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What is Encryption?

Encryption MEANING:
Encryption - a method of securing information by turning it into code.
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Encryption is a method of turning information into code that hides its initial meaning, this way securing it. Encryption and decryption are processes of cryptography.

Unencrypted information is usually known as plaintext since it is plainly available and legible. The encrypted text is referred to as ciphertext. This process does not just entail information in text format, almost any digital information can be encrypted.

The code can be created using alphanumeric symbols or other special characters. The information encrypted with the code cannot be read or decrypted without using special equipment.

Encrypted data appears as completely scrambled and randomized data which can only be accessed by parties that have been authorized to view the information. Authorized parties must hold a cryptographic key to decrypt and access the data. The cryptographic key acts as a set of mathematical values that must match between the sender and the recipient.

If the plaintext reads “Blockchain technology”, the encrypted ciphertext may look like FHHI435SDFGH09HO. There is no direct link between the plaintext and the ciphertext that could hint at its context, thus making it incomprehensible to unauthorized parties.

There are different encryption methods that vary in their level of complexity and security. Typically, the highly secure encryptions use reinforced keys. Such keys are nearly impossible to break into even by employing brute force methods, where a bot is used to guess the key values.

Since cryptography plays a crucial role in blockchain technology, most cryptocurrencies employ encryption on some level, usually to protect the password of the private key.