Crypto Terms: Letter S

What is Security?

Security MEANING:
Security - a financial instrument that is fungible, transferable, and has a monetary value.
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Let's find out Security meaning, definition in crypto, what is Security, and all other detailed facts.

Security, in its most basic form, entails investment and the expectation of profit. Many tokens are classified as securities in the digital economy, however, they lack the traditional characteristics securities have.

Securitization is the process of making traditional securities. Besides that, it's also a method of packaging and selling the cash flow from assets, including liabilities. It gives asset holders and investors access to liquidity and value.

Besides, securitization applies to some of the more advanced digital asset finance procedures that are emerging in the NFT and DeFi domains, as well as some of the use cases for security tokens. As a result, securitization provides chances for investors while also freeing up cash for originators (the entity owning the assets), which promotes market liquidity.

Note that security tokens can also be used to fractionalize asset ownership. Since they allow illiquid asset owners to access their investments, they have similar impacts to traditional securitization. Though they are more commonly employed to split the value of a high-value asset than to pool the value of multiple low-value assets.