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What does Regulated mean?

Regulated MEANING:
Regulated - controlled by a set of rules to work properly.
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When something is regulated it means that it is controlled or maintained to work in a certain way to follow a certain set of rules. In the crypto world, a currency is only regulated if it is sold as a security under state or federal law, or if it is used for money transmission under state law or conduct.

Besides regulated cryptocurrencies, markets can also be regulated. A regulated market means that it's an idealized system in which the government or other groups supervise the market and exert control over supply and demand factors, as well as the market actions.

The forms of regulation that can be found in regulated markets include oversights, taxation, environmental protection, controls, and anti-discrimination. Though note that due to a change in attitude towards a specific regulation or a variety of technological advancements, regulation can change over time.

Another approach to thinking about the market is as a multilateral system maintained by a market operator with the goal of bringing together a large number of third-party buyers. Of course, this is in addition to the sale of financial instrument holdings. Financial instruments, which have been admitted to trading under its rules, could also be contracted under this system.