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  • Two-factor authentication
  • MultiSig functionality
  • Over 220,000 supported assets
  • DeFi & NFT support
  • Fully decentralized


  • Steep learning curve for beginners

BitKeep Wallet Review: PROS

To start things off with this BitKeep wallet review, let’s take a look at some of the core benefits available with the wallet in question. Truth be told, there’s quite a bit to cover!

That being said, though, if you’ve read any of my other crypto platform reviews, you’re probably well-aware that the best place to start is security.

For those asking is BitKeep wallet safe, let me just say this, right off the bat - BitKeep appears to be a truly secure cryptocurrency wallet, especially when you consider all of the security measures that it has in place. Instead of covering everything in a generalized manner, though, allow me to break things down, so that you could get a better understanding of the security features available on the platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

One of the first things that you’ll notice while reading through user BitKeep reviews is the fact that the wallet employs 2FA, or two-factor authentication. This is, evidently, standard practice within the industry, but it’s also a very effective security measure, nonetheless.

2FA allows you to rest assured that, even if someone was to break into your wallet, there’s always going to be an extra layer of security that they’d need to bypass. This layer of protection can come in the form of an email, SMS, or Google Authenticator confirmation.

As mentioned earlier in the BitKeep wallet review, 2FA has become standard practice within the industry. This is especially true when referencing hot wallets - in other words, cryptocurrency wallets that are based on a software design, and that maintain a constant connection to the internet.

BitKeep wallet review: user count.

That being said, though, there are still unfortunately multiple crypto wallets that don’t actually employ this feature! In many cases, these wallets are some of the less-known products on the market, and sometimes, they claim to avoid 2FA due to “concerns of a lack of anonymity”.

While this will come up later in the BitKeep wallet review, the wallet in question does a good job of preserving the anonymity of the user, while also employing 2FA. Good!

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A MultiSig, DESM Encryption-Utilizing Cryptocurrency Wallet

Reading through user BitKeep wallet reviews, you will undoubtedly come across terms such as “MultiSig”, and “DESM encryption”. While they may sound complicated, these terms are actually at the forefront of what makes BitKeep a secure wallet option, and works to answer the question - is BitKeep legit?

“MultiSig” refers to a cryptocurrency wallet that requires multiple signatures to access and manage. In the world of crypto, these signatures are called “private keys”. While it’s a topic for an entirely separate article, let me just say that private keys are a secret reference code that points to and allows you to access your assets on the blockchain.

So - BitKeep is a MultiSig wallet. In layman’s terms, that means that you will need multiple private keys in order to access the wallet, and perform transactions (confirm them). How does this add to the security of the product?

BitKeep wallet review: the hottest assets on BitKeep.

Well, imagine a situation where one of your private keys got compromised. If your wallet was single-signature, the hacker (thief) would be able to access your funds, transfer them out of your wallet, and confirm the transaction, very easily.

With a MultiSig wallet, the situation is rather different. Since there’s a need for two or more private keys in order to confirm a transaction, even if one of the keys were to be get compromised, the hacker wouldn’t be able to perform the transaction confirmation, and thus, couldn’t steal your assets!

Surely, there are exceptions, and potential hackers do find ways of how to overcome these security barriers. Still, however, it’s a top-tier security measure, nonetheless!

Open-Source Code

If you’re reading through BitKeep wallet reviews in order to find out is BitKeep legit, this is probably one of the strongest arguments that you’ll come across.

The cryptocurrency wallet in question possesses open-source code. In essence, what this means is that anyone is able to come in, and check the code behind the project. On top of that, third-party developers who are savvy in the field of crypto-related coding can also contribute to the development process of the wallet, as well, by pitching their own updates and improvement proposals.

This is a big deal! Open-source code, while often being overlooked in user reviews, is actually one of the biggest points that you need to consider, when picking out the best crypto wallet for yourself.

BitKeep wallet review: about the company.

Apart from the obvious benefits, open-source development allows for unparalleled transparency of the project. If you’re not sure is BitKeep wallet safe, you can always come in and check the code behind it for yourself - in doing so, you’ll be able to figure out all of the detail surrounding the wallet, and the code that it runs on.

Furthermore, with the community behind the project being able to actively participate in its development, this also (usually) means more frequent updates, and a wider assortment of features added to the wallet. Good stuff!

Supports A Significant Number of Crypto Assets

One thing that’s definitely crucial to mention in this BitKeep wallet review is the fact that the wallet supports around 70 different main chains, with over 220,000 different cryptocurrency assets.

These are significant numbers, and some wonderful news to any crypto enthusiast who values convenience!

In the world of crypto storage, there are two types of wallets, asset safekeeping-wise - dedicated, and general ones. Dedicated wallets, as the name might imply, allow users to store a specific crypto asset on them. MetaMask is a good example here - it’s the most well-known Ethereum wallet, and supports only ETH and the majority of ERC-20 tokens.

BitKeep wallet review: a set of mnemonic phrases.

On the flip side, general-use wallets usually allow users to store multiple different cryptocurrencies on them. These wallets are, admittedly, the more-popular option - BitKeep falls into this category, too.

With over 70 supported mainnets, BitKeep allows individuals to store everything from the most popular coins, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and TRX, all the way to some niche tokens existing on some of the aforementioned blockchain networks.

Once again, this is huge for anyone who values convenience! It allows you to potentially store all of your cryptocurrency assets in a single wallet. Now, sure - this isn’t the best thing to do if you’re security-savvy, and would like to follow the best practices, when it comes to keeping your assets safe.

That being said, while most user BitKeep wallet reviews won’t tell you this, you could always pair BitKeep with some sort of a hardware wallet (such as the Ledger Nano X) - keep the majority of your crypto holdings in a hardware device, while storing your actively-traded coins and tokens with BitKeep.

No matter how you look at it, though, and what you eventually decide to do, one thing’s for certain - the fact that BitKeep token support is so vast is definitely a huge benefit, whatever type of a crypto enthusiast you might be!

A DeFi-Oriented Project

The term “DeFi” stands for “decentralized finance”. It’s one of the most-popular areas of the crypto world, and refers to the wide variety of projects that have decided to utilize crypto technology, as the central cornerstone of their operations.

With DeFi being as popular as it is, there are countless numbers of individuals flocking to the space, every single day. Even when you read through some of the BitKeep wallet reviews, it quickly becomes evident that DeFi is the first encounter that many of these people have with crypto.

What does that mean, in the grand scheme of things? Well, it’s pretty simple, really - all of these people need a high-end, reliable DeFi wallet, both so that they could keep their assets secure, as well as access reputable DeFi applications (dApps) in a fast and simple manner.

BitKeep wallet review: DeFi-focused crypto wallet.

This is, once again, where the question “is BitKeep legit?” pops up. The wallet does actually position itself as a DeFi-oriented (and even centered!) project - specifically, BitKeep allows users to access over 10,000 different crypto dApps, all of which have been vetted by the team behind the wallet!

This is great, especially if you’re someone who’s looking for a convenient way to browse through DeFi, and all of the best things that it has to offer. Since BitKeep offers built-in DeFi functionality, you’ll be able to interact with your favorite dApps without ever leaving the comfort of your wallet. It’s wonderful both in regards to convenience, as well as security, too!

Available on Multiple Platforms and Devices

Now, if you were to have read this BitKeep wallet review up to this point, think you love the wallet, and would like to try it out, only to find out that it’s not supported on your preferred device, that would be a significant bummer, wouldn’t it?

Well, I’m happy to say that this is very unlikely to happen - BitKeep token wallet is supported on most of the mainstream platforms. Specifically, you’ll be able to use the wallet on iOS and Android devices, as well as a Google Chrome extension.

BitKeep wallet review: Chrome extension.

What this also means is that BitKeep isn’t a device-dedicated wallet, either. If you prefer to do all of your crypto work on your computer, then the Chrome version of the wallet will be best for you. However, if you’d like to check up on your assets on the go, a mobile version of the wallet will work just as well, if not better!

BitKeep also utilizes something called a “mnemonic passphrase”. This is a special security feature that allows you to manage multiple different wallets, on a single account. The only condition is that all of these wallets need to share the same private keys.

In regards to device support, this also means that you’ll be able to use the wallet on multiple devices, and won’t be tied to your browser or phone!

Access the NFT Market With Ease

While the DeFi space is booming, there’s also another, separate area of crypto that has received a lot of attention over the past couple of years - NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens - especially artwork that’s related to these tokens - have become extremely popular, as of late. As a result, NFT holders need some sort of a place where they could store all of their tokens in - thus, special and dedicated NFT wallets have started popping up, all around.

Reading through user BitKeep wallet reviews, admittedly, NFT storage functionality isn’t something that you’ll see mentioned often. That being said, I’m glad to say - BitKeep does allow users to store and manage their NFTs within the wallet!

BitKeep wallet review: NFT market.

Same as with storing multiple tokens and even accessing dApps, BitKeep supports NFTs that are based on set-specific blockchain networks. While the exact list isn’t clear, it would seem that users can expect all of the main networks to be supported - Ethereum, TRON, BSC, and so on.

Definitely a huge point to consider, especially if you’re an avid NFT collector!

No Registration - A Decentralized Wallet

Up to this point in the BitKeep wallet review, we’ve covered a wide range of different benefits that you can expect to receive, if you choose this cryptocurrency wallet as your go-to crypto asset storage area.

However, there’s still one huge benefit that you need to be aware of - decentralization, and the fact that you are able to start using BitKeep without any registration.

While decentralization and anonymity are, admittedly, some really “hot topics” in the world of crypto, wallets are somewhat of an exception. Virtually everyone agrees that, when it comes to storing your assets, the platform on which you do so should be decentralized, and should allow you to keep your cryptos in there without revealing your identity.

BitKeep wallet review: dApp store.

Most of the top-rated crypto wallets are like that - the BitKeep token wallet is no exception.

With BitKeep, you don’t need to pass any registrations, or provide any of your own, personal information to the company behind the wallet. Instead, the entire wallet creation process takes seconds, and can be done with just a few clicks.

This is great news! It’s awesome both in regards to the fact that you don’t need any advanced knowledge in crypto, in order to create your wallet, as well as the fact that you’re able to completely preserve the integrity of your personal information, while using BitKeep!

A Native Token - Available

Since there isn’t really a myriad of information on the BitKeep token price, or the token, in general, I’ll keep this point short - it’s still something that needs to be mentioned, nonetheless!

The BitKeep wallet has a native token of its own, called BKB. The token is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as far as its launch is concerned. However, back in May of 2023, BitKeep managed to raise $15 million, on top of a $100 million valuation. Those are some incredible numbers!

Judging by the platform’s tokenomics, 50% of the total 600,000,000 token supply will be allocated to compound mining. 20% will go to the community, while 15% will be dedicated to the team, as well as the investors in the project. Lastly, 10% of the token will go to the partners, and 5% - to eco-building.

BitKeep wallet review: token allocation.

Unfortunately, as far as the BitKeep token price is concerned, there really is no information on how much a single token costs, as of writing this article. As the token becomes more and more adapted, though, this is subject to change quick. With BKB, you'll be able to have governance rights within the ecosystem, become a member of an exclusive community, access VIP features, and much more!

All in all, the fact that BitKeep has a native token of its own is a great feature, and allows the platform to be truly flexible, in regards to its functionality!

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BitKeep Wallet Review: CONS

Now that we’ve covered all of the main features and benefits that you can expect to find with the BitKeep token wallet, there are still a few things left to discuss, before we finish off this BitKeep wallet review.

Specifically, while the wallet in question is mostly praised online, among different user BitKeep reviews, there are certain less-positive aspects that keep coming up, too. In order for you to develop the full picture of what to expect, let’s take a quick look at these “less-positive” aspects.

A “Hot” Cryptocurrency Wallet

Probably one of the biggest concerns that potential users of BitKeep have with the wallet in question is the fact that it’s a “hot” crypto storage solution. This is what provokes the question “is BitKeep wallet safe?”, too.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the BitKeep wallet review, hot wallets are those that keep a constant connection to the internet. As opposed to that, “cold” wallets are devices (or simply - crypto storage) that don’t maintain an internet connection, whatsoever.

The way that you can look at it is this - hot wallets are software and browser extensions, while cold wallets are hardware devices. It’s a bit more complex than that, but the general idea remains the same.

So… What’s the issue here?

BitKeep wallet review: perks and benefits of BKB holders.

Well, hot wallets are often considered to be less safe than cold ones. Since there’s a constant internet connection in place, there are countless numbers of ways how hackers and potential thieves can access your wallet, and compromise its security.

The trade-off that’s often brought up is the fact that, while most hot wallets are free to use (BitKeep included), hardware wallets can be expensive. Where there is some truth to all of these claims, though, nowadays, the situation is a bit different.

Modern wallets - be it hot or cold ones - are actually very good, when it comes to asset security. This is thanks to state-of-the-art security measures, as well as multiple years of collective experience, in the field of cryptographic security.

BitKeep wallet review: milestones.

It’s true that hot wallets, generally speaking, are probably not going to be as safe as cold ones. If you’re extremely paranoid about the security of your crypto assets, perhaps a hot wallet isn’t the way to go.

That being said, there’s a very popular alternative approach that you could take, too.

Essentially, you could use a cold wallet to store the majority of your funds in, and then use a wallet such as BitKeep to perform common transactions and trades. This isn’t even a sentiment echoed by other user BitKeep wallet reviews - instead, it’s something that the brand talks about themselves, on one of their “how-to” pages.

So, to sum up, while it’s true that BitKeep is a hot wallet, and that hot wallets are generally seen as the “less-safe alternative” to hardware crypto storage, this is a bit of an outdated point of view, at least to an extent. If you’re still wondering is BitKeep safe, only due to the fact that it’s a “hot” wallet, this should have cleared up some confusion!

Might be a Bit Confusing for Beginners in the Field

Throughout the entirety of this BitKeep wallet review, we’ve talked about all of the different features available with the wallet in question - there are a lot of them, too!

In essence, this is a great thing. No matter which area of the crypto world you might be interested in, you should be able to reach it, at least partially, from within the BitKeep wallet app.

This does, however, come with its own shortcomings, the most notable of which is the fact that the wallet might not be super-simple to get into and use, if you’ve never had a cryptocurrency wallet before.

BitKeep wallet review: contact BitKeep.

This point is, admittedly, subjective - each individual person will have their own outlook on the complexity of the wallet in question. That being the case, some user BitKeep wallet reviews do point out that all of the features can feel overbearing, and that while the creation process of the wallet is very straightforward, its usability can require some time to get used to.

Think about it yourself - say, you’ve never used cryptocurrencies before, and have never even performed a single crypto transaction. In a situation like this, seeing all of the NFT and DeFi functionality, as well as the built-in crypto lending and borrowing features can seem daunting!

All of that being said, if you’d like to learn more about BitKeep - specifically, how to create a wallet, and how to start using it, with all of its main features -, I might write a dedicated tutorial on the topic. If it’s up by the time that you’re reading this, you’ll be able to find it here.

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At the beginning of the BitKeep wallet review, I’ve pointed out the fact that there’s a huge number of different cryptocurrency wallets out there, on the market, and that this number is increasing every single day.

Following that, finding a proper wallet for yourself is becoming more of a difficult task to accomplish, too. Where does BitKeep stand in that regard, though - is it one of those “reliable cryptocurrency wallets that are worth trying out”?

Well, judging by all of the positive BitKeep wallet reviews found online, I’d say so!

BitKeep offers a lot of advanced features to its users, but at the same time, puts a strong emphasis on security and asset protection, too. With all of the industry-standard security features in place, you can also expect to find things such as a dApp browser, NFT market, and a huge number of supported coins and tokens, within the wallet itself.

If you’re a complete beginner in the field, BitKeep might take some time getting used to. The wallet isn’t the *simplest* to use, whenever you’re just starting out, but also isn’t anything too difficult, especially given the fact that the team behind the project aims to make the user experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

BitKeep is available on Google Chrome (as a browser extension), as well as iOS and Android devices. If you’re in the market for a hot wallet, and would love for it to have multiple advanced features, make sure to check BitKeep out!

The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. BitDegree.org does not endorse or suggest you to buy, sell or hold any kind of cryptocurrency. Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor.

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Is BitKeep safe to use?

If you're wondering is BitKeep safe to use, the vast majority of user BitKeep reviews will tell you that yes - the wallet comes equipped with all of the industry-standard security features, and then some. Multi-signature logins, high-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and so on - you can definitely expect high-end security features with the wallet in question!

Is BitKeep a hot wallet?

Yes, BitKeep is a hot cryptocurrency wallet. What this means is that BitKeep will maintain a constant connection to the internet, while you're using it. BitKeep can be used as a Chrome browser extension, or as an iOS or Android app. If you'd like to be certain about the security of your assets, you should always use hot wallets in conjunction with cold, hardware ones.

What types of cryptocurrency wallets are there?

In total, there are four big types of cryptocurrency wallets - online, hardware, software (app), and paper ones. Each of these types of wallets have their own features, benefits, and shortcomings, and are thus going to be suitable for different types of people, too. Security-wise, paper wallets are seen as the best alternative, while convenience-wise, software and online ones should be your go-to options.

What are “hot” and “cold” wallets?

Hot wallets are those crypto storage pieces of software that maintain a constant connection to the internet. As opposed to that, cold wallets are hardware devices that store your cryptos offline. Safety-wise, cold wallets are considered the best option - since they are always offline, you don't need to worry about some sort of a hacker stealing all of your cryptocurrency assets.

Are hardware wallets worth investing in?

It depends, but in most cases - yes. If you're just starting out with cryptocurrency trading and investing, a hardware wallet might be a bit of an overkill - it is generally considered that hardware wallets should be purchased once you have a significant amount of crypto, and want to keep it safe. If you're an active trader, that can also dissuade the matter even further - trading-wise, software and online wallets are much more convenient.

Can you keep your cryptocurrencies in two or more wallets at a time?

Definitely! It's also part of crypto storage best practices, too! Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts prefer to have a software and a hardware wallet - the former for easy access and trading, and the latter for safe storage. However, you can also utilize multiple wallets simply in order to make sure that your assets are safe and sound. This way, if one of your crypto wallets becomes compromised, you won't lose all of your assets.



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