchangeably with electronic signatures, they are not the same technology. Electronic signatures, such as Adobe Sign or PandaDoc, are digital marks used as a stand-in for a physical signature. 

Some electronic signature software can use digital signatures technology to enable stronger security measures through cryptography. Digital signatures are used online to verify network connections or for legislative purposes. The US Government Printing Office has employed digital signatures as proof of identification.