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Imagine spawning in a 3D game, as you are equipped with nothing but curiosity towards the virtual world you just dropped in. Right then and there, a winding exploration and an exciting journey start for you.

This is the case for most open-world games. You progress through these games as you gain knowledge of your surroundings. Eventually, it’s the experience that makes you progress throughout the world while improving your character.

And that’s the feeling of exploration that you should expect when you enter the Learnoverse. Here, we can compare Learnoverse to other metaverses or massively multiplayer games. The difference is, in Learnoverse, your objective will mostly revolve around gaining knowledge. Usually knowledge about Web3, blockchain, and DeFi.

That means the skills you acquire in Learnoverse are much more valuable for you in real life. Because you gain skills and knowledge that can be used for creating Web3 products or working within the field.

Why do we need a learning metaverse?

Today, if you wanted to take a course or build your skillset via e-learning, all you have to do is to go on an educational platform’s website and scroll through it. Until you find something that is attractive to you. Based on ratings, course tutor, and the content itself which can be not always exciting.

What’s exciting in a virtual world is that GameFi elements make your learned skills presented as in a game. That means your skills are presented as your level in the game. It comes as your level number, items, and certificates.

That’s why we combine e-learning with a 3D metaverse to make the learning process a stimulating experience. Our learning metaverse, Learnoverse, aims to achieve entertainment, which brings excitement along. And we do this via gamification and interactive learning methods.

Everything combined, we achieve an environment that is perfect for those who want to learn Web3 skills in a crypto-native space.

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How to navigate through Learnoverse?

As opposed to all the static web page actions you take on a traditional e-learning platform, Learnoverse brings you countless options to discover the skill you want to master.

For example, you browse courses in Learnoverse by looking left and right or even interacting with the universe. You can explore the courses you find exclusively by entering into course buildings on land pieces in the CryptoDegree city. You can also choose to discuss your favorite crypto topics with other learners or instructors in lounges. This is called “GPS for learning”, which is an innovation that Learnoverse brings into the e-learning industry.

In short, instead of scrolling through the list of courses, you explore a learning map, a virtual learning city, where buildings represent different courses.

Another set of examples would be learning quests and knowledge trivia games that are currently in the works. In such activities, you can level up your character by assessing your own knowledge. And the best part, it is all done in an immersive gamified environment.

This revolutionary educational system makes learning efficient for you which is very important. Of course, everyone has different methods when it comes to understanding and processing a piece of information.

However, learning through a visual experience lets you wrap your head around a complex topic much better. It’s mainly because as humans, our minds work in a way that we associate certain thoughts and statements with physical objects.

In this case, Learnoverse creates better conditions for learning crypto-related topics efficiently.

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The key ingredient of all: Learn&Earn model

A 3D world where you have fun as you learn sounds perfect. But there is a key ingredient that boosts all of these features to a groundbreaking level. It is the Learn&Earn model.

As we mentioned earlier, keeping yourself motivated for any educational activity, whether it’s teaching or learning, is the way to success. And that’s exactly what we empower with the Learn&Earn model.

Learners earn for their learning effort, as they complete courses and assessments. Basically, you get monetary rewards while investing in your crypto-related skill development and Web3 education.

Instructors also get rewarded in Learnoverse for their teaching effort. They can rent or buy lands, build courses on top, and share their precious knowledge with enthusiastic learners.

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In Summary

We aim to revolutionize traditional e-learning and education with Web3 and crypto tools. We know that blockchain technologies brought a whole another field, where we lack individuals who are professionals in this specific niche.

And that’s why these tools allow us to build our platform where learners and instructors can benefit the most. This way, we can create a community that understands and uses this technology for the better.

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